Hip replacement now need 2 new knees

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anyone out there had a new hip then new knees ? 

I hear that the knee op is worse pain wise than the hip for recovery . Would love to hear from anyone who has had these ops . 

Interested how close together they had them done and how they have recovered. 

I had my right hip replaced 5 weeks ago . I don't feel I can fully recover as my knees are so bad I won't be able to give up the sticks to walk with . I am only 54 so many joints all went at the same time 😩

Looking forward to hearing from anyone 

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    Hi Suzi's I am sorry you are still in pain even though you have had the THR its not nice to have to have it done but when you are having to cope with pain in other joints then recovery seems to take twice as long, is the problem in knees osteoarthritis if so I hope that when you have them done you will be able to be pain free and fully mobile

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    Good Morning.  i had my right hip replaced in March and needed both knees replaced as well.  In the start of November I had my left knee replaced.  

    now,  your hip will fully recover, it is just slow. Keep going to PT until your hip feels good then pick the worst of your knees to go next.

    Yes, the knee is worse recovery than the hip.  I felt fantastic after my surgery for knee but going on three weeks and still pain.  It is slower going with knee but I am greatful not battling hip, it is helping the knee heal.  Also a bit slower recovery on the knee because the other knee is bad.  Not much else you can do, stay positive because in the end you will be better than when you started.  I was going to have my second knee done in Jan but I am putting it on hold, just too much at once.  I need to have this knee fully functioning before I move to the other one.  The main thing is to not get discouraged after the surgery. remember-after surgery is the start to the NEW LIFE, walking without pain sooner or later, it is the bottom out and on your way up.  they told me i cant get rid of my walker until i walk without a limp.  Three weeks and I have 100% bend back but only 89% straight, so I know where I have to focus.  Take care on your journey, you will get there

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    Hi Suzie

    I had a TKR 7 months ago. To be very honest I had pain, but I took pain killers, rested; iced etc and it was not too bad.

    However everyone is different. It was about 12 week's before I really got going again, that is one day just realising it was fine again, not perfect but fine.

    I can walk 2 hours now (haven't tried longer....yet) no problem.

    Rest;Ice;Compress; Elevate. (RICE)

    After the op the exercises are critical. Difficult at first, but keep trying and they will work. For alost a week I couldn't lift my leg off the bed not 1 mm, I was frustrated then one morning it lifted maybe half an inch. Within 3 days I was able to lift and hold as physio had prescribed. That was a big turning point for me.

    This forum will help you when the days are not good, there will be days like that, especially early on.

    Do NOT compare yourself to others re flexion degree etc, and do NOT measure your improvement day by day, because it's so up and down. Week by week is better, but please remember everyone is different.

    To sum up, at this point I consider it a huge success.

    Best wishes,

    Take care,


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    Hip 2009; knee 2016.  Notes:

    1. I would FULLY rehab the hip before I'd do a knee.

    2. The knee is WAAAAAY worse a recovery than a hip...by far.

    3. Do NOT compare the two ops...very different

    4. You can really push a hip in rehab.  After hospital and rehab place, I finished off the hip in six weeks (5 hours a day, 6 days a week gym and therapy pool).

    5. You CANNOT push a knee...it just swells right back up again.  Expect 6-12 months...


    This should help you understand.

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      CM, only a NYer would use that pen name. Glad to make your acquantance. Hip replaced May 2016; knee replaced November 2016. Was raised in Manhattan, relocated to Florida in 1976, currently reside in Tampa, FL. I enjoy your posts and like many others, find them inspirational. Sorry your having such issues with your new knee. As you are NY strong, you will overcome and thrive. Best wishes on you journey to full mobility.
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      Yo...Johnny from Brooklyn.  Some people knew me as Louie the Wrench or Frankie Five-Fingers...but I believe those warrants expired decades ago.  Grateful to be living in Texas (where I don't talk about politics or religion) and not in the northeast anymore.  Had the hip done up there and, luckily, only spent one winter with the metal.  Now I have the knee plus a fused back, L3 through S1.  One knee to go...maybe next year or the next...or...  Not easy with 4 1/2 pounds of metal in you...slowing becoming a Terminator.  Paying for 45 years of hockey...probably over 1,000 splits and kick saves too many...  Can't imagine going back to the cold and ice. 

