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Hi, I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism about 2 months ago. Was first on 15mg of Carbimazole a day for 3 weeks then increased to 20mg a day 3 weeks later and now I'm on 40mg a day and have been on them for just over 4 weeks but im not seeing major improvements.

Yes I can now walk to the toilet with out getting out of breath but that's about it.

My symptoms can change hour by hour. Some times I can be very anxious and have huge fatigue, sweats etc..but sometimes I can have a lower lever of anxiety and a better feeling of energy but still very unwell.

My main questions is, I am getting a lot of head pressure which comes and goes?? Has anyone else experienced this please?

I do get a lot of throat spasms from what I gather is due to the thyroid having an effect on my sympathetic nervous system, which keeps me in fight or flight and then my throat spasms as a symptom.

I'm waiting to see an endo soon but this is driving me crazy. I think I'm getting better but then the next day I could be back where I started 3 weeks ago by feeling so ill and having awful symptoms again.

Any experience would be helpful?

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    Hi james22918, being constantly on the edge and easily getting into fight or flight mode is typical for hyperthyroid patients. From my own experience I think the feeling of throat constriction is much exacerbated if the thyroid is inflamed and swollen. I remember getting a strange fluttering feeling in my throat area. It will get better after your thyroid levels normalise again.

    While being hyperthyroid I started taking L-Carnitine (mainly because my muscles were so painful and sore). L-Carnitine is a peripheral antagonist of the thyroid hormone and is said to reduce the damaging effect of excess thyroxine.    

    I used to feel much worse at night and better in the morning. Since Carbimazole has a biological half life of about 5 h I used  to take most of my medication during early evening hours. If helped me sleep a bit better and made me less sleepy and tired during the day. 


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    Forgot to mention: It is important to ask your GP or endocrinologist for a printout of your blood work. It will help you understand your conditon better and by posting your thyroxine levels you will get more relevant advice. 
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    Hi James, all your symptoms sound definitely hyper. I've experienced pretty much all of those at the beginning before my diagnoses, and once I started taking meds, it took about a month if not longer for those symptoms to slowly fade. Being hot all the time was my issue and that took The longest to go away. I've been on meds for 6 months now and I still get heart palpitations and the head pressure you're talking about, but definitely not as often as before. The only thing that's a bit concerning is that you have pale stool, have you done a baseline liver panel prior to starting meds? my endo tests my liver during every lab to make sure the meds are not affecting my liver.

    It'd be easier to tell what's going on if we had your blood lab.

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    Hi James ...   you're a classic case of Hyperthyroid ... aren't you ?  Take your time ... relax ...  you are going to get well again.  it's just a case of beating this damn thing !  do you have graves antibodies .. or is is definately 

    hyperthyroid you are.

    your symptoms are very much like I had before I was diagnosed with graves 

    disease a little over a year ago ...  the worst were, constant day and night sweating   frequent urination and very loose bowels which was unusual for me.     All of the vital vitamins and minerals in my body became very much depleted ... and no wonder , as I said to my GP at the time ... I feel like I'm going downhill in my car at a  hundred miles an hour with ... No Brakes !

    that pretty much sums up how I was .    So , having discovered that my usually normal and healthy thyroid was being attacked  by my immune system I decided to help my immune system calm down and leave my thyroid in peace .   I did that by supplementing ...  after I took Carbimazole 

    20mg per day , then a couple of months later to 10 mg per day  and then 

    5mg per day ..   then onto L Carntine to wean off the Carb.  then took

    lots of supplements that I knew I was missing .

    Somethings  which you might enjoy reading about are ...

    Motherwort tincture

    Bugleweed tincture

    and   Lemon Balm ( Melissa ) 

    without the the help of those four things I don't think I would have coped

    i mixed them together in equal proportion and took them when I felt 

    anxious  !!   and they work ... even better if you put them under your tongue for a minute before swallowing as they get into the bloodstream quicker that way.    you can take them in other for a , of course, pills , dried or tea  but 

    this way works fast !

    Google  ... Vitamin  B 12

    "                 Vitamin B 1 deficiency

    "                 Vitamin D3  deficiency

    "                 Magnesium deficiency

    "                 Selenium

    "                 Zinc and Copper 

    there are more ... but  bet you won't cope with googling any more cause you'll have brain fog too... like the rest of us ! ha

    Your symptoms at this stage in your recovery will be fluctuating ...hence the 

    reason some times you're better than others .. that's normal I'm sure.

    the head pressure thing is probably just that .. pressure  .. probably from anxiety.  this disease can be brutal !  but .. so can you , once you're empowered ..  like me and many others ... research all you can about your 

    thyroid problem ,  be sure of the Type  of problem it is , the name .

    Know you're enemy .. you will be better equipped then to fight it 

    the very best of luck to you James , keep coming on here and asking questions, there are many , many learned people on here to help you.

    Stay Strong, rest , do not push yourself, you are in a state of high alert ,

    be kind to yourself and read all you can.

    Luv Mx🌹


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