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Hi all sorry for long post have just been through a really stressful time in my life I noticed my stomach was bloated and had gone off food feeling really down so had a break down at the Drs said how I was feeling about my stomach panicking it was cancer googling the symptoms like it felty stomach wasn't connected to my head.

He thinks it's anxiety disorder and have me sertraline 50mg one daily on the Sunday I was still feeling bloated if not worse with back pain so took myself to a&e they gave me lansoprazole and couldn't find anything wrong after urine tests and stomach exam still not happy I took myself back to a&e and I think to shut me up they did blood tests all came back clear another full examination and again all good I asked if I should request a scan and he laughed and said he would never suggest a scan for me.

I am struggling so much I cry all the time I always feel bloated and sick I have lost all appetite so barely eat I have seen 3 Drs and 2 nurses and none of them seem the slightest bit concerned but I can't let it go in my mind there is something seriously wrong with me I keep shouting at my husband that no one is listening to me I need help!

Can anyone relate to this or is it just me I know the Drs are there to do a job and if they felt I need scans they would send me and even if they do when does it stop I will never be happy someone please shed some light on this I am desperate



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    Aside from the traditional doctors and their "anxiety" diagnosis have you ever seen a complimentary doctor/alternative doctor. Have you ever heard of muscle testing with foods? Kinsieology? Something o look into maybe for you. 

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      Juicing is so useful. Celery, ginger, apples, parsley, cucumber...look up recipies on pinterest. Sweet potatoes and pumpkin and bananas are good for the belly as well. Since you have lost your appetite juicing can give you a lot of nutrition and help in this. Theres a whole other way to be nutritionally sound and feel good. I did this and this is my opinion and my experiences but diet and nutrition play major role in belly bloating.
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    Had there been the slightest suspicion there was anything untoward wrong with you then further tests would have been implemented

    Scans cannot be arranged unnecessarily. That would be a waste of time/resources and more importantly it swells the waiting time for those who are truly in need

    You have to accept the GP is doing his best for you, based on your medical history. 3 doctors and 2 nurses cannot all be wrong and you be right

    And googling symptoms is ludicrous. You will not find answers there. All you will do is to throw yourself into a frenzy of fear

    Have you considered also it might be IBS?

    If not this, then all your stomach problems areĀ  likely stress induced and your fear of cancer is exaggerating the symptoms

    Bloating is common with anxiety as is loss of appetite. Shallow breathing is the curse of those with Anxiety Disorder

    Learn Right Breathing Techniques

    Learn all you can about Anxiety Disorder

    And stop googling

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    Sorry to hear you are so low. I have health anxiety and get so scared sometimes and feel like I have an awful belly got bloated but think was due to hormones and acid reflux. I took acid reflux tablets and it went. However much I go to doctors once I get the all clear I find something else to worry about. Have you tried CBT?

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    Hi Linzi, I try not to google things up because they invariably point out the worst sceniario.  At least you should feel in the clear after having tests done, but I do feel it's anxiety related.

     What happened to all the caring doctors in the past?

     First, drink plenty of water as not to get dehydrated especially if you lost your appetite.  And exercise as much as you can to work off that stress.

    I have heard that Simethicone (pills) relieve pressure, bloating and gas in the digestive tract.  I'm surprised the doctor didn't mention that.

    I hope this helps and feel better soon.

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    Thanks all it just seems so real to me my stomach feels terrible right under the boobs I can't help but worry there seems no let up from it but like you all said the Drs would of found something if there was anything to find I just have to hope that every day gets that much better husband is making me go out tonight I really don't want to just want to sit and try and figure out what's wrong! I am so broken 😞

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      it's good you are going out. Distraction is a wonderful tool against Anxiety  Disorder

      Believe me, I know how you feel! In the beginning of my journey with AD my stomach problems were horrendous. My appetite too vanished. I too felt nauseous

      But you have to accept what it is and not go off on a tangent imagining worst case scenarios otherwise your poor tummy will never settle down

      Eat little and often. Chew your food thoroughly. No late night snacks. Use circular rubbing motions on your belly. Use a hot water bottle opn your belly at night

      But please, please, be positive and determined not negative. Please, please stop frightening yourself for nothing

      I have experienced what you are now going through. I sympathise. It's not nice. But you can overcome it

      I did

      So will you


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      You have to try to rationalize it

      Why should they all be wrong?

      They're not, Linzi, it's just the anxiety fooling you, honey

      Were you "seriously " ill you'd have collpased by now, believe you me

      My stomach was so bad at times  Swollen.I was bent over with pain. That's the truth.

      With Anxiety Disorder there are choices, Linzi. You can make yourself worse, entrench your symptoms by googling, by deciding the medical professionals are wrong despite their years of intensive training/experience, and live with AD and all the misery it engenders


      You can be grateful it is not some life threatening disease

      You can accept it is Anxiety Disorder

      You can arm yourself with all the self-help methods available to you

      You can adopt a positive/determined attitude

      Don't let this ruin your life, Linzi! Grab it by the scruff of the neck and shake it loose

      By the way, I drank and still do, chamomile tea 4 times a day. I'm not "into" herbal remedies as such by I swear by it, for your tummy and for your nerves

      You'll be okay smile


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    Stop reading google you will feel unhappy, worry and Panic

    Your GP knows you are suffering Anxiety and Panic attacks, He has checked you over and it is important that you trust Him and His Staff

    Remember He is in partnership with you when it comes to your health concerns and will look after you


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    Thank you all again just know when I wake up early the first thought will be my swollen stomach I know I have a long road ahead of me but I am going to stop googling I promise it's just so hard lol here's hoping for a better day tommorow. 😐

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