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Headache for 4 months - ear and sinus pressure (Candida?)

Hi! I'm a 26 year old female with no serious health issues until recently.

It all started 4-5 months ago. I was constantly sick, had 3 flues in 1,5 month and normally have them once or twice a year. For my first flu I took antibiotic and for the other didn't take any medicine. My blood results were all OK all the time (did them 4 times in these couple of months): blood sugar, iron, hormones: everything was and still is OK. Then 3,5 months ago I started to have strange sensations in my head. At first it felt like low blood pressure (I have lower blood pressure my entire life, but it's in normal range), tiredness and sinus pain. I was sometimes sensitive to neon light and computer screen at work seemed to be too light even if it's always the same. I though it was migraine or tension headache, but then it started to happen almost on a daily basis. I would drink lots of water, took an extra coffee, even the pills but nothing helped. It wasn't such a terrible headache, more like pressure in sinuses and constant tiredness, especially in the morning. Sometimes when I walk, talk or laugh, I get the feeling that my head gets full of air which can't come out of my head and this feels like my head is blocked. The pressure ''moves'' through my head from the center to both sides. If I don't sit or relax in the worst moments, it seems like I will fall down or fall asleep. My ears always seem to be clogged since approx. 2 months, so I have been also experiencing dizziness, especially in situations where I am more involved (when talking or listening to people, or eating).   

I noticed that it gets worse on cloudy days, when I'm more tired, if I'm in a room without windows or with neon lights (stores, offices).

I did allergy tests, it turned out that the only allergy I have is to fungus and molds, and it was classified as mild. The doctors gave me sprays (antihistaminic) and medications, but they didn't help. I even felt more pressure in my sinuses so I stopped taking them after 3-4 weeks. I did a complete scan of sinuses and ORL exam – the conclusion is that I have a small nose deviation and allergic rhinosinusitis, which can cause pressure in sinuses and ears. But I have this deviation all the time and I am used to a light postnasal drip (I have it constantly for at least 10 years). Moreover, my recent blood test don't show any tendency for allergies and my problems are now showing on a daily basis, no matter where I am and what I do.

I also went to several neurologists and did EEG – everything's OK. My vision is also great, have no diopter at all, no pressure.

Other symptoms I had/have: white tongue (all the time), joint and muscle stiffness (not pain – especially knees, neck and shoulders; doesn't bother me much), feeling of having high temperature or feeling drunk/sunburnt (it happens every couple of days); feeling dehydrated even if I drink 3 litres of water a day: dry mouth and throat (recently, every day); dry eyes with floaters (sometimes), rash on my hands (rarely); nausea (because of dry mouth and blocked ears); feeling I can't breathe properly (it happens from time to time; doesn't bother me); tiredness, especially during and after lunch; mood changing (I became more sensitive to stress, so I react more than usual both to good and bad news); heavier PMS than usual.

Two months ago I had also some problems with insomnia and faster heart beating which lasted for 1-2 weeks, but is gone spontaneously.

By accidence I saw the reason for this could be Candida overgrowth. Before this all started to happen, I was tired all the time (with no other symptoms), used to eat a lot of carbs and junk food and drank a bottle of Coke every day, was also stressed at work.

I didn't connect it before 1 month ago, when I did Candida antibody test from blood. It turned out positive, but only IgG positive, which meant I've had a chronic candisiasis for about 6 months. However, what worries me is that my result is only 34 (normal range is up to 30, and the maximum is 123). Is it possible that all my symptoms come from that? I did also other tests to prove Candida, but they couldn't isolate Candida from my nose, throat and mouth.

I started anti-candida diet a month ago and started taking supplements (probiotics, coconut oil, lemon, garlic) but I still don't see the results. I know I have to be patient, but am wondering if these could be signs of other illnesses too – any ideas? Help from Candida sufferers would be much appreciated. Please let me also know if you recognize signs of other diagnosis in my description. Thank you!

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  • danR danR zlatka1990

    Hi zlatka1990, you mentioned that you take supplements. To prevent an overgrowth of yeasts it would be beneficial to eat probiotic soured milk products like yoghurt or even better homemade kefir.

    These contain acid resistant Lactobacillus type bacteria that colonise the gut and vagina. It is best to eat a small quantity every day for several months. If you are milk intolerant you could try Lactobacillus capsules.

