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Ok so iv been suffering from health anxiety for a while now since September/October last year when I fount some lymph nodes up in my neck, I had the doctor check these which he said he wasn't worried about. After numerous times going back he finally referred me for bloods which all came back normal. I know everybody says to stay away from Google but I have been searching and all that comes up is lymphoma. The doctor is sending me for an ultrasound on these but not until May 2nd and further bloods may 6th this is so long away! Every ache/pain I feel like it's all cancer relatedsad

Can anxiety do this to me? I just keep feeling down and depressed about it. To the point where I'm having mood swings and taking it all out on my partner!

What I would like to know is if it was cancer would I have severe symptoms of this? I feel like I'm getting symptoms of cancer but would that be because iv read up on it I'm looking into it too much? I just need my mind to be put at rest. Thank you xx

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    Hi I am exactly the same as you. I think every little symptom every ache/ pain always means cancer or something very serious. I am sick with worrying about it. If you Google things that will make it so much worse. Do not Google anything it is so bad to do. Remember the symptoms you're having can be related to hundreds of illnesses but I know what you mean when you pinpoint it to one specific illness. I do it all the time. I don't Google anything anymore.

    But every day I have a fear of being sick or having cancer. Last night I started getting itchy crawly skin and I am panicking over that two now. Obviously everyone gets itchy at times but to me it means something serious because that is what anxiety does to you.

    Anxiety can make you feel so many physical symptoms. I have really bad health anxiety for 18 years now and I just turned 35 on April 1. It is so scary because our mind truly makes us believe that we have an illness. Google will only tell you the serious stuff. There are sooo many reasons for having the symptoms we have and some cannot be explained. Some symptoms are everyday normal aches and pains but I always think the worst. I have nightmares toosad do you ever get any other body sensations from anxiety?

    I'm also scared of waiting for test results or going to the doctor because of what they're gonna tell me. It's torture waiting for results. I always think I'm gonna die soon from something life threatening. I here living like thissad

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      Your comment reminded me of myself . All my life I have thought every little ache or itch was serious. I told my self every year I'm probably not going to live for too much longer. I once had an itch on my chin that was bleeding and took a few days to heal and I was paranoid that it was melanoma. I felt sick to my stomach every day just thinking about it and everyone said not to worry. They were right and it was just dry skin. Now I also never Google anything and just take a bath and try to calm down a little

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    Too^ not two lol
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    * hate^ living like this I meansad
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    I'm so glad somebody has the same symptoms as me it is the worst thing ever!

    I do always think it's cancer mainly ever since I fount swollen lymph nodes in my neck which haven't gone down! I feel like I get the 'cancer symptoms like sweating, feeling sick, loss of appetite, the mood swings!

    Everything I get I instantly link it to cancerrolleyes it's really doing my head in now and starting to affect my whole life even my relationship and I also have a 14 month oldsad I don't think I actually get anything else apart from aches and pains I kinda feel in my bones like the cancer is spreading? It'd the weirdest things I feel sad xx

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      I have the same problems ! I've had swollen lymph nodes in the back of my neck under my jaw above my collarbones and all throughout my groin and I'm honestly convinced im dying ! Everything links to damn cancer and makes me sad ! I have no symptoms of cancer besides the swollen glands I think but idk I get scared quick. And Google doesn't help 
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    Yes I have young kids too which makes it that much harder because I always fear I will die and leave them without a momsad breaks my heart... And when I feel anxiety I feel irritable, cranky and a little but short tempered which I'm not normally like that.

    Since having my last episode of bad anxiety ( which started again a month ago) although I've had health anxiety for 18 yrs; I feel so tired, hot flashes or sweaty, sensitive skin, my joints ache a lot lately and my stomach always feels crampy or nervous. I get a very mild ache in my left side every now and then and I get so panicked about that too..

    I am not exaggerating when I say I worry about EVERYTHING health related. I am looking in to getting cbt and maybe mild form of meds again. I use to take Paxil. It was ok.

    I always feel my neck for swollen lymph nodes too and although I have none that are swollen, I'm afraid one day they will be. I'm waiting to find something and I don't want to do that!!

    Lots of ppl can have swollen lymph nodes and it doesn't always mean cancer at all. Any kind of infection whatsoever can cause that. Even a cold, a flu, anything. My friend found 2 big swollen lymph nodes in her neck and it was nothing. I thought right away she had blood cancer or lymphoma. I fear that in myself too that I have a blood cancer. I had myself convinced now ( after googling ) that I had ovarian cancer, stomach cancer, lymphoma, blood cancer, brain aneurysm, bone cancer and many moresad

    All from googling and so far after all my test, blood work from my annual physical etc... Nothing was ever found. I started to not believe the doctors thinking they were lying to me or missed something.

    So you are definitely not alone. This site has 100's of ppl like is going through the exact same thing. Almost everyone I know are complaint about aches and pains or joint pains etc and they don't even worry about it. It's just natural to them as where I would be panicking like

    Crazy about it ( which I am) since having aches in my shoulders and legs. My periods are irregular too since having anxiety. That scares me too. You should try and look into cbt as well. It always helps to talk to someone who knows what were dealing withsmile xx

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    Oh and nodes don't necessarily go down( which is no biggie) if your test come back fine. It's when they start getting much bigger I think you can be a bit more concerned. I had a lymph node swell behind my ear and I though for sure cancer and it's still there after 14 yrs. it didn't get any bigger so the doc said it was nothing. I get nervous just talking about these kind of things ( lumps, nodes etc) ppl without anxiety wouldn't even care about anything that we make such huge deals about.

