Help! Think I'm going to go insane.loosing ,my mind!

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Please help. I have anxiety now for 16 th months, no improvements. Been on sertraline 8 weeks no change on 150mg now. To top it off I feel tired all day, no memory of anything anymore. Constant thoughts all day. Feel I'm going to loose it. I feel detached and not real.

lost my libidio a well.

have try many meds before no help... Venflaxtine, mirtazapine, citroaplam diazepam , fleuxotine .

i can't cope anymore. Have no energy. I have to work live with my sis.why won't it go.

it started when I lost my job in jan 2014....

also other things that happen as well.

i feel. Eds made me worse. Doc not great can't say when it will go.had therapy CBt,psychologists etc...

How do I feel normal again?

thanks for reading. Sarah p.s I forget to say I have ringing ears constant too....:-( :-(

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    Stay away from meds if you can help It. They WILL make you worse.

    You need to retrain your brain in order to recover.

    Pay little respects to you symptoms/ ignore them and get on with your day. Do things you did prior to when you got I'll. no more thinking!! No more what ifs / what if I have an attack, will I be like this for the rest of my life/ do I have another disorder/am I crazy STOP! When thoughts come in ignore them, let them come but don't react. If your anxiety is telling you not to do something DO IT ANYWAY (very important). The FEAR of your syptoms is the ONLY thing that keeps it alive! If you think you are having a panic attack don't run stay where you are! This will tell your brain it is not in danger and in time will lesson the flight or fight resonse. Do this and it will come off in layers. No more googling! Get on with your life as you did before anxiety.

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      Staying off from psychotrophic medications if you can help it, as you transition through some challenging times is great advice. Cognitive therapy and retraining your thought processes and getting physically healthy is very positive, positive and possible!!
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    it can be a horrible thing sarah , first of all you are not alone , i to have had it for many years and like you have tried so many different meds but none have ever seemed to get rid of the anxiety , you have been on so many meds , what was you on before the sertriline , as you may be suffering withdrawels from the other meds which can increase anxiety , if you dont mind is your anxiety related to any thing or is it gad , have you tried no medication a slow withdrawel  and tried alternative sollutions , some people can be very sensitive to meds and it actually makes their anxiety a lot worse , only a 3rd of people on meds actually respond to meds the rest have a lot of side effects and blame it on the meds when it is thier bodys way of saying i dont like this chemical,  i found that by cutting out all suger , lots of walking ,eating 3 small meals very healthy , i could controll my anxiety alot better also in the mornings no matter how bad i felt when you wake get up and do something ,even if its putting on a piece of music and dancing for 10 minutes at 6 oclock in the morning , if you wake and lie in bed you give your mind time to put that seed of anxiety and how you are going to feel for the rest of the day and its hard to break , eat 3 small bananas a day to give you natuarall suger and cut out all caffeen , camamile tea can be soothing and can knock the edge of anxiety , i know how you feel and i can only wish you well , it is awfull but you can reduce it by trying to be as positive as possible i know this can be hard , but it is only anxiety and it wont kill us ,  you said you only became anxious when you lost your job , try and think back to how you were before you lost that job and start to think about being that person again and you will be .  i look at it like this no one chooses to have cancer or diabetes and we didnt choose to have anxiety and depression , and their is a answer and cure out there somewhere we just need to find the right one , take care
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    And also avoid coping strategies! Meditation/ yoga etc etc.. This is telling your brain your anxiety is a big deal - keeping the fear alive. If you are struggling deep breaths! All this will feel strange at first but it will get better. Anxiety is mostly habit.
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    This medication was extremely toxic to me, and caused so much anxiety, and took over my mind. I thought I was going absolutely insane. This drug is highly known to cause severe seratonon overload, and took weeks for my mind to get back to a normal sane level. This also caused a zing kind of sound in my ears and head. This medication had many similar reviews, on this toxic overdosing load, and created a very manic, anxious, state of unreality and grip on my mind and life. You may have just had a tentative setback after losing your job, in which cognitive therapy, healthy lifestyle changes, spiritual counseling, and posdibly a sleep aid would have sufficed. Magnesium glycinate, D 3 and B complex (stress vitamins that need to be replenished daily) were genius for calming my mind and body, and for regaining my focus and perspective back again, when not being able to finish my college education, and suffering immensely from this.
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