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40 year old female requires advice :-)

Back in march 2013 I was diagnosed with a a 13.5 cm intramural fibriod arising from fungus of the uterus and a further 3.5 cm subserosal fibriod arising from the interior wall... Apologies for the terminolgy but I thought it best I quote exactly.

I was not then or now suffering from any sort of normal related symptoms... I have been advised that these are treatable by uterine artery embolization... But both consultant and surgeon seem reluctant to advise surgery, I believe because I'm not 'suffering', so the uncomfort out ways potentials op / recovery problems

Only symptoms I appear to have are bloating, a hard tummy and a dull ache almost like continual period pain. I am overweight and could do with losing a few stone! Apart from that all blood work is ok, so I know it's nothing sinister

I've been reading posts on this forum and wondered if anyone had advise

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    Hi Georgie

    Saw you post from Sept.

    How's it all going for you?

    It weird how different we all are huh?

    Some ladies have small fibroids and get terrible symptoms whilst others have whoppers and get less symptoms.

    Myself, I get heavy bleeding for 2/3 days out of 5 with terrible pain that makes me feel so rough. I am also anaemic so am taking iron pills now. My fibroid is a fairly big 20 week size.

    Did you have any other scans other than an ultrasound?

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    hi there

    i have no period problems either...regular periods every 28days with normal blood loss (i did have very heavy periods i my 20's ad 30's), am 41 now and was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 33. Went to my GP yesterday as i could palpate a large, hard, mass from my groin up to my belly button when went from one side to the other. I also noticed i have period-like aching in my lower abdomen and my back but my main concern was that i can feel pressure on my bladder all the time (despite passing urine normally and pain-free), i am going for a normal pee and then within 10 minutes i need another big isnt like cystitis frequency where you pass tiny amounts, i am passing normal amounts.

    I have no in-between-period bleeding and no post sex bleeding (but sex can be uncomfortable at times...more-so with pressure on my bladder again)

    My bowels are moving normally, i exercise for 3-4hrs daily, i am a vegetarian, a non-smoker/drinker and i am well within a normal BMI. I am not taking any meds.

    I am a health-care professional who palpates lots of abdomens and i just was concerned at the hardness of my own ( slight swelling but not as bad as many sufferers), and the bladder issues.

    Just got to wait for an ultrasound appointment and bloods to be taken to rule out something more sinister, but GP is also thinking same as myself...fibroids or perhaps an ovarian cyst. (pregnancy test was negative and urine all fine)

    i have no kids and have no plans for any but am quite reluctant to get a hysterectomy if at all possible ...mainly due to the length of time i would need to be off work.

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    so my bloods came back all normal....had ultrasound scan of abdomen and pelvic area...have appointment to see my own GP on monday to discuss findings and options.

    It was a different GP who carried out my scan and she didnt give much away...she did comment that i had a large fibroid on my left ovary and a significant amount of cysts on my ovaries in general.

    She was trying to dissuade me from surgical options due to the pain caused and perhaps try medication (side effects of the meds such as vision problems/tiredness/refrain from driving are not options for me as i drive at work on a daily basis!)

    since having my scan i have had daily abdominal/back pain like i have never had before (purely just period-type aching in the past)...the pain was sharp in nature and travelled round to my left flank area.i dont know if it is purely related to me perhaps ovulating or that the fibroids are growing but the last 3 days i have had to take ibuprofen for the pain and i never normally need anything.

    obviously i will be asking for a referral to discuss everything with a gynaecologist and i am tempted to go private for this in order to be seen quicker...quite drastic considering i work for the NHS lol

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    forgot to say....i have been reading about people who have shrunk their size of fibroids due to healthy eating and exercising symptoms are worse since becoming a vegetarian (3yrs veggie now!)(i dont eat soya products regularly...maybe small amount once a week eg quorn mince)...i dont consume dairy products (almond milk/coconut milk...hate soya milk)..gluten free products, no caffeine consumed...exercise for 3-4hrs daily and ideal i am slightly disheartened at this lol
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    Hi Amanda

    A year on and I decided not to have any surgeries or meds after speaking to the radiologist... My case is a bit odd... I have no symptoms at all... Healthy and regular bleeds and very little pain other than when I'm due on and first day or two of bleeding... Sometimes a bit uncomfortable if I've eaten to much or during sex... Much like lulu... Obviously can't leave them forever... But at my age 41... Still feel young to have the hysterectomy and didn't like the sound of artery embo, as it doesn't always work...

    Hi lulu

    How can they shrink with diet?

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    hi georgie

    am not sure how diet can shrink the size of the fibroids but from what i have read it seems to be that an unhealthy diet seemingly "feeds" the fibroids!

    mine have become worse since going "super-healthy!" lol sad

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    Hi there I had UAE about 5 years ago but I feel as if my symptoms of fibroids are returning.  The procedure itself was not painful but it was very painful for couple of days afterwards.  I am going back for a scan next week to see what is causing pain
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    Hi I'm 42 and I'm 14 days post op for fibroid embolisation my fibroids were 14 cm and 2 x 10 cm I feel the embolisation as worked I've lost 8 pound in 14 days and I'm back to work and back running xx
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