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Hi all

Having come across this forum after googling my symptoms yet again I thought I'd sign up . After reading all the posts i thought I'd share my own story. It started about 2 years ago I was going through a break up with my then partner so was stressed out then next thing I had heartburn for the first time in my life!! After many visits to docs and A & E they said it was heartburn an to take antacids or prescription tabs but everything's seemed to have got worse. I have constant heartburn no matter what I eat or drink I feel tired all the time, got aches and pain, painful right shoulder, mild constipation headaches I really just feel dreadful. I have been to my GPs again had a blood test for thyroid as it runs in my family a lot and full blood count both came back normal I have now been offered counseling for my anxiety. I. Just feel like I'm going crazy and no one believe s me when I'm saying I don't feel well I have a 5 yr old daughter and amazing partner but just can't seem to enjoy anything as I always feel ill. My docs have said change your diet stop smoking i am going to try these in the hope I feel better. Is it just me who feels like this with acid reflux or is it something else I'm just worried I'm seriously ill or worst dying only 26 and just want to enjoy my life

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    I had undiagnosed Graves disease for a long time before having a Thyroid Storm...I also had no indication of it in my blood tests. After the crisis I was given a radio isotope test which confirmed Graves and was treated with medication for 18 months before it finally remitted. I also have PMR which again is not indicated in blood tests. However it is so obvious and is helped so much by Prednisolone that there is very little doubt. 1 in 5 people do not show indications of that in their blood. As PMR and Graves are both auto immune conditions one wonders if there is a possible relationship. I have had acid reflux for about15 years... Had all the tests and was put on Omneprazol for ten years... stopped at last Christmas and have had varying degrees of pain and suffering since but the side effects of the omneprazole were so awful that I would not go back if my throat exploded. Again I have tried every remedy on the internet... and some not!   however the results if helpful only last a few days... I have radically changed my diet, no longer eat red meat. and sort of alternate between the various remedies to fool my system. I find a teaspoonful of Cocont Oil is sufficient to get really acid burning under control for a short time. Andrews Liver Salts before bed and completely cut out normal milk but drink at least a pint a day of Lactofree milk or Soya milk. I also make sure that any medication I take goes into little empty gelatine capsules if they are not already generically coated. That has helped a great deal. I have just made someones wedding cake and am sampling a small version... that is going to give me hell in about half an hour but it was lovely so worthit... I have the coconut and Andrews ready though smile

    I do findthat I often choke, even just sipping a cup of tea... very disconcerting it happens almost daily.

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    Hi Kimberley,

    There are lots of us out there suffering too!  I have been unwell for almost 2 years now with symptoms similar to yours.  I have chest pain/heartburn everyday had umpteen tests which are still ongoing.  All this is enough to make anyone anxious and stressed!

    Keep on mithering your GP, ask to see a specialist something is causing all this it's not all anxiety.

    Best wishes,


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    I have been having the same problems

    for a month. I have acid chest pain a recent

    breakup sadness some sob kind of depressed tired. My GI DR says he thinks

    it is IRRITABLE BOWEL. Yes it can cause

    terrible acid reflux and constipation.

    The PPI's(Omeprazole nexium etc)

    H2 Blockers Zantac Pepcid have side effects fatgue etc. Good Luck

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    You have to remember the intestines

    are very long. The duodenum is right

    next to the stomach. It is where all the chemical digestion takes place. The duodenum is the small intestine. Everybody

    knows what it feels like to have lower

    gas pains it can be very painful.

    The common bike duct of the gallbladder

    empties very close in the duodenum.

    So ur dealing with bile and acid.

    If u have any motility issues exacerbated by stress you smoke have anxiety a crappy diet drink alchohol spicey foods ur just

    waiting for the atomic bomb called acid

    reflux. The intestines is up and down

    in the body so alas irritable bowel

    causes an ungodly amount of problems.

    Gas can mimic a heart attack it sucks

    but ur not dying. One of the GI drs I worked with use to tell his patients your body is rebelling against the way you are treating

    it. I hope u feel better

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    One more thing Kimberley,

    You might want to ask your dr to refer

    to a Gastroenterologist(GI) dr. If your

    problems have been going on for awhile

    it is time to have an EGD(upper endoscopy)

    It is a very easy test you are sedated you

    do not remember anything. EGD stands for Esophagogastroduodenoscopy it means to look into the esophagus stomach and duodenum with a lighted video scopeY you are on your left side the dr My Water is brown all over the house there are 3 fire trucks waterworks says it can turn brown if they are using water or fooling with a hydrant I was taking a bath gross now I have to take another one when the water clears upput a bite block in your mouth they spray your throat with a numbing spray so u dont gag. The dr put 2 fingers in your mouth guides the scope to the back of your throat he says swallow. It is like swallowing food. The dr has to blow in air to open up the esophagus and stomach. After he passes the scope down down your esophagus into your stomach there is this little joke called the pylorous. The dr takes the end of the scope and pops the end right they that little hole

    right into the duodenum. That is how close the duodenum where all the chemical action takes place to your esophagus. The EGD Scoped are not that long so that is how close all that acid and bile is to the

    back of your throat. There is an opening called the GE Junction it protects your esophagus from your stomach acid. If there is a problem at this junction like a malformation it is called a hiatal hernia so the GE junction is not working and the acid from the stomach is getting thru. Acid is everywhere. Once food is in your mouth acid immediately forms and starts breaking the food down, There is different types of acid in the mouth, esophagus stomach small intestines and there are enzymes in the acid that break the good down and if this process gets screwed up u get pain burning etc. The EGD is a 5 minute test

    it very easy not painful and u can breath. You are very young if u stop smoking I bet

    that is all u would have to plus it would save your life. You feel like crap at 26. You have a young stomach esophagus if I stop smoking u should be fine. I was a endoscopy nurse for over 20 years. You will be fine if I quit smoking if ur a heavy drinker I would stop till the heartburn goes away. Watch the hot and spicey food and anti-inflammatories like Advil and aleve. Have a good day Bye

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    Thanks kimberley.he is in food control now.And he is not at all smoking in his life.We donno why its happens to him,he is very lean already donno how his health going to improve with this diet control.
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