High sex drive and involuntary arousal?

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I’ve had coregasms (Excersize Induced Orgasms/sexual pleasure) since I was 9 years old. It first happened in gym at school whilst doing leg lifts. My gym teacher gave me a funny look and said “What on earth are you doing?” Truth is, I wasn’t sure. It was so embarrassing and activating that I had no idea what my body was doing. I was -not- thinking about anything sexual or engaging in any kind of sexual activity (I was 9!) I’ve had them ever since, mostly while doing leg lifts and other abdominal excersises. 

Well, I’m seventeen now and have a sex drive that’s through the roof; at least most of the time. I’m very easily aroused and can become aroused at any point, independent of sexual thought or fantasy.

When this happens, I get rather sexually frustrated and become a bit restless. Taking a nap often allows it to subside, but sometimes it feels impossible to get rid of and it’s often an all-day ordeal. 

My fiancé and I are long-distance, so we don’t see each other as much as we would like. But when we are together, I get wet and aroused at the smallest things; when he looks into my eyes for a long time, or caresses my hand (or just holds it), or talks to me quietly. 

I’m not thinking sexual thoughts about him when this happens. It just happens and it’s a bit embarasssing even if I’m the only one who knows it’s happening. 

My sex drive is probably highest the week before my period and during. 

I have scoliosis and PCOS.

I’m a virgin and will be until my wedding day next year. 

I have very painful menstural cramps and sharp, sudden cramps in my vagina, rectum and lower abdomen sometimes (at any time of the month) and can’t sit down when they’re happening. 

I also have IBS. I’m thin and toned and I do pilates and yoga almost every day. I’m a total health nut and eat really well. 

With all of this in mind, is it normal for my sex drive to be so high? And for my body to be so aroused and sensitive even apart from sexual thought or activity of any kind?

I would so appreciate any info on this so I can better understand my body and what’s going on with it. 

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    Hi honey, I think sometimes it’s PCOS related due to the imbalance although I could be wrong, I’m a PCOS sufferer and my sex drive is exactly the same. I’m a person who really enjoys physical touch in general and can get easily aroused by it without it being sexual. 

    I haven’t had the exercise endured orgasms I have to say but I’ve definitely read about them, I do however orgasm very easily and frequently. 

    I don’t believe that there’s anything wrong with you at all, unless it’s interfering with everyday life too much then I think you’re fine. Embrace it more than anything! 

    Funnily enough the symptoms you describe whilst having a period are the same as mine, especially the rectal pain. I tend to have sharp pains that shoot up through the rectum and whilst they are happening I have to stay as still as possible till they pass, I’m due my period (I think!) and I was having those pains yesterday and thought I’d actually have a look and see if anybody else suffers with this, I don’t have to look now as I know you do too! 

    Wouldn’t worry about the sex drive, I think everything is fine within that area. Do you masturbate at all? 

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      Thanks for your reply! 

      It’s good to know that someone else has these cramps, haha. Always thought I was the only one. I too have to stand very still when they happen. 

      I don’t stimulate myself manually, but I have brought myself to orgasm quite a bit on accident or just by rubbing the sheets the wrong way. Can’t lay on my stomach too much when I’m feeling aroused because it intestifies it for some reason. I’m a Christian so I really seek to save any manual stimulation for marriage. It’s a conviction which is perhaps why having a high sex drive can be so frustrating. I don’t release the sexual tension unless it’s unavoidable. 

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    Its normal. No need to worry
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    Good for you,, for saving yourself for marriage. 18 is kind of young to get married. I think I'd see a doctor regarding the painful menstrual cycle but maybe thats related to PCOS 

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    The symptoms you have is absolutely normal. Always think yourself as a healthy normal lady.  As long as your urge doesn’t make you involve with others it’s quite normal and never worry about it. I know there are some people who even have orgasms even by the thoughts not by any physical stimulation and that is normal too. So enjoy your life to the full and leave all worries behind. 
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    I can address the sudden sharp pains down there ,often they are from gas trapped in the intestines and you can shorten their duration by massaging your belly and pushing in the right spots , the gas will free itself and you'll get relief ,as for the sex drive you probably need to relieve yourself a lot until you're exhausted.

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    If you are concerned you can always talk to your doctor about whether It's PCOS related but it sounds really normal I don't suffer from coregasams but I do get very wet and easily "turned on" with my partner but I don't particularly have very sexual desires I just get wet? Doesn't affect me just means we need less foreplay before sex etc smile

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