Help! Dr Says it's Not Peri

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Hi Ladies

So today I went to see a new gyno (female) and told her my symptoms below. She said since my fsh is only 7 that I wasn't in peri yet. This is my 4th gyno.

The first one put me on birth control and after 6 months or so my pms symptoms came back tenfold. For various reasons she wasn't the right fit.

The second and third gyno were not very supportive. They rushed in and basically wanted to give me the BC pill before rushing back out. They also said I wasn't perimenopausal because I was still having periods monthly plus because my symptoms were with me all month and not just around my period time.

When I kept telling the second gyno my symptoms, out of frustration and lack of time (only spent 10 min. At appointment) he wrote out prescription for HRT. Then he rushed out the door. When I got home and looked at the prescription it was for the highest dose. When I emailed him, he didn't even remember. And when I asked how I should take them, he said it was up to me since it was experimental. I don't want to start HRT without a good supportive caring doctor so hence the fourth gyno.

The fourth one seems supportive and she wants to check my fsh and hormone levels this next period on day 3. None of the other ones did any testing except fsh. So she seems more thorough. But she is saying BC pill rather than HRT.

After being on this board and having so many identical peri symptoms I'm sure that I'm peri. I'm 47. I feel so confused. Do I keep looking for a new gyno? Do I just experiment and try HRT on my own?

Any suggestions, thoughts would be appreciated.

Some of the symptoms I have:

Feeling generally horrible




Off balance feeling


Doom and gloom feeling

Brain fog

Waking up middle of night warm all over

Forgetful, can't concentrate/focus

Wobbly legs


Heart palpitations



Overwhelmed with the littlest of things

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    I was you, I would give the HRT a go. You could feel better instantly!
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    If I were you I would give it a try. If it starts to work all the better. If nothing improves gradually come off it. My mood,depression and anxiety eased by week 2 to 3 on HRT patches x
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    Definetley sounds like peri symptoms to me CCinCal. I know how you feel....totally frustrated and miserable

    I've tried a few HRTs but stopped them due to the side effects, now I've been on tibolone for 56 days and don't really feel much better, still have the off balance, anxiety, migraine, nausea etc

    Stressful life events make all of these symptoms 100% worse, my mum passed in January this year and I feel the grief and sense of loss is preventing me from getting better

    I can't stand hearing my sons going out the door to uni or my husband leaving for work, it causes me to take panic attacks and sometimes sit and cry I feel I don't want to be left on my own

    Try and start with a low dose HRT it is trial and error but if it dosnt suit you can try something else

    I really do empathise with you I know exactly what your going through

    Take care and chin up, look forward to better days



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    You didn't mention cold sweats? My problem is that my body is changing and my hrt was nolonger working and the side effects were terrible. However I confused my symptoms with thyroid the hypo type. It gave me all those symptoms u r talking about. It's terrible to have both! But go get your thyroid levels checked it's just a simple blood test. You just never know. Good luck to u. Be sure and update your results with us would upgrade?
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      I did get my thyroid checked. I went to a naturopath who wanted to do complete thyroid test done. None of the conventional Drs would test me except for TSH. All within range.

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      I was getting very hot while sleeping and had to remove covers. That was last month and only lasted a few weeks. It was during the time I went continuous on the BC pill. I'm off of it now for about 3 weeks and I haven't gotten them since.
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    Does sound like a good idea to start low & see how you feel.

    You will probably end up experimenting at some stage out of pure frustration and in fairness to the medics know one knows our body better than us and what suits one definitely does not suit all.

    In my experience, transdermal patches are less likely to cause such severe side effects. The only thing to remember is that in terms of progesterone it can stay around in the fat cells etc of your body for a long time, therefore continuous high dose could cause a build up.

    Unfortunately the symptoms of too much of either hormone can be very similar to those when you don't have enough! Either way if a prolonged period of worsening symptoms persist it's probably time to change.

    I usually have to change approx every 9 months & have had to have progesterone 'breaks' due to my intolerance to it.

    The last I had was Tibolone & I don't think it really did a thing!

    Just dont them fob you off. They will all recommend this site but it is usually obvious they have never looked at it themselves or they might have a bit more empathy! If you find a good Gyno, make a note of their name and demand to see them. They're like gold dust!

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    Stop going to gynecologist to test for Peri. These doctors are so focused on the results of tests and not listening to the patient regarding the symptoms. They don't really have a clue. I don't think there is a true blue test that tells them your in Peri. Everyone's symptoms are different too, but sounds like you have all of them.

    Best to stay on this forum, cause the gynos. will only confuse or make you upset. We all know our own bodies and what is happening to us. It's a shame they all make so much money and don't know squat.

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    Blood test while you are in peri are not reliable as hormones fluctuate hour to hour and just because your levels were normal does not mean you are in peri. If you want bloods done have your thyroid, iron and things of that nature checked out. Then you can see what your body needs in that sense since peri can deplete us of vitamins and minerals our body needs and the symptoms of defiency can mimick peri symtpoms. I would suggest getting a thorough check up to rule out any underlying health issues and if all is well, chalk up the symptoms to hormones. Try the HRT and see if it works for you. Its trial and error to see what will work. If it doesnt come off and try something else.
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    I am so sorry you have to go thru this..and the doctors are uneducated when it comes to this. They are taught to give a prescripton for your ailments. I personally would try natural supplements and start by changing diet and exercise. I started taking maca everyday and it changed my whole health. I still have things but they are not as bad. I also..changed my stess at work, eat fruit every morning with protein...and hardly no caffiene. I hope this helps you.
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      I'm going to try this maca stuff. I too have found that ladies in our unfortunate position cannot afford to stray far from a very healthy diet.

      Vitamin B6 is great too. I also take a spoonful of Manuka Honey each day, drink green tea & pure pomegranate juice, the latter of which is supposed to help regulate hormones.

      Trouble is I'm too ill to work full time now (also have APS & CFS) and cannot afford to buy the entire contents of the health food shop. But plenty of veg & protein doesn't need to cost the earth.

      Sacrificing some wheat products could also help to boost energy levels.

      I'm glad someone mentioned about potentially over high iron levels as I recently started iron tablets without being tested so will knock that on the head until I'm sure.

      I agree with the caffeine thing too, it really doesn't help and I find it makes me more tired & irritable & can prevent a good night's sleep of course.

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    Thanks ladies for all your suggestions!

    I think I'll give it a go once I get the tests all done.

    It's scary though starting HRT without a good dr supervising. I'm very sensitive to meds so wanted to be hand held starting this. But guess that's asking too much

    Last week I tried the progesterone cream from Emerita from a health store for 3 days and had the worst headache all three days. And that was only 20 mg. So trying 100mg (Prometrium/utrogestan) really scares me.

    Thanks again for your responses.

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