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i wanted to write about anxiety and the symtoms that may be experienced during an attack and how to deal with living with anxiety 

i have suffered with anxiety alot of my life and i wanted to write something to help others with anxiety and have a better understanding of why we get this physical symptoms of anxiety the problem with anxiety can come in many forms simply by being nervous before you go on stage the reason we get this feeling is because of the adrenalin that is realsed into are bodys to help us perfom better such as in an emergancy situation when someone needs help or just from being on stage this is completely natural how ever when you have an anxiety disorder the feeling of anxiety can be so intense that it can cause many physical and mental symptoms when i say mental it doesnt mean your mad it just a word for something with the brain 

mental symtoms of anxiety include to my experience there may be others out there but i just wanted to state the ones that i have felt and hope that i can give others a better out look on anxiety and to try and make them feel a bit better with living with anxiety 

being constantly worried of having a serious illness

always worried about your general health 

every ache pain your feel your think the worst

you think that doctors are missing something or are not lisening to you

you feel hopeless 

feel that theres no light at the end of the tunnel 

these are all mental symptoms that i had 

these are the physical 1s that i had 

blurred vision (due to hyperventalation)

hot and cold sweats 

dizziness (due to hyperventalation)

tingling in the hands,feet,face 

numbness in the hands,feet,face

chest tightness 


feeling as though you want to get out of a situation as quick as possible this is because of the adrenalin in your body which causes the fight or flight response

heart pounding which is also due to the adrenalin goin round your body

muffled sound in ears 

pressure headaches 


stomach upset dhiarrea need to pee often

nausea which may lead to vomiting 

shakyness of the whole body 

these are some of the symptoms i experienced and can be very frightening but it completely harmless to your body i want to explain about hyperventalation that causes the dizziness and breathlessness it because during a panic attack this happens without us even realised and before you no it your goin dizzy and find it hard to breath this is because we take to many quick and shallow breaths which causes us to inhale to much oxygen although we need oxygen to breath we also need carbon dioxide and without the carbon dioxide this causes us to feel dizzy and breathless and when people start to feel breathless because they were hyperventalating the make the common mistake of taking deeper breaths which adds to the problem when this happen some people find it usefull breathin in and out of a bag or just simply by using your hands this will then get the oxygen and carbon dioxide levels back to normal take small breaths try not to take big breaths 

there is also some helpfull excercises which some people might find helpful depending on the serverity of there anxiety like simply clenching your hands together and then realsing them this is to tell your body the different between tension and relaxing because during an attack are bodys go into a state of tension so simply doin these excercises may help calm you down there is also the breathing technique like breathing in 1 2 3 and out 1 2 3 this also helps to calm you down 

but some people do not get on with this and there are a number of different therapys you can have to help with this and also there is a number of different mediactions that may panic attacks vanish completely many people are worried of medication but they should not because these medication have had years and years of research before they were even allowed to use them as a perscription drug and your doctor will always do whats right by you and you will have regular check ups while on medication to see how you are getting on just remember people that anxiety is a very physical condition and it is possible to get over this i hope this imformation may help people and give them and outlook of the symptoms of anxiety and that you dont have to live with it forever 



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    Thanks its really reassuring to read this and know its not just me that gets these signs and symptoms
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      im glad its reassuring this is what i wanted to do i just want to help people because some people dont even realise they have anxiety and worry its something much more serious and i no people have been told by there doctors they have anxiety but think thats its not people should belive there doctors when they say they have anxiety 
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      I totally agree. I had health anxiety nearly 5 years ago and after CBT had it under control. Something has triggered it off recently and I'm now waiting for CBT again. Its reassuring to read your article as I was worrying my current symptoms (which are different from last time) were something more than anxiety smile
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      I have always had anxiety and panic disorders to the point of taking myself to A and E because I was convinced my heart had stopped, Last November I had a TIA, mini stroke, Now every twitch, numbness, palpitation, tingley hand and feet, Automatically thinks I'm going to have another one, So then I have the task of telling myself it's the nasty Anxietys coming out, They occur when you aren't even thinking of them and relaxed watching tele, then all of a sudden with no warning that overwhelming feeling takes over, I was on propanorol but made me dizzy, The Doc gave me Antrypiline to help me sleep, didn't sleep hardly atall, now feel like a zombie, Can't win
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      Hi Karen I have been on propranolol before and I didn't get on with it either as all it does is slows yoit heart rate down it does nothing for the chemical imbalance in the brain that cause depression and anxiety ssris are good depresents and also great for anxiety I've been on citalopram for nearly 5 weeks and my panic attacks have gone
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      Hi Lynne,

      I have suffered health anxiety and am given tablets but have heard that CBT is works. Could you explain what happens in sessions or the overrall idea of how it is meant to work? Any help would be very grateful smile xxx

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      The brain what causes aniexty and depression citalopram worked great for me have you found my article I have wrote any help at all
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      Ellie CBT basically retrains the way you think. I was sceptical at first but it really worked for me last time and I managed to use what I learnt until now, so 4/5 years. Unfortunately something has triggered my health anxiety again so I'm going for it again. I dont like taking medication so opted for CBT and was so pleased I did.

      It doesnt work over night and doesnt work for everyone but I'd defibately say if you can get your gp to refer you then please go for it. My therapist through CBT retrained my thinking and helped alleviate a lot of my problems and stresses which were actually causing my anxiety to increase and carry on. She taught me how to say no to people and if I had an issue I couldnt do anything about then to forget about it.if I could do something with it then deal with it instead of putting it to one side. She said to think of your brain as a filing cabinet. If you file lots in there that isn't dealt with eventually your brain will say 'I can't cope anymore' and in my case its manifested itself in anxiety. Good luck hun xxx

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