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Hey everyone so this just stated about  month ago. I’ll try to explain my symptoms in detail. 

I’m constantly having to force burp myself because I have this feeling of constant Gas trapped in my chest. Food is always coming back up and I think I’ve developed a cough now. I sometimes have a bitter taste in my mouth and feel like a lump is in my throat. I sometimes feel a shortness of breath when i start to eat and I’m constantly mentally observing my symptoms. 

I already have horrible anxiety and panic attacks recently they have gotten worse due to the constant chest pains I feel. 

I keep thinking I’m having a heart attack but I’m my mind I know I’m not. I just had a baby 6 months ago so I know if anything was bad with my heart I would have been notified before . 

I was diagnosed with gastritis by my doctor but I am weary as I only gave him my symptoms and he just assumed or idk that that was what it was. 

He did no test or blood work.  But did prescribe me omeprazol and anti acids. 

Te pain is constant and daily no changes with the medication. 

What should I do please I need help my diet is suffering because I’m afraid of eating anything and getting my chest pains triggered.  

Any advice or backstories would give me a lot of comfort 

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    It's funny how these doctors just like to assume stuff based on what symtoms we tell. When I first got GERD, it started with some sinus congestion. I went to an ENT who just assumed I had a Sinus infection. After getting no relief from medicine, I did an endoscopy done and found it to be GERD. If you haven't done an excellent endoscopy done, I suggest you do it and you'll get to know your exact condition and cause.

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      Hey Ashley I’ll defiantly look into another doctor and an endoscopy  as I am at my ends here. 

      I have now developed Sever throat soarness and only eat fish and chicken lightly seasoned I have dropped significant weight over the past month and am overal concerned with my heath in general now I hate that I’m not being taken seriously 

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    Hi Karina,

    Firstly, we  (probably most of us who read this forum) have been through exactly,  if not very similar symptoms to you and we know what you’re going through. You’re not alone. 

    It’s so scary and frightening and affects all your daily activities because until it’s healed inside the pain can be constant and therefore always on your mind.

    My problem started in January but having been on Omeprazole 20mgs twice a day for 6 weeks the chest pain, heartburn, pain between my shoulder blades, down my left arm and pulsating down my sternum have gradually subsided. I had blood tests and an ECG which all came back as normal.........the only finding was a H Pylori infection found on endoscopy.  

    I’m sure that if my endoscopy had been done whilst I was suffering the most it would have shown some serious soreness  because I was disappointed considering I had been in such agony that I didn’t have any hard evidence to prove what I’d been through. 

    I must stress that I put myself on an  extremely strict diet, no coffee, chocolate, Curry, Diet Coke etc, 

    In fact I went on a complete turnaround and stuck to chicken, fish, vegetables and salads with a little low fat dressing for some flavour! Lots of fruit but not oranges. I’m drinking only decaf green tea with a splodge of honey and lots of water. No milk or dairy whatsoever.  Hot water is especially good for bringing up the burps!! 

    I think the combination of Omeprazole and diet will help you enormously so good luck and I sincerely hope you get better as soon as possible. 

    Take care


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      You have no idea how much I needed to read your reply to Katrina!

      I have been suffering since January 15th with the exact same symptoms. 

      I am a hypochondriac and in the last year have been having panic/anxiety attacks. I started Buspar a week before Xmas and by Jan 15th was suffering from severe reflux (I can only assume bc ER said I was not having a heart attack). Had left chest pain with shoulder and left arm pain - Was told to take Prilosec. 

      I took it for 2 weeks, pain subsided, Valentine’s Day I ate a bunch of chocolate and the reflux came back with a vengeance! Dr started me on Pepcid, but after a week of severe pain switched me back to Prilosec. Finally got some relief last week, stopped taking it last Thursday (I hate taking it). I am scheduled Tuesday for an endoscopy, I think (they told me to bring a driver). 

      You mentioned you had H Pylori - were you treated for this ?

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      Hello Jane I know this might sound so rude but I am so happy that I am not alone in this. 

      No one understands my pain not my doctor not my husband not any family member they all think I am somehow making this up and being dramatic. 

      I have constant anxiety and panic attacks so your reply was extremely reassuring. Thank you so much for letting me know I am not alone and giving me your experience I will be going to the doctor tomorrow for an endoscopy and maybe stronger meds so I’ll let you know how things go 

      Thanks for the reply 

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      Hi Mackenzie,

      You asked if I had been treated for my H pylori infection. 

      Because I am convinced that my problems were caused by too many antibiotics and Ibuprofen (due to a tooth extraction not healing and then an abscess) my Doctor agreed with me that I shouldnt take any more antibiotics whatsoever. Also, I’d had to stop taking Omeprazole prior to my endoscopy, so it seemed silly to restart it when I was OK without it.

      So far, I’ve been fine but I’m not sure I’m happy about having an H pylori infection brewing inside me. 

      I’m just hoping all will be OK but the more I read about the H pylori bacteria the more anxious I’m becoming!! 

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    They are saying my constant chest pain is due to achalasia. Surgery coming my way. Better that than the constant pain and the regurgitation when I eat anything. Now it's even liquids. Liquids burn as they go down. 

    You might want to see about being tested for achalasia.

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      Thank you I will bring it up to my doctor tomorrow as I am in sever pain all the time 
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    You'll need to do tests to help establish if this is achalasia or classic reflux. Barium swallow is a good first step, as is an tests would possibly be manometry and ph study.

    For what it's worth, I also had the trapped gas feeling before. Sometimes, it is actual gas that you need to release and sometimes it is refluxed material - when you burp, your body is trying to clear your esophagus of that refluxed material.

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      Karina I have had 2 barium swallow and 3 EGD. Manometrer (spelling) is scheduled next week.
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      I will be going to the doctor tomorrow to determine the severity of my condition and get answers and solutions 
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    Bless your heart! 

    I too suffer panic / anxiety attacks-that just recently started in the last year.

    This reflux mess started on January 15th. The pain is unbelievable - I didn’t know it could be so painful.  I have stressed myself to no ends over it. 

    I am scheduled Tuesday for a scope!

    Keep us posted on how your appointment goes.

    I will be thinking about you all day! 


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