Health anxiety is taking over my life

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Does anyone else suffer with health anxiety? I have been "ill" since october when i suffered thr nurovirus. Ever since that i have been to and from the docs with all sorts. I bled for 11 weeks had dioreah for 8 weeks. Iv now had a cough since xmas eve, the doc kept telling me it was anxiety causing everything and i didnt believe her, she referred me to therapy which hasnt helped and put me on anti d's which i refuse to take because of the side effects. I since that had a prolapse 8 months after having my baby and the doc told me to live with it. Iv been back again at docs this week with muscle aches and pains (mainly chest and legs) and a cough iv had since xmas, saw a different doc who thinks ive had a chest infection thats been ignored and is now causing arthritus in my muscles. I just cant seem to beleieve him, i think its cancer or something and im dying. Everyday i feel sick my full body aches, im no fun to my husband or my kids because im aleays worrying. Im on amoxicilyn at the mo and have been for 4 days but i feel even worse today pains in my neck back and shoulders on top of all the other aches. Please tell me this is anxiety and nothing more? Anyone else feel like this?

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    You refused to take the anti-depressants when it's obvious you need them. What are they? You should give them a try.  You say you are on amoxycillin which is penicillin and this could be for the chest infection. You should start to feel better within a week. You are thinking the worst when you say you think it's cancer but why not ask your doctor for  a blood test and/or a scan. You have a lot going on and things need to be narrowed down. As soon as the causes are know the sooner they can be treated. I think another visit to the doctor is needed. Good Luck.
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    Citalopram the sidr effects are the same as how ive been feeling so i dont see the point? I cant risk feelin worse than i do already working part time and having a 9 month old and a 2 year old. It could be the chest infection and the tabs havent kicked in yet but thats were my anxiety kicks in. I have had blood tests for anemia and vitamin defficiency and have tests on wed for arthritus but nothing convinces me because iv not had a day were i can say iv felt myself in 3 months sad
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      Oh you poor you.  Just read this about blood tests.  They did loads of blood tests on me but it was a professor I researched and found through pituitary org that sorted me out as these blood test need to be done at certain times and Gp's and hospitals were just not getting to the bottom of it.  He is a professor in endocrinology and hormones.

      I didn't also put what did they do for birth control after your baby as this can cause imbalances if you google merina coil and anxiety or 5 year implants and imbalances etc etc. you will be surprised at what you find.

      Mel X

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    Hi there.

    It sounds to me like your hormones are out of balance after the birth of your daughter.  This is real common.

    The main symptoms of this are the muscle aches and pains, anxiety/depression and feeling totally unwell and that you are going to die.  Also CFS.  Are all common.

    This is because our hormones control over 400 of our bodily functions and are our bodies building blocks.  They are also our wellbeing, etc. etc.

    I won't bore you with all that I have been through and the battles, but I suggest you do some research and find in your area a GP that is more up on womens wellbeing and get your prolapse sorted - they can't fob you off like this - a prolapse is awful and in it's self can make you feel low.

    I had to change GP's who actually knew all about this and worked alongside me by listening to me and the professor I am now under.

    There is a site called women's health network and they talk all about this kind of thing and you can see all the symptoms that hormone imbalances do to our bodies.  You can also google hormones and anxiety or any other thing and you will see some things that ring true.

    I am under a professor in endocrinology for this very thing and like you I was sure that there was some thing massively wrong with me and became anxious about my health - but now they have balanced them back out albeit limping through menopause back to full health - no aches and pains etc etc.  As our hormones fluctuate even worse at this time then pregnancy and after.

    I hope this helps and if you need any further info or advice, have lots of training on this and been shown a lot through experience.

    Big hugs Mel Xx

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    Hi Clare, your symptoms are very similar to Anxiety symptoms! Most days I constantly feel sick, achey muscles, headaches, Diahorrea and sleepy! Everyone is different! It took me ages to accept all these symptoms are due to Anxiety!

    Quite recently I've been put on an antidepressant called Citalopram - which is great for Anxiety. I'm into week 3 and feel so much better already! I've been trying to avoid medical action for so long but so happy I've tried it. For the 1st time in 6months I've been able to leave my house and drive a car!

    Personally if I was you, I'd give the tablets a try! Do not read about the side effects on the internet.... You hear the worst cases of everything!! Yes you might feel rubbish for the first few weeks, but I'd prefer that than live with anxiety!

    Depression lies alongside anxiety... So you need to make sure you don't get worse... Normally therapy works better alongside medication also.

    Hope you start to feel better soon! Xxxx

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    Thanks ladies, i will definatly look into the hormone inbalance Mel this is what they put the bleeding down to so maby its still that. I do keep telling myself it's anxiety but i cant help but feel its more because of how ill i feel. How can your muscles hurt this bad if its all in your head. I should maby try the tablets and c if they help. I guess anythings worth a shot. Thank you for all your advice its really reassuring and i will look into it xxx
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