Help, cant get a diagonsis.

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I am 25 year old male with no habit of smoking or drinking and also had no history of any health complications before all this started.I also used to be a gym freak and would hardly miss

a workout. From more than 3 months i have been suffering from strange problems for often which i have been misdiagnosed. It all started in the month of feb when i was doing a job which 

required me to stay at a hilly area covered with snow for almost 15 days. when i came back home i was feeling fine untill a day or so and i went back to gym as usual(i go in the evening).

After working out i felt kind of dizzy and heavy headed but i thought its normal since i was lifitng after a long time. The next day i woke up and went to my office where during the day i 

felt a strange spaced out feeling and my whole head was heavy including my eyes which felt slow and my vision felt startled. It was like my head was too tired but my body was fine.

I also felt sleepy in the eyes.I told myself it is all stress related and ignored it. After few days these symptoms started to get worst and i felt that whenever i was sitting or 

resting, or even standing,this feeling of heavy headedness and spaced feeling would be more prominant. Also, strange things started happening to my eyes.i dont know how to explain it but 

it felt like i would stare off into space as if my vision got stuck on something(1000 yard stare like feeling) for a few seconds and my vision split up into two involunteerly.The best way 

to explain it is keep your finger at almost 30 cms from your eye length and look/focus at it, then look at the background while keeping your finger at the same will see the 

background is focused and the finger is now split up into two images.This used to happen without my control mostly while looking at objects close to me like laptop, food etc.With all this

i started to feel strange pressure like feeling in my head.It felt like there was air trapped in my head and felt like the insides of my head are expanding.The pressure was usually felt

at temples, behind eyes,at nose bridge,behind forehead and above palette.I thought maybe it is eye related as i have been experencing poor vison in one eye. I went to the optician who

dialated my eyes and did an eye test which show i had mild myopia in both eyes but it was nothing to be concerned about. I asked the optican about my spaced out feeling and face/head 

pressure who told me it is all due to eye strain and myopia and gave me glasses and eye drops for it.He also said it could be migrane related and gave me some medications. 

After a month or so the symptoms didnt show any relief and i couldnt pop my right ear, it felt blocked.I couldnt continue at my job because i didnt feel normal. I went to an ENT who told 

me i had Sinus blockage.He gave me Saline spray and some pills. After 15 days, the pressure felt a little less but everything was still there, the spaced out feeling, the vision splitting,

and sleepiness. The doc then told me to get a CT Scan of my sinuses and head which i didnt go for as i was scared if they found out something in my head. I decided to wait another month

and watch if i get better on my own. But i didnt, in fact more strange problems started to arise. I would wake up after a good night sleep but felt sleepy and fatigued all day. couldnt

walk much or found it difficult to day to day tasks like run errands. I also forgot to mention that i yawned a lot all day.I could yawn almost 100 times a day easily. i Also felt depressed

because i was overthinking about all this and had some panic attacks especially in the morning while waking up.Nausea was quite common all along. I felt disconnected and stressed all the

time. i sometimes felt weak even to talk.My bp and heart rate seemed elevated from time to time. I decided to start fresh and went to a physican with whome i discussed my problems.

 He checked me thoroughly and couldnt find anything wrong. he gave me some multi vitamins and anti depressents. He also told me to get a thyroid test which came back normal.

After taking those antidepressents, i felt drowsy and couldnt sleep well.My head felt tight and as if it weighed a tonn, Also the back of head and my cervical spine felt stiff. 

It felt like all those symptoms i was having felt much strong and i couldnt take it anymore. I went to a hospital and got a CT scan of my head and my sinuses.Also got an xray of my neck.

 The CT Scan reports showed clear sinuses but a deviated septum with hypertrophy of tirbunates alond with boney spur.while the x ray didnt show up anything.The ENT at hospital told me 

this is the reason behind my symptoms and it is not that serious.He also told me that maybe there is a little degenration in spine. He put me on some antibiotics and some pain killers for

 10 days. I felt relief in my face and head pressure but the foggy feeling is sometimes there. Now my main problem is that when i get up in the morning, my neck, spine and back of my head

 feel stiff and heavy, however, there is no pain. I also feel weakness in my limbs, sort of a rubbery and feeling mainly below my knees and arms too and feel sleepy.I dont think it

is sleep apnea as i dont snore,choke or gasp during sleep at all.

 I am afraid it a neurological problem like cervical Spondylosis/Myelopathy, narcolepsy or something far worse like multiple sclerosis as this is what the internet searches have revealed.

My question is that if it was all due to hypertrophy or septum deviation, why didnt it ever happen before and why are my limbs and spine affected?

It is ending may and i still dont feel normal. Please help me as i am really in dark here. 

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    Its hard to say why it didnt happen before. Its like when you get blockages in the arteries you only actually have an issues when it gets past 85% blocked as thats when blood supplies get comprormised.

    If its neuro then a full head scan would pick up any issues / inflammation or odd activity.

    Are the issues you get all the time or random? Do they ever go away ?


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      They only go away when i try not to think about them, The head pressure surely goes away and comes at random times but the foggy and heavy/drowsy feeling is there all the time
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    Go to your doctor, tell him/her exactly what your fears are. They will carry out tests to see if you have a degenerative neurological condition and they can also refer you to a rheumatologist.

    living in fear of the unknown will only exacerbate your symptoms. It could be that your symptoms aren't the result of one condition. Your myopia and deviated septum could both have been causing symptoms and you may have been suffering from an inflammatory virus.

    Personally I would see my doctor again and tell him/her exactly what my fears were and ask for the appropriate diagnostic tests and referrals.

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    I dont think yiu cant get a diagnoses, i think your very scared to seek out the diagnoses.  I have dviated septums as does a ton of people not sure on the relationship with that. Yes younshould further pursure what is going on. I would add a nuero opthamologist to the specialist you see. There are not many and you will need to be patient in finding one, but go. Feel better. There are many specialistd who can help you figure this out.
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