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Hemrrhoid surgery recovery

Hello Everyone,

I wished I had found this discussion board before my surgery for I truly would not have had my surgery. I went in totally blind and I am very ashamed of myself for not getting a second opinion or researching the surgery myself before. I had external and internal hemorrhoids and the one that was external had been "out" for at least 5 years and it was sort of huge. It did not bother me. It didn't give me pain but it was ugly. And the fact that I knew it was hanging and my husband knew it, bothered me. It made me feel less sexy in the bedroom. Everytime I would visit my gyno, they always asked if I wanted it removed. Sometimes I had to got to the gastro doc because of passing blood in my stools and they asked if I wanted it removed. I always said no. I am fine. I can live with it because I always heard it was very painful to remove. I don't know what possessed me this year to go ahead with the surgery but my doctor warned me that I would actually end up hating him because of the pain. I really thought he was putting a little humor in the 'talk" we had to ease my fear. He was not lying. And I am not lying to you all. I had my surgery on Tuesday, July 25th. The first day I came home, I was okay. I was like okay, I can deal with this. I had not had a bowel movement yet. Second day came and I still had not had a bowel movement and I asked my husband to take a picture of my bum so I could see what it looked like down there cause I was experiencing a little stinging. It actually looked good down there and I noticed a plug looking thing. I called the office and they told me it was a gauze and to leave it alone and let it pass on its on. Second day I actually felt good enough to go to the store and buy some herbal chinese tea to make me go. Cause I was really worried I had not gone in two days. Third day came and that is when the HELL visisted me in the bathroom. Third day, I tried to pass a bowel movement and it was the most horrific terrifying excruitiating pain I have ever felt in my life. The pain split my stitches, went down my lower back came up and hit my heart really bad. I am a heart patient with Congestive Heart failure and I am telling you I thought I was having a heart attack. The pain was literally unbearable. I was sweating, crying, shaking and having muscle spasms. My poor husband didn't know what to do. He tried rubbing my back, I called my mother and her personality did not help at all, her first response was yelling at me to calm me down which only made things worse. HOw in the hell do you yell at someone to calm them down? I could not take her so I went back to the bathroom cause something was trying to pass out, blood splattered everywhere, and the stool got stuck midway, my muscles kept spasmsing out and the pain was horrible. Sweat was pouring off me and my heart was in so much pain. I thought I would pass out.l was so weak at that point and dizzy. My husband took me to the E.R. We first went to the where I had the surgery and they were so freakin rude and unprofessional in the check in, we left and went to another division of that hospital in another city. They were excellent. They immediately got me back in the back and took vitals. My blood pressure was out the roof. Because I was a heart patient, they worked first on getting my blood pressure down. The PA on duty was so super nice. She explained to me what the procedure had consisted of and how to recover at home. She said my doctor should have explained all this too me and I should not have been eating solid food so early. I should have been on a light bland almost liquid diet for the first week to help ease with the stools. The only complaint I had with them was the RN who was ignorant about pain in that area as she applied the deadening cream to my bum. She had not compassion at all. Just rude. It is amazing how rude these people are here in Texas. Anyway, I would not advise this surgery to NOBODY. Not even my WORST ENEMY. And I got some people that I truly hate. I would not even wish this on them. In fact, they should make this a capital punishment for the worst offenders of crime. That is how bad this is. For those who had a good recovery, good for you. I am proud of you but for us who did not, I FEEL FOR YOU ALL AND I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL ARE GOING THROUGH. For those who say it is more horror stories on here, have you ever stopped and thought that there is a reason for that? THIS SURGERY IS HORRIBLE. THE PAIN IS HORRIFIC. We are not lying. This is the worse surgery ever. I wold not recommend this surgery for nobody. Just deal with your hemorrhoids especially if they are not causing you pain. RESEARCH. RESEARCH. RESEARCH for natural remedies. EAT A WELL BALANCED HIGH FIBER RICH DIET. Take care of your INTESTINES and they will take care of you. DO NOT EVER STRAIN IF YOU HAVE CONSTIPATION. TAKE CARE OF YOUR CONSTIPATION IMMEDIATELY. EAT LOTS OF RAW FRUITS AND VEGGIES AND DRINK LOTS OF FIBER RICH DRINKS. JUICE YOUR OWN JUICE IF YOU CAN. I truly wished I had done all the research before. I am on Day 9 and I am still in hell. Blood is still passing when I have bowel movements. I am scared to death to eat anything. My bowels are now too loose cause I refuse to eat anything solid. My skin is always stinging and hurting down there. It hurts so bad and stays sore down there that I can't even wipe myself without pain. I live in the bathroom either soaking or on the stool. My back is still hurting from all the trauma. My butt hole looks horrible since the bowel movements now. I had no one but my husband to help me in recovery and at first he was a darling and he was helping but now he is being a jerk not being compassionate nor understanding that this thing is lasting this long. I am beginning to hate him, myself and I definitely hate my surgeon. There is no relief. I just pray and meditate. My bowels just come out on their own and I cannot control them. I run to the toilet. If I wasn't wearing pads, I would have stools everywhere. This is not an exxageration. IT IS THE GOD GIVEN TRUTH. Don't do this if you do not have to. Sorry if you feel there is more horror stories on here than good recoveries. I feel there is a reason for that because there are less people who experience a good recovery. This is a long hard rough recovery even my E.R. doctor told me that and she was not lying. I am on Day 9 and it still feels like HELL. DAy 1 and Day 2 were way better than this. Good Luck Everybody. Wishing we all recover soon and well and with no more complications. Be blessed and Well. Hugs and Love to all who are suffering with this surgery recovery. 

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  • andrea01827 andrea01827 Peanut424

    I am on day 16!!!! This experience is unexplainable!!!! Just wanted to let you in on a few things I've experienced,,, no no dairy it burns like hell coming out!!!! If you still have swelling I know sounds weird freeze a hot dog in a baggies not a zip lock ... cut an old pillow case and wrap it and place it between your cheeks as much as you can stand... also as your bum hair starts to grow back it will be super uncomfortable put a little vasoline behind ween your cheeks... I like you went to the ER and it was violent!!! The pain meds backed me up I could not have a BM in 5 days!!! They probed my anus then gave me shots to numb directly into my sutures!!! No pain meds then tho follow with finger probing and an enama !!! My swelling was so bad the ER doc could get his finger in !!!😩😩😢 My entire body convulsing!!! As soon as you canbare sqeeze your anus in and out while in the tub .. it has reduced the swelling and leaking!! Also gas X is your friend after you start semi solid good... can't think of anything else that might help you right now !! Take care!!!

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