    If you feel dehydrated you might not get enough minerals like K, Ca, Mg, and Na. If you drink a lot of water make sure to drink mineral water and not filtered or boiled water. Three litres seems a bit much, just saying. A low Sodium (Na) level for example can cause serious problems like low blood pressure and heart rate or even seizures.

    You might want to read about reactive arthritis. Some symptoms like joint pain, skin rash, and a recent infection match the profile of this syndrome.

    Good luck.

    • danR danR

      Forgot to add: To improve a white tongue you can brush your tongue every evening. Do it super gently without much scrubbing. Even better if you use a toothpaste or gel containing Chlorhexidine like Corsodil.

      I did that for a few weeks (with regular toothpaste) and my tongue became pink again.

  • robbie20266 robbie20266 zlatka1990

    Did you ever find out what this was? I have had these exact same problems for over a month now and it is driving me crazy.

    I just started the candida diet a few days ago, but don't want to waste my time if its not the solution.


    • zlatka1990 zlatka1990 robbie20266

      Hi! Well, I've done a lot of tests and research, and come to a conclusion that I have a really low immunity due to previous viral infection, which also caused chronic Candida owergrowth and constant sinus infection. I've also developed food intolerance to many foods, probably because of the virus. So I started taking new supplements to kill Candida, one month ago and I see the improvement (it goes slowly but I started to feel better). I've been on Anticandida diet on and off for 6 months now but only one month ago taking in consideration food intolerances. Massages also help and drinking lots of water and inhalations. I feel that my Candida is a consequence of the virus. However, this diet will help not only for Candida, but also for similar mysterious diseases. And yes, I eat fruit, which is not allowed for Candida but I find it helpful for me as long as I eat vegetables and meat/fish mostly.

  • phil0920 phil0920 zlatka1990

    I'm 25 and have been going throug exact same thing but a little worse. Did you ever have discharge from your body head legs arms etc? I also lost about 40lbs within 3 months and this has been going on almost 5 months for me now and has turned my life upside down. I have everything you listed and then some. As I type this I have this insane pressure on my temple where I have this mast skin lesion with what looks like fungus type of substance and the pressure is insane and when it moves around to. Im glad I saw this because everyone including my infections disease Dr thinks I'm going crazy when I say I feel something move around.

  • rhonda 56331 rhonda 56331 zlatka1990

    Many of the symptoms that you are talking about are associated with toxic mold illness (light sensitivity, headache, dizziness, mood swings, fatigue, rash , joint pain etc). I have it myself and am going through an intense detox process that includes an extreme diet to starve the mold out of your body, supplements and high dose vitamin IVs.

    Consider having your home tested for mold that can be in your walls. Also check out Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker’s website on mold. He is a leading expert in the field. Unfortunately in general the medical community does not acknowledge the existence of mold illness. Doctors are not trained on it and standard medical tests don’t detect it, but I can tell you from experience it is very real and life impacting. I have found working with a naturopath and nutritionist that have mold expertise to be helpful. 

    Also mold illness often create corresponding  yeast issues in the body as well so that also needs to be considered as well.

    • zlatka1990 zlatka1990 rhonda 56331

      Dear Rhonda,

      yes, I was also thinking about molds because it all started after major flood at work...from all the allergens tested, I was only allergic to molds. Do you have major improvements since being on diet and taking supplements? May I ask you which medications you take? Thank you so much for your feedback.

    • rhonda 56331 rhonda 56331 zlatka1990

      Hello there! So sorry for the delay. Haven’t had time to sit and write.

      I am happy to tell you that my health is much improved from 3-6 months ago! It has been a lot of effort but so worth it.

      I had toxic mold illness 4 years ago from a slow water leak in my basement. Stachybotrous (black mold) was discovered in the house. My health improved radically once the mold was removed however I did not understand the detox process one needs to go through to get the mold toxins out of your body and to completely regain one’s health. I had lingering health effects (immunity issues, need for more sleep in general, fatigue easier from exercise) for years and this past year due to being lax with diet I started to see a significant decline in health. I now understand how strongly diet impacts mold survivors. In the past 6 months the major health issues I have been having included: muscle stiffness, white tongue, headache for 6 consecutive months, brain fog (significant difficulty in thinking, focusing, remembering), sinus congestion, sneezing, extreme fatigue and mood swings.


