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Hi everybodysmile 

I was just diagnosed with moderately severe hyperthyroidism but my doctor hasn't figured it out the cause of it yet. I gave birth 5 months ago and my levels were in the normal range during pregnancy but about 3,5months PP I started to get hyperthyroidism symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, anxiousness etc. Went to the doc and my levels were through the roof. Got prescribed Mercazole and Propranolol and at the moment my levels are like this:

T4 34.7

TSH 0.03

T3 9.9

They also tested me for antibodies and the results were like this:

Anti-Thyroid Peroxidase 28 (normal range is under 60)

Anti-Thyroglobulin 208 (normal range is under 60)

What does this mean? Why is one of the antibodies so high up?

My doctor said he doesn't know what it could be, he said it could be Graves or a viral infection. 

Can somebody help me with these results?


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    The results you have posted are inconclusive, just as your doctor told you. To rule out Graves you will need further testing. Your TSH receptor antibodies level would help to determine if your thyroid disorder is of autoimmune nature. 

    In a best case scenario it is just an inflammation of  your thyroid that can be caused for example by a viral infection. An inflammed thyroid can leak thyroxine into the blood stream causing (temporary) hyperthyroidism that will resolve itself eventually.

    Your doctor will likely monitor your thyroid levels and will investigate further if your TSH level stays low for a prolonged period of time. 

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    Hi there, it looks like it might well be Graves, but what concerns me the most is that your doctor is not referring you to an endocrinologist? You should be seen by an endocrinologist with hyperthyroidism confirmed by blood tests... Ask for a referral.

    Howe long have you been on Mercazole before those blood tests?

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      Hi Rita!

      Thanks for your reply. I've been on Mercazole for 2 weeks before those blood tests results.

      Before those results (with the medication) my levels were:

      TSH 0.03

      T4 57.2

      T3 18.1

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    It's no matter what the cause of it is really ..

    Pregnancy often can start thyroid disease

    Also it can be hereditary ..

    Stress can start it

    ....And with a new baby , that's likely

    I'm Sorry you're not well

    Your dr needs to go back to uni learn a bit more on thyroid disease it seems

    If you have antibodies it's likely to be Graves' disease

    type out exactly what your blood results say ....including the figures in brackets

    Which can differ depending on where you are residing

    Once you do that ... people will

    Interprete them for you ...

    If you have Graves' disease , as I do ,

    They will give you a drug to suppress

    It and you should become well again

    With guidance

    After that you should start to take

    Supplements to take care of your immune system ... most likely the culprit that is causing your thyroid to be attacked !

    I did this .. and many others on here did too

    And I am now Euthyroid .. i.e. .. normal

    So you can be well again and be your old self too

    But it's all about learning !!!!

    And you've come to a good place to do that

    As doctors seem to have little knowledge of how VITAL your thyroid

    Gland really is ...

    It is responsible , I believe for around 300

    Functions within the body !

    And when it goes haywire .. we need to fix it fast .. before it become a much bigger problem

    Don't consider RAI OR SURGERY Until you have a clearer picture of what's wring exactly ..

    As you certainly can become better ... naturally

    Luv mx🌹

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    As he said it could be a virus or it could be Graves disease.  My Endo confirmed my diagnosis of Graves by testing TBII antibodies and having a thyroid uptake scan and an ultrasound of my thyroid.  A more accurate test for Graves is TRAb antibodies.  Whatever the cause, it is important that it be treated in order for you to feel better.  While I felt better upon medical treatment with Methimazole, my TSH would not rise in 2 years until I also added supplements because you lose vitamins, minerals and amino acids when you are hyperthyroid.  My T4 and T3 normalized immediatlely though with meds and that stopped the excessive thyroid hormone production.  I would speak to your doc about those other tests to confirm your diagnosis.  
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      Hi Linda just wanted to ask u if u can help mW with this my doctor says I'm euthyroud now but I still get pain in my neck and jaws on right side where my thyroid is enlarged and then I get pain in my legs too starts feeling tired cold makes it worse ..if blood results are in normal range then why I'm still not feeling fully better can u or anyone else have any idea ...suggestion ...would be really grateful ...thanks samy

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      Being euthyroid means your thyroid hormone levels are all within the normal range but if your antibodies are still there, you still have the disease.  You also had deficiencies in vitamins, minerals and amino acids when your thyroid was hyperactive and if you get tested for these and then supplement with the required vitamins, minerals and amino acids, you should start feeling better.  Vitamin D is extremely important to thyroid patients and most of us are deficient in this.  Though you would reduce your meds as your levels improve, I would not stop them altogether until your antibody levels normalize.  Some docs do stop them when you become euthyroid but my Endo won't.

      If you have nodules and still have neck pain, you may need them removed or they may improve when your deficiencies are addressed with supplements.  I don't know much about nodules because I never had them.

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      Hi Linda I don't have noudles bcs they did the ultrasound in November last year antibodies are Slightly high doctor said my antibodies are 55 normal range is under 50 will go to speak to doctor again abt this I'm taking g vitamin d and iron tablets what do u think abt the antibodies range how much they should be to feel better thanks

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      Mine became non-detectable so anywhere in the normal range would be good.  It is more important that a doc not stop your meds but keep you on a very low dose and not take you off completely until your antibodies are normalized.  Some docs stop meds when patient is euthyroid and they just get it back again.  There is always that problem with anyone else who even normalizes their antibodies because stress can cause relapse of this disease.  I know because I am dealing with that this week.  Although my labs are still in the normal range, my TSH fell from 1.5 to 0.79 and I had palpitations due to a stressful situation.
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      Hope u feel better soon Linda you r right bcs they stopped my medication after 5 weeks but antibodies were still there and obviously stress can relapse this easily I pray you get better soon again and I will discuss this with the doctor again see what they say will update u ...thanks
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      My Endo would have stopped my meds at last visit but I told him because I had a lot of stress in the workplace, I feared stopping altogether so we decreased instead to 3 times a week.  I am glad he did not push it.  I have been on Methimazole since 2007 and even with normal labs have never stopped it altogether.  My dose after my last Endo visit in October was 2.5 mg on 3 days a week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday).
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      So u are on medication I mean metimazole even with the normal blood results but I have read and heard that anti thyroid medicine can effect your white cells and can effect your liver is that right?
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      That usually happens only with high dosages.  I have had routine liver testing since I started on it and my liver labs have always been normal.  The highest dose I was on was 10 mg.  Some people are on 40 or even 60 mg.  That dosage will cause problems.  Now my dosage is basically extremely low.
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    Hi h1234 hope u OK ...I was diagnosed with graves disease last year when my little one was abt 5 months old my endo tested me for thyroid receptor antibodies which were positive ...I'm completely agree with Madge1979 regardless what cause it its there and you have to take your medicine to calm it down plus add supplement s too they will help a lot ppl here will help you too because they already gone through this if u already taking your medicine you will see the difference soon and will get better quickly....luv samy

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