Health anxiety, obsessed with heart and chest pains

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hi all,

i want to know if anyone has every experienced symptoms seimiliar to what i seem to be experiecning for the last 3 weeks.

i have suffered with health anxeity quite badly for a very long time but recently it has gotten really bad and i've become obsessed with worrying that i am going to have a heart attack.

it all started back in october i had intense discomfort in my chest and actually ended up being admitted to hospital where i had ECGs, blood tests and x-rays on my chest carried out, they found nothing bad apart from the fact i have a slight heart f;lutter (runs in the family) the pain was still quite bad so i spoke to a doctor and was diagnosed with acid reflux, put on lansaprozole for a month and heartburn didn't bother me again until about 17th december where i was waking with intense heartburn every night, the first time it happened i was convinced i was having a heart attack and had the biggest panic attack i have ever had in my life and then after that it just happened every night for 10 days at the same time twice each night, but o bother during the day. spoke to a doctor again, they diagnosed reflux again and put me badck on the same meds which seemed to work the first two nights but now i am still suffering with it really badly every night along with waking up gasping for breath and often having pain in my left arm.

my health anxiety over it all is defgiitely worse at nights and when i am on trains travelling to work. i just wanted to know if other people have experienced prolonged chest/heartburn like pain/breath shortness and achey body parts from anxiety?

i am literally reading into every little thing that happens to me and convicing myself its a build up to a heart attack and i don't want to live my life like that and i just don't know what to do.

i am 24 years old female, healthy weight, non smoker do drink quite a lot maybe once a weekend but otherwise eat very healthily. 

thank you x

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    Constantly feel like this had an episode today awful feeling heart palpitations upper back hurting left arm feels heavy I suffer from heartburn but refuse to take the medication due to my anxiety which is a nightmare in its self I tend to try and ride them out easier said than done today's was at work and not a good feeling so I know exactly what your feeling but have no clue how to help as I am in the same position as you

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      Sorry to hear you suffer with the same thing - it is just horrible isn't it and so disruptive to every day life.

      I think In a sense knowing other people feel exactly the same as you is some reassurance as you know deep down it's just an anxiety thing and not something worse, though I know how impossible that can be to tell yourself at the time sad

      Thanks for your comment!

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      Yes I know it's terrible and my job involves a lot of walking so worrying bout your heart and then having to walk far isn't good am constantly checking my chest for palpation it does help talking to people it's my first time on here today I finish work soon and I am so tempted to go get checked out my chest is pounding body aching but deep down I know I'm the cause good luck with yours and if you find a solution let me know lol

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    I have a heart Murmer, it was diagnosed when born, throughout my life I was never told about it, I was hopeless at sport and I continued on until I had a severe car accident and my Sturnum had been pushed into my heart and bruised the heart. They discovered my heart murmer and gave me a mass of tests making sure I had not had a heart attack. I asked my Parents about my Murmer, they said they were advised that I not  be told about it and get on with my life. That was in 1975. I was born in 1950, and I am now 66 years old, they know I have a murmer, they check it and sometimes they cannot here it. So now I am Chronically Disabled and have lost so many of my friends, I have seen most of them off to the Golden Gates.

    That is my story, a creeking gate


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    I know exactly how you feel. I've suffered since I was 18 (I'm now 34). It's changed over the years, but always comes down to worrying about the heart. I have learned some teqniques from therapy to help me, but at the moment it's really bad and I can't seem to shake it, so I can sympathise with you completely.

    If I get a slight pain, or heartburn, or palpitations, my mind absolutely believes I'm having a heart attack! Then the panic sets in, and leaves me exhausted.

    It definitely helps to know that others know how you feel, my family and friends know I suffer, but I don't think anyone can really understand unless they have been through the same thing.

    Try and stay focused and positive, you won't feel like this 100% of the time xx

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    I have had anxiety since I was 15.  I'm 47 now.  In the past year been suffering with health anxiety.  Stress test, blood test, etc.  The past 3 weeks has been nothing but unbearable.  Numbness in all limbs.  When tests came back ok I went to chiropractor.  X-rays showed neck injury .  Going for adjustments which makes my chest and back hurt.  Which is causing palpitations also.  But I'm ok.  It's anxiety.  When you think it, it happens.  Or when it happens you're going to die.  I take it day by day.  I also think hormones play  a huge factor.  Waking up in middle of night with chest pain is horrible.  I'm there with you.

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    Thank you for this post guys. I am currently suffering terrible with heavy aching limbs, fatigue along with fast hear rate, palpitations and strange feeling in my chest. This has been the case for 2 months. I have had two ecgs which have come back clear. I have suffered with anxiety for 11years (I'm 34) but never as bad as this I'm just completely convinced there is an underlying health problem-just don't understand that anxiety could be causing all these symptoms. I have just come across a post on Facebook from British heart foundation talking about how detail heart attacks are hard to revognisevwhich has blown my anxiety up like crazy that's my Friday night ruined x hope I are all feeling well now x

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