      Mold illness is very complicated and manifests differently for different people. The basic issue however for mold survivors is that you are genetically susceptible to mold illness and your body is unable to produce the necessary antibodies to eliminate the mold toxins from your system. The toxins stay in your system and wreak havoc with your body – essentially your immune system is on overdrive. Your confused immune system attacks its own tissues instead of the mold toxins, resulting in inflammatory issues throughout the body. This is why mold illness is also known as Chronic Inflammation Response Syndrome (CIRS). Due to the compromised immunity various other kinds of infections often ensue (viral, bacterial, fungal) and yeast (candida) issues often also develop.

      The following are key components of the treatment plan that has worked for me:

      1)    Flushing the mold toxins out of your body

      ·      This involves the use of binding agents which will attach to the toxins so they can finally be excreted from the system. The most recommended one is called Cholestyramine and may require a doctor’s prescription

      ·      glutathione IVs to aid the body’s natural detox process

      2)    Starving the mold and yeast out of your body

      ·      Mold and yeast feed off carbs and sugars which allows them to grow

      ·      For me a virtually no-carb diet has been required to start to get the fungus under control – I am starting to see my tongue becoming less white so I know that I am making progress

      ·      Diet should be anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, autoimmune and low histamine

      ·      My diet consists mainly of meats, low carb vegetables only (no root veggies or squash), olive oil, coconut products and fresh herbs – organic for everything possible

      ·      Cooking with lots of natural anti-fungals (coconut oil, olive oil, onions etc)

      ·      No dairy, grains (neither gluten or non-gluten), fruits (only green apple), nuts, preservatives, chemicals, nothing packaged or processed

      ·      No mold prone foods – mushrooms, cheese, anything with yeast, peanuts, corn, avocado, alcohol among others

      3)    Killing off the fungus and yeast in your body

      ·      This is a twofold process:

      -      Breaking down biofilm which is like a protective armor that forms around mold and yeast that is in its advanced stage; this biofilm must be broken down so that subsequent anti-fungal treatments can actually reach the fungus; otherwise countless dollars can be spent on supplements that will accomplish very little

      -      PharmaNAC evervescent tablets, Biocidin throat drops and EDTA (Beg Spray) are 3 products that I have found very effective for breaking down biofilm

      -      Within an hour or two of taking these products follow- up with antifungals:

      -      Physica Phyto Lavage Intrinsic (used with a sinus rinse kit) to rinse out sinuses

      -      Raw garlic or ginger if you can handle it (I eat a teaspoon of minced raw ginger before bed and wake up feeling radically better than when I don’t); can also incorporate with green apple to make a juice

      -      Biocidin throat drops are also an antifungal

      4)    Rebuilding your immunity

      ·      What I have found most helpful are:

      -      High dose vit C IV

      -      PharmaNAC also helps with this

      5)    Liver support

      ·      Mold survivors can have compromised livers due to the extreme toxic load that the liver has been trying (unsuccessfully) to excrete from the body. I recommend the following:

      -      ALA IV for liver regeneration

      -      Glutathione IV

      -      PharmaNAC

      ·      In general with respect to mold illness it appears that many people will relapse into symptoms once they go back to more regular eating; one testimony I read said that after many years of relapsing, the one thing that finally cured them “for good” was to do coffee enemas (which flush the liver) once they had got the mold and yeast down to a minimal level in the body; I haven’t tried this but is something I need to research further

      6)    Leaky gut – this can be caused by mold

      ·      If this is an issue seek usual treatments – probiotics, enzymes, bone broth etc

      7)    Leaky brain – this can also be caused by mold

      ·      The membrane around your brain can become overly permeable allowing toxins into the brain

      ·      Many substances can help detox the body but very few can cross the blood brain barrier to detox the brain. Turmeric is one of the few substances that is effective for brain detox. A high quality supplement which is the longvida form of curcumin (a component of turmeric) is recommended.

      ·      I have recently tried Optimized Curcumin by Douglas Laboratories and it seems to be helping reduce the headache.


      Using this treatment plan over the past 4 months, I have seen greatly improved physical energy, greatly improved mental energy and clarity, reduced intensity of headache (although I still have it at a very low level) and much reduced sinus congestion. I feel much better and am hopeful I will fully regain my health in time.

      Feel free to respond with any questions. I am open to arrange a phone call if it may help you. I understand how challenging this can be.


      Warm regards,













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