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Apologies for the disappearing act.

I went back to work on the 6th October and I have to say at first I thought I'd made a huge mistake.

I took the mother and father of all colds and felt miserable for a couple of weeks.

I knew I'd take something - I work in a nursery office - so there's always some kinda bugs around.

Anyway, the cold finally settled so other the discomfort/pain of the cyst I'm coping OK.

I saw my surgeon, who was lovely, and we decided the best course of action was to have the ovary and cyst removed in one fell swoop. I asked not to be going into hospital at Christmas, as I have one wee boy, and between one thing and another we've had a very traumatic year. I don't want to be utterly miserable right through Christmas, so that was OK - until the appointment came in, for the 8th Dec!!

I called and spoke with my surgeons secretary who has put me on the cancellation list for the month of November - failing that my op will be January.

I've been intouch with Tracey by email and know she was going private to get it dealt with quickly. I only hope it all went ahead, just read she took a cold right before her admission. I've got it all crossed for those having their surgery. I can just about imagine how anxious you must have felt/be feeling.

Anyway - I haven't forgotten about you all, I'm still very much a Cyster :D


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    Hi Jinty

    Glad to hear from you, i have wondered where you've been, and i'm glad your getting sorted at the hospital, how are you feeling now with work etc ? would you rather wait till jan or are you hoping for a cancellation ?

    I was like that when i went bk to work on the 15th oct, if i got sick pay i wouldn't be bk but i needed the extra money with christmas and we are going away 21-23 nov to Belguim, but i have to say it is hard work cos i do a lot of lifting boxes etc but i am enjoying being bk because ive got my routine bk and a purpose in life.

    Ive got my injection 2 moz lucky me, roll on 21st jan when i see my consultant, i'm getting to the stage ive had enough,not sleeping very well , i wasn't before but now i'm having night sweats and i end up opening the window and sleeping with no duvet on, i'm going to mention it 2 moz.

    Hope we here from Tracey soon aswell.

    love Kim xx

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    Well I'd been off work since March (my mum died and my dad was ill at the same time, then this cyst started bothering me too) so all in all I was off 7 months!! A looooong time. Luckily enough I get 6 months full pay and 6 months half pay, but I was getting bored around the house - it was kinda depressing.

    I only work 12 hrs a week in a nursery office so it's OK, the kids keep you going.

    I'd love to get the op over and done with, I'm just really anxious about it all.

    What kind of injections are you getting?

    You be careful lifting heavy boxes - you don't want to make it worse.

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    I know it is easy for me to say but try not to be anxious

    You will feel so much better afterwards,

    My consultant said to me last night that I look so different despite all the post op pain from when I first met him and so much perkier

    Also even though my tummy is full of wind, swelling and bruising it doesnt feel half as heavy as it did before,

    I just want it all to be over for you both now :D

    How did you get on with your injection Kim?

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    Hi Tracey

    so glad to hear your up and about and your not feeling too bad,

    i had my injection not too bad it's very tender were they did it, but the nurse said it would be due to it being a lot stronger, she said i could have hrt if i want but i said i'd wait, i'm not in the best of moods had a disagreement with hubby, told him i'm sick of our life and more so i'm sick of my life hence that's why i'm still up :lol:, i'm in work 2 moz it will keep me busy.

    Have you heard off any of your work mates since you've been in hospital ?

    Well best go to bed or i'll never get up at 6.30 :lol:

    love Kim xx

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    Hi Jinty

    you sound like you've had a really bad year, bet you'll be glad when it's over with ?

    My injection's are to stop my ovarie's from working so they are putting me straight into the menopause, night's are the worst for me, but the nurse said if i need any hrt i can see my gp and if i have any problem's to get in touch with them and they'll sort something out.

    hope you are ok it's only natural to be anxious, i'm feeling the same.

    love Kim xx

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    Hi Janice

    Thanks for thinking of my new name I wondered yesterday what I could be called now.