    I think my itching is from me focusing so much on it that my mind is making me think it's worse than it is. Anxiety can make us feel things much more if we dwell on it. Sucks!!!

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    It feels great to have somebody who knows about the symptoms sorry I took so long to reply I hope your still around for a chat.

    I have only ever suffered this since I fount the node in September/October last year iv now got a few but they aren't very big and they are moveable. I know the lumps your meant to worry about is hard fixed lumps these aren't like that. I drill this into my head all the time when I'm about to have a panic attack, then I start feeling achy pains in my neck and color bone which is close to where my lymph nodes are!

    I feel like all my legs feel achy and bruised. I also went back to the doctor a few days ago with a big rash thing on my leg he said its herpes (not the std) lol! He gave me tablets for it. Was meant to take 5 a day but I took my first one and it made me feel sick so I have stopped taking them and now it's going like a bruised big purple thing so don't know weather it's clearing up or getting worse I need to go back and make an appointment tomorrow!

    I get aches all in the top of my shoulder etc and everytime I google it always related to cancer and then I start getting symptoms that I link to cancer!

    I feel like I'm losing my appetite which is related to cancer but I'm also sure it relates to anxiety to?? Also when I feel panicky and hot n sweaty I feel like my throats closing in which I'm sure is also a sign of anxiety? :-( really does suck! I hate it I always want to sleep to stop myself thinking and panicking but it's not good when you have young children either it's effecting me so much and I'm only 20! 21 next Saturdaysmile

    Iv had bloods and they all came back fine. Also had a d&c a few weeks ago from a miscarriage and they took plenty of blood from me and nothing came of that or they surely would have told me? I always feel like the doctors hiding something from me or they've given me the wrong test resultssad

    I have got a scan on the 2nd May and more bloods on the 6th May don't know why they have to drag it out for so long when they know I'm suffering from this really bad!! I haven't noticed my periods being irregular which I'm very surprised because I feel like I'm monitoring everything I never did this or felt like this until I had my son Bradley nearly 14 months ago:-(

    I read on Google with cancer you get aches and pains, loss of appetite, bruise easily, always out of breath or find it hard to breathe and I feel like since reading that it's all happening to me so I'm linking it all together I just wish it would stopsad

    Thank you for you replies it really does help talking to somebody who knows what I'm going through!


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      I can't believe so many people are going through the same exact thing as me!! I lost my dad to cancer in 2013 and I have had severe health anxiety ever since. I have been to the ER numerous times for all kinds of symptoms. All of which I thought were cancer related. As a matter of fact I just went 2 nights ago. They ran tests and said I'm fine but I still have an appt Friday for another doctor to check me out. Since then I have had a metallic taste in my mouth and my mouth has been watering really bad. Of course I've heard that could be a sign of cancer so I'm freaking out. This site has helped me out some which I'm very grateful for. Thanks yall for sharing y'all's stories!! 😊
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      I know its been a long time but I just rad this so I thought I'd write. How are you doing?

      Just like you I never struggled with health anxiety until my father died in 2006. He had health anxiety since his mother died way back in 84. He always thought he was sick and then one day he was. So while he was dying I started getting Zaidi attacks. For the last 11 years I have thought I was dying almost every day. Reading these posts are good because I can realize that I'm not alone. I'm going through something right now and feel like I am dying. I've had a lot of stomach distress I've lost almost 20 pounds I have no appetite. I'm getting tests and seeing doctors, but I'm quite sure it's stress and anxiety. I too had a metallic taste in my mouth a little while back. If I see a side effect of the medication or A symptom I'll get it. It is a terrible way to live. It is our own little prison. I just want to live and live well. I hope you are too.

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    Hi Kirsty and Mandi,

    Thought I would comment to say u are not alone I have health anxiety all started about nine months ago I

    was checking myself for lumps all the time for no reason other than to find something not because I was

    Unwell I knew it wasn't rite but couldn't help it, I started getting the odd panic attack at work didn't think

    anything of it until one day I woke up feeling so I'll I thought I had cancer and was dying. My symptoms

    Started so awful waking up every day feeling sick had a bad pain in my left side of abdomen like a cramping

    Pulling pain witch is the most worrying, felt like I was loosing my mind dizzy didn't feel in control or feel in

    My surroundings racing thoughts all day long. I went to my doctor and said I think I've got anxiety and I got

    Mirtizipine it has helped with my thoughts about my health abit, but most physical symptoms are still there

    Witch make me so worried I have a physical illness and the doctors just won't listen to me I have been

    Complaining about this pain in my left abdomen for two months now and they won't even send me for a scan all my bloods where Normal so they just sending me off!! I'm 21 female and want to move on but can't if my

    mind is not at rest. Lots of respect to you I know it must be difficult with a child aswell, my boyfriend doesn't

    Understand and says it's all in my head so I just don't speak about it with him if he's not willing to understand

    That's fine! I feel like the passion and drive that use to be in the pit of my stomach has been ripped out and replaced with anxiety!! I hope we all find a way trough. Wish u good luck.

    I'm awaiting CBT have you tried this? Its suppose to be helpful.

    Take care Sinead xx

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