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Heart anxiety or heart problem?

Hi everyone, 

I haven't been diagnosed with anxiety for long but I thought I had a heart problem for about 2 years before I was diagnosed but nothing was found on the ECG and heart scan. But the symptoms with my heart I've been experiencing lately have been concerning me. I'm still on the waiting list for counseling so I can't ask an anxiety professional about this yet. When I have an episode it doesn't feel like anxiety caused the heart problems it feels like the other way around and it usually happens unexpectedly even if I feel calm at the time. I also don't always get a racing heart and weirdly enough this is what concerns me, sometimes I literally can just get skipped heartbeats along with anxiety, pressure on chest, feeling short of breath, feeling like my throat is closing up ect. I don't normally have visible panic attacks either, my ones are more internal. I can look okay on the outside but on the inside I would be freaking out and I'm not sure if that fits the usual description of a panic attack. I've also noticed how when I go to the gym it takes a while for my heartbeat to calm down afterwards which makes me hold back more than I'd like to. Because of these issues it's starting to make me worry that it's not actual anxiety and something wrong with my heart but then again the ECG and the heart scan about a year ago said I was fine so I'm not sure. Are these symptoms normal for people with anxiety or should I go back to cardiology? Thanks in advance. 

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  • For a bit of context I'm 20 years old. And I forgot to mention that sometimes I can feel like my heart isn't beating right the whole day, it doesn't happen every time but it can. I'm not sure if anxiety can cause that. 

  • Chloe96260


    You need to understand your heart condition is not a problem it will be caused by Stress and Anxiety. You have had your tests and need to accept the results you had last year. I you are attending Gym and your body is performing heavy exercise the heart rat will increase as will your breathing, you will need to rest and allow the heart to slow down to a regular beat, the same applies to your Breathing. If there was anything wrong with your heart your exercise regime would be very limited. The reason your breathing is associated with the body needing a increase of Oxygen in the blood and the heart needs to increase blood to various parts of the body, for example the brain. The heart is just a regular pump and the lungs feed take in oxygen and transfers it to the blood supply.

    Personally I would not submit to further tests at this time, they would have picked up problems during the last test. Eventually with regards test they can become problematic. In fact  if you keep asking for more tests tests can become more invasive and this can cause health problems in their own right.

    Sorry if above is not what you expect, you need to look at your health in a more understanding way. As we get older, I am sixty eight the number of tests given increases and to be honest generally people will balk at tests.


  • Chloe96260

    Are you getting symptoms of palpitations when you are not anxious? Was it the palpitations that made you anxious in the first place? When you get pressure on your chest, is that before your anxious or is it what is causing your anxiety?

    • moon53540

      Yeah usualy the palpitations seem like they cause the anxiety in the first place. But I never have them without being anxious. I tend to feel the pressure on my chest after noticing the palpitations. I'm not really sure what causes my anxiety because it can triggered by things like exams etc. But sometimes it feels as though it comes from nowhere while relaxing for example.

    • Chloe96260

      Do you get little sharp pains in your chest like pin pricks or mini electric shocks? Do you get any strange sensations around your lungs or twinges into your armpit? Also do the palpitations ever wake you up?

    • moon53540

      Not really if I get chest pain it's usualy like a constant thing or a come and go type thing. I don't get the twinges in my armpit or lung sensations. It does feel as though I can't get enough air in my lungs but I'm not sure if that's in my head. I usualy get lightheaded as well. I have woken up and felt the palpitations before but I don't think they've ever caused me to wake up. In the past anxiety alone has woken me up and I get the palpitations afterwards.

  • Chloe96260

    I’m the same! I feel like I have extra beats or missed beats and like I can’t get enough air in my lungs. When I manage not to think about it I don’t notice my heart then as soon as I start thinking about it I get more anxious and notice ectopic beats etc 

  • Chloe96260

    Am feeling like this and haven't done in a while a thought u had beat it but tonight having palpitations a don't know if am anxious or stressed subconsciously and that's brought it on but like you felt completely fine soon as heart misses beat that's it I panic. Feel wide awake now and don't know if me being conscious of my heart that it's skipping now because am worried. It's horrible. Like you had ecg which was normal and bloods all normal.. I had suffered for 2 years with health anxiety previously but I had got it completely under control.. it sucks.. hope you feel better..

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