    Scissor cyster is great :lol:

    My fingers are crossed you get a cancellation very soon so you can also be on the road to recovery if not January will soon be here :shock:

    Kim I am wondering if maybe you should give the HRT a try I have heard so many people say how much better they feel or of you really feel you dont want to go down that route I have heard Black cahoosh (think that is right) there is another one but need to find that one out

    B ut I know how you are feeling its a horrible tihng we have experienced and in my situation work havent helped at all( a couple of my friends have been in touch management still havent) I have realised now I dont want to be there when I get back. I may not have a choice at first but I will be ;looking elsewhereI fancy working with the young ones again in a nursery or actually do my nurse training. If anything I have realised life is too sort to be stuck in a job I hate with people who dont give a damm.

    My hubby has been my rock though all this and I couldnt have got though it without him. He confessed yesterday how worried he has been and how he has lost weight with the worry but he never once let it show

    I hope you feel better after your day at work and you have your lovely holiday to look forward too aswell

    Hugs Tracey xx

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    Hi Tracey

    I'm a lot better now thankyou.

    How are you coping ? did you have to be cut ? did they say how big your cyst was ?

    I hope you and jill aren't too sore .

    love Kim xx

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    Hi Kim

    Glad you are feeling better now

    Yes I was cut and have a 6inch scar but its pretty neat.

    The cyst was about 10cm x 7cm and the consultant said it was like a solid clot of blood.

    I am not too sore but you will be swollen and bruised with the pain relief its not too bad though.

    I am struggling to get out of bed now I am not in hospital I often need help :lol:

    But already I can see the colour back in my cheeks again

    Jill how are you coping?

    Tracey xxx

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    Hi Ladies,

    Good to hear from you Tracey - I hope you are okay.

    This is the 4th time that I have been cut on the same scar and for some reason it has been very painful this time. I think its probably down to nerve damage as my skin felt as if it was burning in some areas. It has been so sore to touch that I have not been able to wear any knickers since I came out of hospital :lol: and have just been slobbing around in my PJs! That has eased off a bit now and I can actualy sit down on the computer chair!

    I was doing ok yesterday until I sneezed :shock: I was not prepared for it and had been stretched out on the recliner instead of assuming the \"crash\" position for sneezes. Boy, that hurt.

    How are you doing Tracey? Are you up & about yet? It always suprises me just how much it takes out of you. I've never napped so much!!

    Take care all.



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    Hi Jill

    I imagine it is more painful being cut open after 4 times :cry:

    Just take it easy.

    I am ok not been tired at all infact I was actually up at 3 am this morning as couldnt get back to sleep, my friend is amazed that I am not napping more. She said everything wiped her out.

    Although today was the first time I got out my pjs as went out for half a hour to look at washing machines as now my washing machine has broken (3RD ELECTRICAL ITEM THIS YEAR)

    My belly is so itchy though not the wound but the whole tummy its driving me mad.

    How long does it take for the swelling to go down too? :roll:

    Ouch at the sneeze too poor you.

    I forgot yesterday and when I woke up I stretched that wasnt too good either

    Kim and Janice how has your weekend gone?

    LOL I joined Facebook this morning when I was up at an unearthly hour so finally caught up to the 21st century

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    Hi Tracey

    i'm in a lot of of pain got arthur in my left shoulder and it's really flared up, a few years bk i use to have injections in it, it started playing up on thurs but it's getting worst, my pain killers aren't doing anything, not sure if my injection as set it off, might have to make an appt to see the dr.

    You girls are doing so well considering what you've been through, hope your not over doing it?

    Tracey what date do you get your biopsy result's ?

    Do you know when Linda is bk from her hol's ?

    cos she's the next one in, it's more or less straight after her hol's.

    Jill that's what i'm dreading because ive been cut 3 times, i bet it killed sneezing you poor thing, you know it's early day's for you both, rome wasn't built in a day, but i think it's a woman thing cos i couldn't sit around when i had my hysterectomy, the first day home i was polishing, hubby went to collect the children and dropped me off first,but my sil called in and caught me out :lol: .

    love Kim xx

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    :lol: me again forgot to say i'm on facebook i love it :lol: look for kim young manchester network add me if you want to.
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