Heart palpitations......all day??

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Hello, ladies, me again.....has anyone experienced heart palpitations (not skipped or irregular beats, but an elevated heart rate) for the better part of a day? I've had about six ECGs in the last eighteen months and several rounds of bloodwork and everything looked fine (the cardiologist said I have nothing to worry about) but this racing heart feeling really terrifies me....especially since it lasted for hours today. It's not the first time it has happened (which I suppose should make me feel better), but it's worrisome. I know that palpitations can be a symptom of perimenoause, but what I read online today seemed to indicate that "normal" palpitations last for a few minutes.....of course, once it started today, I became very anxious which probably didn't help.....and I'm due to start my period in the next few days as well which could be a factor.

Any words of wisdom? Am I alone in this one? 

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    I had that sensation last year for a few months on and off. Thought it was possibly my Thyroid acting up, since all cardiac tests were normal. Thyroid was too. It was right before my monthly cycles stopped for several months (ugh-they restarted this past summer) and I really haven't noticed the palpitations lately. And it's easy to get anxious about it which really doesn't help it. I've been taking Vitamin B complex along with other supplements, so not sure if that has helped it as well. You're definetly not alone in this one! smile

    Annie xx

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    Also meant to mention, I took up Yoga on a regular basis, which seems to help me with an overall calmness. That's not to say I don't have periods where I feel odd, but I seem to be doing much better with the odd symptoms when they crop up.

    I know it probably sounds crazy, but try and do some slow, deep breathing for a bit. My instructor said when we focus on breathing in and out by counting, it first slows the breath down and second gets the mind to settle down. And possibly it will help you relax about the palpitations. See if it works for you. I'd say the majority of the time it has help me out.

    Honesty, there are times, I'm so frazzled that I don't bother take the time to try and settle myself down, which is when I need it the most! 

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    many ladies get heart palpitations during peri and menopause on occasion .

    sometimes these can be followed by a hot flush at times.

    Common causes of heart palpitations include:



    Pseudoephedrine, a stimulant in decongestants

    Dehydration, causing an electrolyte embalance

    Phentermine, ephedrine, and caffeine in diet pills

    Emotional stress, which releases adrenaline

    Hormonal changes

    Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), especially when first beginning treatment

    Monosodium glutamate in Chinese food, processed foods, canned vegetables, canned soups, and processed meats


    In most cases, palpitations associated with menopause are not an indication of heart problems. Palpitations often go away after several months, but even they can recur from time to time.

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    Are you sure they are heart palpitations?  I get fluttering in my chest but it's usually followed by about 15-20 minutes of burping so I take it as gastrointestinal rather than my heart.  Just a thought...

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    Thanks for your replies....so here's the funny (?) thing....it still felt as though my heart was racing this morning (after feeling that way for most of the night as well), so I've been (obsessively) checking my pulse....and guess what? It hasn't been over 72bpm all morning....hardly racing, right? I could have sworn it was well over 100bpm. Given that, my guess is that it's my old friend Anxiety having some sport with me. I suppose the good news is that I'm probably not in the throes of a heart attack....the bad news is that my clever mind is working overtime....again.

    Ugh...I just want to feel normal again sad

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    I think the former comment about yoga, was more pertinent than it might have appeared ... try it, it does calm you and you are breathing in deeply and out deeply, which naturally calms you.  

    However, it is something we have to learn in the frenetic world we live in, we have to learn how to be peaceful, breathe and relax, sometimes.  I certainly do!  I decided to do yoga twice a day back at Easter time, recently I lapsed; boy, do I see the difference!  I was ill, and go out of my routine.  Yoga totally chills me out, but you have to make the effort to do it in the first place, once you do though the benefits are amazing.

    Yoga helps one breathe deeply and relax, so good for you, it is also 'me' time, so, if you promise yourself to do it every day, even for 10 minutes, it is something you are doing for yourself....that in itself is a wonderful feeling.  

    You will feel the benefit in heart and mind, as well as body!  Go on, give a try!  xxx

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    I'm not sure if this will help bc this I'd such an old post.... but I was going thru the same thing... found out its my anxiety.... I had this going on for a week straight!!! I know I have anxiety but never thought it would make me feel that way... Dr put me on a medication for anxiety and it stopped.... hope maybe that helped... smile
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    Hello I am Havving same issue its happend last night and its happning from last 2 weeks till. i cant sleep could you please help me in this 
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    Im a guy, but i get these palptations and the time and just like u mentioned i keep checking my pulse all the time. In my case it is sometimes little more than 90. But again, i just dont feel normal, endless ecg's and all that going to the doctor again and again. Have u been able to solve this?


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