Help please :( having fear of colon cancer..........

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<First episode>

When I was 21 years old(male) my dad had a stroke. Doctors performed a CT scan and it showed non-cancerous growth (two) in his head. They said it was not the cause for the stroke and said it is just a stroke. Now he is healthy. When I saw the CT, I thought it was a brain tumor. Then I begged from god to give my father's tumor to me and heal him(lol). I was at hospital with my father more than two month and it was very stressful. After few weeks later, I started to feel right side head presure(tight band). It didn;t go away with painkillers.My hair started to fall and had bad dreams every day about cancers. My symptoms started grow past. i have noticed vision change in my right eye.I was so panic and constantly thought it was a brain tumor. I cried all the time thinking about my death. My brother is a doctor an he said it was anxiety nothing else. I didn't beleave him. After 2 month later I felt lots of dizzyness. I checked my sysmtoms every moment and freaked out. My symptoms didn't go away. I started to ignore every social events. I didn't beleave what doctors said. Finaly my dizzyness became worse. When I was stand up, I felt like travelling in a train. Finally I had appoinment with psychiatrists. She gave me medicine. Every symptoms went away after two month of medications. I felt like a new man.(During that period, I had appoinment with even neurosurgeon )

<second episode>

Now I am 24 years old.Fast few month it was very stressfull. I failed lots of examinations.I had lots of works to do. I am constantly worring about my future. Five month ago I had one UTI. My brother said we should perform an ultrasound test for futher investigation. Unfortunatly we didn't do it. I ate lot of spicy foods and junck foods. Sometime I started to think i will end with colon cancer because of my eating habbit. No history of any cancer in my familly. Then my right testical stated painful. I freaked out. I thought it was a testicular cancer. I searched internet every day 24h about testicular cancer. Also I had a lump (like droping water buble connected to testical and it is soft) on my testical(I have noticed it more than 12+ years ago). I freaked out. I started to cry some time. I told my brother. He said it wasn't a cancer. after two day pain went away. I have read lot of colon cancer stories and other cancer stories.After that I started to see undigested food particals(carrot, beans, green leaves etc...) in my stool. BM become thin , loose(not watery), some time hard faul smell. I  started to think it was a colon cancer. I don't need to go toilet frequently. After few days later I felt like my appetite is going away. I sarted to panic, breathing heavily.  Daily i read colon cancer forums , article about symptoms, stories and cancer operation videos.Then my worst symptom came. My right lower abdomen started to feel discomfort(some time burning sensation some time tightness ) sensation. I cried a lots. I felt like I am going to die and my cancer isspreading all over my body. In our town, there are families that lost one of their children due to some phenomena. I started to think I am the one in our familly which is going to be die. The pain was never getting worse.The pain some time appeared upper abdomen too under the. When this happen I started to think liver cancer ,pancretic cancer, gallblader cancers etc..I also have flatulence since this happent(gas problems). Some time i started burning sensation in upper stomac. I thought it was a stomac cancer. Finally I went to general specialist doctor, she gave me probiotic and pankillers(painkiller didn't affect at all). She ordered me FBC, CRP and an ultrasound. FBC and CRP came normal but ultrasound said that my right kidney was small(7.6cm) compare to left(10.3cm) and leanear structure served at UV-junction. I freaked out. I had worst panic fealing I ever had.My brother said it can be a stone and kidney is cngenitaly small. Then I went to meet urologist and he ordered lots of test x-ray(KUB),FBC,CRP,ESR,UFR. every thing came normal. My brother made an appoinment with more experienced radiologist who work in famous CANCER hospital. She saw my x-ray and ultrasound. She arranged me another ultrasound. It showed my right kidney(8.6cm) and left(11cm). Also she said there is a small diverticulum (1.2cm x 1.3cm with 6mm neck) no mass in any area. She also said this diverticulum happens due to congenital case. My brother started to laugh at me. At that moment my symptoms went away for a one day. But thay came again with time. Then I visited general doctor and he said I dont have colon cancer or any cancer. He said at this age it is very uncommon. But I read lots of stories of people who has colon cancer at young age. I also think they missed my colon cancer due to bldder broblem. When first radiologist said that I have leanear structure surved at UV-junction. I started to frequent urinate and felt burning sensation in my peanus. I thought I hade CKD or other kidney dissies. I dont know what to do. When some one say that i don't have cancer I feel beter. Two day latter, I have noticed a lump in my back(near back mice). It can't move it feel like a one. At tha moment I felt like I have lympoma or bone cancer. Then I visited my general doctor to show it. He said it is a bone structure and don't worry. I ask him about colonoscopy, he blamed my mother and me.He also said to me visit my psychiatrist once again imediatly. I don't know what to do. I think every doctors missing some thing or missdiagnose my condition. 


Sorry for my bad language.

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    I also have fear to do a colonoscopy. Because I know I will see the cancer If I do it.
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      The only thing you can do is calm down. You've been to several doctors. A doctor even told you it was uncommon to have that type of cancer at your age. They haven't found any cancerous lumps. I wouldn't worry. Tell yourself out loud that you're fine. Live your life man. There's no reason to freak out everyday and waste the time worrying instead of doing something fun.

      Remember that everyone and your brother told you that there's nothing wrong with you except anxiety. You're anxiety is what's causing your symptoms. You gotta relax.

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      They are doctors. They look out for symptoms and you obviously don't have them for the time being. I wouldn't worry for now. Unless serious symptoms ever start happening, then I wouldn't worry. Your anxiety is just taking over man. Anxiety can cause symptoms you don't normally have. Why don't you research on anxiety and the physical symptoms it gives before researching anything else.

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    You have had one massive raft of tests, a good few more than many here and the tests are very expensive.

    Your Doctors have explained your concerns as nothing more than Anxiety as has your Brother and now your Doctor is treating the main cause of your complaints and you need to move down the pathway your Doctor has set out for you.

    Personally if I was a Doctor who has given you all the tests I would be very upset if I found you did not trust their findings. You need now to move on and live your life.

    Because of all the investigation you must try and make good use of your rounds of CBT and utilise their services. 

    It can prove expensive, time consuming and possibly dangerous to keep requesting tests as many can be invasive. You have had many succesful negative tests, move on.


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