Health anxiety going through the roof - more physical symptoms every day!

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I have been "suffering" from health anxiety apparently... I'm saying this in inverted commas as I constantly question myself/doctors if this is really anxiety.

This all started last April when my mum was diagnosed with cancer. We are really close so for something to happen to someone so close to you had my head in a mess! I felt terrible as I would try avoid going round etc because I just didn't know how to deal with it.. Even though I'm not the one who's just been diagnosed with cancer!

After a short while, then came the panic attacks.. The migraines.. Heart palpitations etc. There was a time when I went weeks with a constant stabbing pain in the left side of my head (that was it - I was CONVINCED I had a tumour). It got too much I ended up making an emergency appointment with my doctor and I just broke down.

Cut the long story short he thinks I have got anxiety from what happened with my mum... Fast forward a few months I started to get leg cramps/pains. It started in my right calf (so of course I was convinced I had a blood clot) I was reading up that much on the pain I was getting I ended up in A&E convinced I had a blood clot. I had a D-dimer test and it came back negative which told us no blood clots... I still was not convinced!

I was due to fly to go on our holiday and I took every precaution, wore flight socks walked up and down the plane etc because I just had it in the back of my head there was clots there. This obviously amused my partner etc as he just thinks I have lost the plot!

Recently the pains have got worse and spreading up both thighs and really uncomfortable. Twitches are common thing I get aswell, it feels like something under the skin. And also frequent numbing/pins and needles on my hands feet etc. I felt really light headed and ended up in A&E (again) to then have another D-Dimer test and again for it to come back negative, after all this I am still not convinced there isn't some sort of problem with my arteries/clots etc. I am due to start CBT class and have heard they are really good. Can anyone give me advice or share a similar story so I can re assure myself I am ok!!

Thank you so much to anyone taking the time to read this x

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    I do not have a story as yours. Im sorry for the stuff you have endured. It would appear trauma is at the core if all this for you. So scary and so much has hapoened in your world. Ptsd honestly. Which can easiky with panic attacks take in new dimessions and twists. In the course of all this are you taking care of your body? Drinking, eating and walking? Anxiety chronically occurring depletes the body of nutrients easily and quicker then a calm state. Everything is effected, muscles tensing, adrenaline, cortisol and epineohrine being triggered off at times it is exhausting . It is draining, physically and mentally. You have been journeying through so much here have you seen a therapist. You have a lot in you that needs to be dealth with. Can you do cbt and therapy? I dont think its one or the other in your life situation.
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      Thank you for replying! My diet isn't the best - isn't terrible either but could be better in respect of drinking more water eating more fruit etc. I am relatively fit also.

      I haven't seen a therapist, I feel like I am totally fine and then randomly it comes on its not a constant thing.. I don't want to waste any therapists time.. by just dismissing me as a drama queen or something lol!

      I am going to chase up with the CBT classes and will mention to my doctor about hopefully seeing a therapist.

      Thanks for your help x

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    You're not the only one. Ive been experiencing basically everything you are and I honestly feel like it's something bad too. I haven't checked myself but I know that it's my anxiety giving me these problems. It's the worst. I get random goosebumps on the head. Feeling like I'm going numb in certain places, aching neck, tingling in fingers every now and then, muscle tension and random pulls all over my body, bad gas and bloated feeling, also, headaches and some had pains that appear in a random spot on my head. I also receive auras everytime I wake up in the morning. I completely understand your problems. If everything keeps coming back negative then maybe you're just overreacting about every symptom like me. You just have to remind yourself that it's just your anxiety talking when you're having these symptoms. Jut try to relax. smile

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      Yep the goosebumps on head that's a re-occurring thing that gets me worked up aswell! I'm trying to just calm myself and do the whole mind over matter thing but it's hard to stop getting into a panic! The bloated stomach is another one I get which really bothers me!

      I still don't understand how anxiety can take over your body the way it does! I hope you feel better soon x

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      Thanks for the support and yeah, I kinda have an idea on how anxiety works. It's basically like a cup that's placed on a table inside a house. You fill the cup with water(The water is anxiety)(The cup is you) and the more anxiety you feed your brain, the more water fills the cup. Eventaully there is a point where the cup can't hold anymore water and it's forced to spill over the edges. That's a panic Attack basically is when it starts spilling over. You have to realize that you can't pour anymore water in the cup because over time, if you stop pouring water in the cup, eventually, the water will evaporate and give you more space for water in case a real emergency occurs. It's rough, but I always use this as a basis of understanding my anxiety and how it affects my mind.

      I understand exactly how you feel with panic and everything. I'm wishing you the best. 

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      Wow that's amazing that really makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing that smile for a 23 year old death should be the least of my worries but recently it's been all I think about !! Take care x

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