HeadZaps/sucidal I'm at my wits end, they're ruining my life, I have no life, I don't want this life

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Don't have faith in Doctors as words can't express what he'll im living each moment & I cannot cope with a fob off & lame help.

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    Hi Bonnietu,

    What are you taking? How much? How long?

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      Hi angie, For 1 & 3/4 years I've been weaning off 20mg Prozac. ( 20 years of being on it for post natal depression, wrongly diagnosed I feel, sure it was hormonal & nutritional making me angry in pain & depressed / suicidal, dunno) I started to get head horrendous head zaps 💥approximately 7 months ago, so I took even slower steps to wean myself off. Till eventually & now Ive managed to slowly introduce & swop Prozac to 5HTP 50mg. All the while having severe head zaps, up to 30/60 times a day, loads happen upon waking & in the night when I wake to wee, and during the evenings, less in the daytime but still they're pretty much constant all the same & especially when I turn my head then a lot go off. So, I thought right I'll stop the 5HTP & see how I go, 5 days on & it was utterly unbearable , the zaps were constant💥. Im frustrated angry & crying sometimes but generally I feel numb bland & indifferent. Definitely depressed & tired & completely lost my vavavoom for life. My whole body is constantly in pain. 2 days ago I decided to go all out to STOP these fing Zaps so I'm now taking 50mg morning & 50mg evening. I'm utterly stuck & in utter dispair as if I take 5HTP or prozac & if I don't take it I still get these massive head zaps.💥. I look normal no one knows or sees them happening to me, no one can possibly understand how awful they feel, Doctors no NOTHING about them. Words can't even touch on how ghastly debilitating they are. I have to lie at work, say I'm fine. Turn to wash up or look after the charge I have , tears rolling down my face. My story is long so sorry but it's the first time I've actually tried to put this down in words, it's been difficult to do.

      I take each day

      Magnesium 1200mg.

      HRT 1mg.

      Vitamin E 400iu .

      Vitamin D 4000iu.

      50+Wellwoman Multi vitamin. Vitamin B complex.

      l-Tyrosine 500 mg.

      All advised to me by a top Swedish Doc. 2 yrs ago I weighed 18 stone. I lost 5 stone by finding out what allergies & intolerances I had including the usual gluten & wheat. I felt fantastic. But it was unsustainable living Soo healthily esp around my family!! So Within the last 8 months I've put 2 stone back on😡.

      Thank you for your kind words angie. What's YOUR story? It's a great comfort ,I have to say, chatting on this site to like minded people/you! I have no faith in Doctors anymore & will not go to see them, they can't do anything for me, can they as they don't understand. Hence my dispair at having absolutely no where to turn that's free!! If I won the lottery I'd go bk to my Austrian Doc. ( A dear friend paid for his help last time, £1000's) as I was suicidal bk then again, I cannot & will not accept her help again. Hope that's answered your question . P.s. What I am now waiting to try is a very high dosage of Omega3 to take with the Vitamin E400iu as I've read this can help stop the Head zaps💥. It heals the brain! Have you heard such a thing? If it does I'll shout it out from the roof tops & on here!!!!!

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      Hi Bonbietu,

      Thank you for your story, it seems like you have and are going through a lot, it's very difficult dealing with depression and anxiety, but from what I understand it's best to try and stick with one set of meds, as they take a while to work, during this process we have to adopt coping strategies. Have you researched head zaps? I have not experienced these ( hope not to either) is this what happens when you come from the meds? As for me, I'm suffering from depression which may be because of the menopause, I'm on 20mg of Fluxoline, I can see a difference, but still struggling, I'm on week five 2 days, praying that what others say about the recovery period is correct, and I will get better soon.

      Much love ??

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      Hi again angie, God we woman go thru it don't we if it's not mentrating or post natal depression it's the menopause!!! Jeeese! What I don't get is why the Doctors put us on anti Depressants first off without doing a full hormonal nutritional thyroid full health / allergy test . They're so flippant in handing these pills out. Antidepressants DO have their place of course, they can be life saving & they do work after about 2 months you'll feel the benefits sometimes 4 or 6 weeks in you'll feel lighter , less weepy, more normal more able to cope with basic living & house chores etc. I did. For me prozac made me feel bk to my old self, with energy & interest in life & people again and if there was a flood or I had a flat tyre I'd cope with it calmly & not end up in a crying heap! I'm just Very cross with the medical team as they never ONCE explain to you that they ARE addictive IF IF you are unfortunate to be on them for years & years. I came off them 4 times over my 20 years but ended up not coping after a while so had to go bk on them. I never had the Head Zaps then only now in the last 7 months. Are you on HRT as well? For your menopause symptoms? I am. I had a Hysterectomy aged 42! Your advice about 2 meds is an eye opener!!! Maybe that's the reason for my head zaps !!! I've finished the Prozac now so will concentrate on taking the 5 HTP only, so we'll see. TY for that!

      I sincerely hope you will be feeling the positive benefits of your anti depressants very soon, it won't be long now till you do. However if no change after, what, 3 months ? then , like I tried, maybe another type could suit you better....But HELL don't quote me I'm not a Doctor !! And have faith they doo work! But nutrition& suppliments first & formost, I feel is KEY, always for Ones well being. Good luck let me know how you get on.

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    I have similar thoughts especially for the doctors not having a clue on what I'm feeling. It's very difficult when the treatments? and Med's are not doing what we hope. One has to keep going to find what's going to work as there is light at the end of the tunnel. My thoughts and prayers are with you and this group daily.

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      Thank you OreElect, I appreciate your supportive uplifting words. I've just written my life's history rolleyes in reply to angies questions. These head Zaps💥& my living like this can't go on forever it just can't. I'm going to try a recommended high dose of Omega 3 & Vitamin 400iu ( which helps to absorb the Omega apparently). If that works I'll be telling the world!!! What's YOUR story? I'm listening if you want to share the load!

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