Head pains neck pressure panic attatcks pins needles black dots

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Hello peeps.

So ive been here previous and was a great help... for months i was suffering with panic attatcks headachs vision problems ect...

Had MRI came backe clear

Said i had inflermation around my sinus areas

full blood test. Came back all normal

I was given




Andba nazel spray.

I stopped takinh all meds apart from lanzoprasol and now the nazel spray because pill made me feel worse.

So ive had all clear on major results. Ive got a hiatus hernia and very minimal barrets (at the time) 3 years ago.im 34 year old male Now 80kg in weight from 85kg.

I was so happy with the results as ive been waiting weeks for both test i thought i was dying from something sinister. My poor children have not had a summer holiday i feel so bad for them. The worry has ruined my life i feel defeated as man.. every day still feels like i have a blanket over my head i cant focus on people when they talk to me i cant stop seeing black floaty lines dots clear white dots sometimes when looking at light light watter specs.

Now the prob is i went for a beer today had 2 pints with friends. I dont hold booz very well and 2 is enough for me to feel woozy. I walked out to go home and felt like i was going to have a heart attack came over all funny and i panicked. I got a sharp stabbing pain in my left thumb. Sharp pains constant in the back and temples of my head. I am scared although doc is trying to assure me im healthy i know i am not. Far from in.

Had urine tested as i had burning he said all fine maybe pulled something as i had pain from where my prostate was but again all clear. Stomach burns little... sorry trying to list it all so i dont miss nothing.

I have tinitus and often now get loud tone in my left ear although there is always a rome in my head this one hets louder...

I want my life back i feel useless i dont like going out im very jumpy i get scared easy..

I have a 24 hour ecg coming up and scan on the gut. He thinks its fine but ticking the boxes

. All past ecg have been fine and thats 5 over last 3 months ....

Please help....

I should note that from driving my van i have had seriouse neck pain

.. dont know if its related

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    Sean, you're improving, slowly.

    5 ECGs! And now you're having another oen - \i hope it's normal.

    I think you had a panic attack.

    Keep posting so we know how you are.

    Love Tess x

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    PPIs inhibits absorbtion of b12, calcium and iron. Have those levels checked. Not typical for doc to check them and have them checked every six months whilst on lanzaprole or anny ppi. I get injections of b12 and have for the last seven years thanks to ppis.otherwise believe the tests now and accept you have an anxiety disorder. Learn cbt, work out, and keep hydrated. Oddly when these symptoms appear do your best to accept they are tricks unless a deficiency is involved and dont play into the symptoms or fear them. Easier said then done but they just get worse if you feed into it,
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    Let me know how you get on Sean as I have the same symptoms on and off. I was given 100mg Sertraline but I feel worse after 13 weeks. I get a tight jaw and pins and needles and have blurred vision. Have been told it's purely anxiety but I'm not convinced.

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    Hi peeps thanks for the replys.. i will look into some of this...

    As mentioned we rueld out anything on the brain but the head pains still ongoing. I struggle to beleiev this is all anxiety as im sometimes ok and its crippling... he mentioned about checking me for pots but again im not convinced... ive had like pulsating in my left ear i forgot to mentioned like pressure. He said looks little red but very clean said to use oliv oil. I have cbt in place and really want to join the gym but worried about my heart and lungs giving up

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      With 5 normal ECGs recently, you should try as hard as you can to believe them (I know - not easy) and get yourself to the gym.

      Try to break the circle of fear. Your heart and lungs won't give up at the gym.

      Maybe after your next tests, which will be normal as well, you will find the strength to control your anxiety and not allow it to control you.


      Love Tess xx

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      Thanks tess.....

      I will be starting cbt shortly i hope this helps me. Ive woken up yet again pains on temples seeing black floaters neck ach. Tinitus... im not who i was 6 months ago... i have been td to stay off my ladders untill they can diagnose me... i think i will start gym next week. Im 34 an i just feel like im watching my life go by fast...

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    I am confident that you are ok. You are definitely suffering from health anxiety. I'm going through it as we speak . Learn to accept your great test results and repeat them to yourself each time you panic . I know it's easier said than done.

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    Hi Sean, yep it sounds like anxiety, it, s like your talking about me, my symptoms vary daily and they are very debilitating , I to need reassurance. I have had various meds and at the moment I, m taking nothing.i, m sure meds help lots of people and do help but I chose to now take vitamins. Not saying I, m feeling much better have good and very bad days.At the moment my neck is liked locked and rigid with heavy head and legs, my mouth, jaw tight creating choking feeking, accompanied with raging headache. Just like to compare notes as it gives me relief to know my syptoms are anxiety, As a lady on here reminded me if anything was seriously wrong we would know about it by now so I try not to imagine the worst scenario. Now I just go with the flow, today I feel horrible but as usual will put on a brave face and have my grandchildren, then to a 50th party, and yes inside I will be trying to hold it all together, so remember your not on your own, and life will get better.perhaps if we change our way of thinking that will help.thats my aim for today, take care.
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    Hi thank you for your responce .

    I cannot help feel its something more.

    I ended up in hospital yesterday. I sort of fainted when i got stressed. I have this birming in my stomach... i had urine test and was fine yet i have white floaty bits in my urine slighy burn..

    They wanted to do a ct scan but i said why when i just had all clear on mri. Today i keep worring as i start to feel weak i think im going to have another episode. I had a hige panic attack last noght when this all happened.. ive had pain in my head all day sore temples and scalp. I felt sick. Anything i eat hurts my gut. Nurse says anxiety maybe gasritis bus wasnt checked for it. Left side seems to be giving up on my body. My left arm left leg left side of face head. I am not sure what else to do. I have a scan booked for stomach .

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      Sean, you need to accept that there is nothing physically wrong with you.

      I know it's not easy. People with health anxiety have a great deal of trouble believing their test results are correct, but they are.

      You need therapy and you need to control the anxiety. At the moment it's controlling you.

      Love Tess xxx

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