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I've had anxiety my whole life. I worry about everything and stress pretty easily.

I work hard to manage it and I think I have a pretty good reign on it at this point in my life because I know that it's not beneficial to me and I'm able to recognise it either straight away or after a short period and to deal with it.

However the one thing that I really really find hard to cope with is my health anxiety. I have quite a few health problems by this point. Non of them are life-threatening for the most part.. but are chronic and progressive illnesses and when I'm experiencing symptoms or new diagnoses (which is happening more regularly) i really get down. All I seem to focus on is how bad things are and how much worse they can possibly get. How much more painful or unbearable can it be?

I know worrying and focusing so negatively is doing my immune system no favours... but when i am dealing with constant physical reminders of my conditions - how do i stay strong?

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    We live in a world with the media constantly telling us to be our own doctors and medical shows dis prooving doctors and magic doctors finding rare ailments that suddlenly  fix a person. How do you think this would effect someone who gets anxiety (terror) attacks and has all weird symptoms? The media mocks this and stigmatizes it so as humans we say well then thats not real so what do i have been causing this?..anxiety attacks are real and congrats for the people who never had them. It is a mal function in the amygalda in the brain that triggers the fight or flight response and sets off an adrenaline rush. That rush effects seventy percent of the body and makes a person scared and have symptoms. A simple infographic brochure does exists on pinterest. And should be in every doctors office.It can cycle many times if you feed into it, because this is not explained for whatever odd reason to the patient they go home confused. The brain is vital amd it is absurd to say oh its mental and self inflicted heres some pills you are all  healthy and bye. No you have a mal function and its real. The answer is how you react to this mal function. If you feed the fear it will get worse. If you ignore the fear it will heighten. So answer is accept it. Accept it that you have a mal function and will get random adrenaline rushes and learn tools to manage it. Learn cbt so you understand what it is. Read scientific articles to gain knowledge, there is no universal fix just yet. And learn mindfullness breathing. Your reaction to it is what will determine your coping and happiness here. It just doesnt stop or go away so managing it is all you can do, but its real. So many are in search for an ailment now and many have ailment and panic attacks as well and oddly  they are being dismissed as mentally ill like thats okay. It isnt and thats a crappy label for this. I wonder of half or more of the people were told hey you have a mal function and your body will trigger fight or flight adrenaline rushes. Please be aware they cycle and feel horrible and will make you think you are dying at times. It is a mal function like diabeties with insulin but scientist havent come up with an antecdote. There you go. Thats the truth. Then noone would feel confused. It would still suck but be  explained. They can be explained to learn cbt, mindfullness breathing or any other measure of self calm so when the adrenaline rushes they have tools. Telling people they are fine and dandy and sending them on their way is wrong and is real.and it is manageable but denying there is a mal function is causing many to be confused. I can guarantee in the next decade they will have much clearer explaination and more evident based tests for it, but not yet. The key is knowing your going to have anxiety attacks and you need to know the tools to manage them. Some meds work for and some they dont. Its a personal journey and battle need to find what calming mechanism works for you, but dont deny the reality to yourself that you have a mal function, just accept it so you can manage it properly. Shame in the entire medical community for being so aloof and not educating their patients. It can be done in a simple brochure. At least patients wont walk out the door thinking they are self inflicting thing upon themselves, its really cruel if you think about it. Im sorry if i just kind if vented as i answered this but i have researched and studied and lived it this from different angles and point of view and this is a science based occurance and i read and hear many people who seem all confused and clueless and its makes me very sad noone explained anything to them. 
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    do you have a therapist or a counsellor or someone who can help?
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    Hi Lauren

    Health anxiety sucks

    Personally I just have to keep telling myself Im ok and its the anxiety not a heart attack or stroke.

    Ive had lots of test done,so I know its psycisimatic anxiety also feed of fear

    so that makes things worse

    Try talking to a therapist I think learning to deal with it is a big step in the right direction.

    I have my first CBT session on 22/4 Im hoping that  will help me

    Stay Strongcool


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