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Hi All,

I am posting this as I'm currently at a bit of a loss. I've had knee problems for about 2 and a half years and I've had not much progress in terms of getting better. I'm hoping that you can help and provide me your opinion on what I should do next.

My story starts back on 18th May 2014. I was playing football for a local football team when I was tackled quite hard. As soon as I was tackled I heard a loud crack. It probably didn't look like anything happened from anyone watching but to me the pain was excruciating. I ended up coming off and within minutes I knew there was something wrong, my knee was clicking and popping more than usual.

Weeks later after the swelling had gone down I went to see my GP who said that my knee looked fine but probably needed draining. I had it drained and my GP said give it another month and go back if there was no improvement.

A month later I went back and was immediately referred for an MRI scan. This took a further 6 weeks before I got my appointment.

After having the MRI scan it took another 6 weeks before I the had my follow up appointment. It turned out that I had torn my meniscus which required surgery to fix.

I was booked in to have this surgery 3 months later, by this time a year had passed since I initially injured my knee.

7 weeks later and I had my post op appointment with the consultant. Everything seems ok from my side. The popping was still there but was told it would stop as the swelling went down. 

Another 3 months passed and my knee was still popping, locking and clicking. I went back to see my GP who referred my to physio. I had my first session and within 30 minutes the physio said this wasnt right and to go back to my GP. I went back and was once again given an MRI scan.  The results came back ok. My meniscus was still in tact and the surgeon said there was nothing wrong.

Since then I've been in the gym for 6 months building my strength up. I still have had popping, locking and clicking and had no improvement. 

Anyway I got a call last week to play in a local 5 a side football tournament, I decided to give it a go and within 5 minutes I had to come off. I got this weird feeling in my knee, like it was very tight and being crushed. It progressively got worse. I went straight home to ice it. Three days later and my knee is swollen as big as a football. I believe I need it draining again too.

I'm at a bit of a loss as to what I'm supposed to do next. I'm 29 years old and struggling to do the sport I love. I can barely do any fitness and it seems to me like there is obviously something else that must be the matter. I can't afford to go private. What in your opinion is wrong with me? Why is it taking so long to get this sorted? What am I to do next?

Please help. 

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    You need to see another orthopedic surgeon. There is definitely something very wrong. Tell them you need to be seen immediately. You cannot waste any more time. Have you tried the emergency room at a local hospital?
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    Yes...  Find the best orthopedic surgeon in your area.  Got an NFL, NLH or MLB team in your area?  Who's their orthopedic group?  Go and see them immediately.  Note:  MRIs are crap.  I've had four (4) knee scopes (2 each side) and the MRIs showed nothing.  Docs ALWAYS have to go in and see what's going on.  I had both femoral condyles ripped off as well as two meniscus tears.  (Fourty-four years of hockey will do that to you...) After each op, I was perfectly should be too.  No delays...see a good doc.
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    Sounds like you originally dislocated it. By the time swelliing went down the doc realized you were Not ok!! I would seek a 2nd opinion. It has taken me 15 years and 3 doctors to get It right!!! Best of luck to you
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    Hi GoodyOwl

    i agree with others that you definitely need to be seen by a specialist. From the timescales you describe, I wonder whether you are in the UK? If so, have one last determined appointment with your GP, and if you get no further change your doctor. You need a specialist consultation and you should get it! If still having problems with new GP, can you afford a private consultation (not the op, I understand that)?? This is your health we are talking about and this is not good enough!! 

    Good luck to you smile Let us know how you get on smile

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    Hi all,

    Just to let you know as it was mentioned in a thread above. Yes i am in the UK. I used to have huge respect for the NHS but since all this has gone off that's fallen off the scale slightly.

    I rang the doctors today to see my GP but unfortunately had no answer (funny huh).

    I'm very disappointed with how I've been dealt with. I thinki met my surgeon around five times in total in about a month. Each time he didn't even know who I was and I had to tell him the story of what happened each time. Even the day of surgery he didn't know who I was... I was a number to him and that's it. I've not been treated how I should have.

    I will try again tomorrow and hopefully I will manage to get in at the GP. Thanks again to all who have posted. It's cleared my mind up that I should actually be able to do what I like unless there is something majorly wrong. There is obviously something else up.

    Apart from an MRI scan what else could I have done to see if there is a problem???

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    Hi again GoodyOwl 

    I really get where you're coming from. I struggled for ten years, unable to walk properly until I finally got a TKR (and I am also in the uk). What helped in the end was seeing a physio on a private basis (cost £50 but worth every penny). He said straight away that I needed surgery and was good enough to write his assessment down for me. I took this to my GP who then didn't have a choice - he had to refer me to a surgeon. When I finally saw that surgeon, he sucked his teeth ( bit like when a plumber tells you your boiler needs replacing lol ). And I got the op within a couple of weeks.

    So I'd say try a private physio.....something has to give and for the sake of your future health, please be determined and make the docs take you seriously! 

    All the best smile

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    Hi Again everyone, I thought I would just post a quick update about how I'm getting on. After not managing to get an appointment with my GP I rang the hospital directly and managed to get an appointment with the knee consultant. 

    Anyway that was today. I had it at 3:40pm and by 3:45pm I was walking out. Putting it bluntly the consultant wasnt happy I was there. I told him about the problem i've had. He then got me on the bed and did a couple of tests. They were to test for pain. I've not got any pain at the moment becuase since I played football the swelling and pain has gone down.

    He then mentioned that on my scan it also showed a grey area on my bone (Which he had told me about originally when I had my surgery). He said this was basically a bone bruise???

    He said this was untreatable and probably what was causing me discomfort.

    Before I left I asked for a second opinion which he said he would arrange for me (So thats one plus I guess). - I'm also ringing my GP tomorrow to try and get referred to Barlborough Hospital as I have been told they have the best knee consultants in my area.

    I'm not very optimistic about all this.

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