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      CM, outdoor basketball, flag football, and running led to my new hip, and new knee. Doing other knee in May 2017. Roller hockey was too hard on the body, and I stopped playing at 14 after numerous injuries. Can't imagine taking that punishment for 45 years. You d'hockey man. Rarely miss a Rangers' hockey game via Center Ice. Peace.

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      Had to stop hockey in my 50's after the initial knee injuries.  Last league was over 18 unlimited.  One game, I dressed and went out before anyone else.  Won the game 3-2,  In the locker room afterwards, I took off my mask.  At the time, I had a full grey beard.  One of the other team's 18-y/o hotshots looked at me and proclaimed: "S#%t!!!  I just lost to my GRANDFATHER!!!"  Very rewarding... 

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    Hi Suzie, I'm 4 months post RTHR, feeling stronger all the time. I can understand recovery from hip surgery with 2 bad knees / 2 1/2 years ago both knees were so bad I was on crutches just to be able to to walk (if you can call it that) at all. RTKR june 2014 / LTKR Sept 2014 / I had an easier recovery than anyone I've heard from here. My knees were so bad they used a hinged knee replacement for both knees. it was a more "heavy duty" type of knee because my knees were so deteriorated. This is the only thing I can attribute my relatively quick recovery to. I was back at work at two weeks with manageable pain. I did spend a year in physical therapy but the reward was being able to walk pain free/ at least a mile a day/ plus working all day. Then around March this year my right hip suddenly started hurting and within a couple of months I couldn't walk without crutches. Doctor waited 6 weeks to see if hip would improve. It didn't RTHR July 27. So I've done both, hip and knees, you can still exercise your hip even if your on crutches because of the knees. My doctor would not consider my second knee surgery any sooner than three months. So I would suggest giving that new hip at least three months and do the best you can with exercise with the bad knees. Get good crutches correctly sized for you and practice. You can be very mobile on crutches.

    You've got some work ahead of you with two knee surgeries but being able to walk pain free is a substantial reward. Good Luck.

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    Suziemo, 67 year old guy in the USA. Had my right hip replaced on May 17, 2016, and a FKR on November 21, 2016, 6 months apart. With the hip surgery, it was week six post-op before I could walk without any assistive devices. My strenght and stamina returned in September after grueling work in the gym with a stationary bike and lifting weights. Knowing I needed a TKR, I immediately began an extra intensive diet and exercise program to speed recovery after the pending knee surgery. I rode a stationary bike daily for 30 to 45 minuntes as well as used weights to strenghten leg muscles and improve core body strenght. Today, January 7, 2017, seven weeks after TKR and 7 plus months since hip replacement, I am pain free with full mobility in the new joints. I give full credit to the two surperb surgeons I had, as well as preparation before surgery and post surgery PT. I am looking forward to having the other knee replaced in May, 2017. Hope this helps, best regards, RJ. 
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    Hi Suziemo

    Yes l had both hips replaced a year ago one in dec and the other in feb. Things seemed to be healing great then l started getting knee pain went for xrays and discovered l had OA in both knees and needed them both done. I had my 1st in august and it was 100 x harder than the hip replacements. Sorry to say that but its true. I still have my other knee to get done bur 3 ops in one year was hard going. I am holding off as long as possible for my last knee. I am getting bad pain in my ankles just now. Am not sure if its coming from my knees or my ankles have OA as well. But my operated knee seems to be the worst. I am 43 and my life have changed totally. I had to give up working for a year then have went back to 2 days or 3 if l feel up to it a week. I know l will need to give up work at some point as l am always in pain. If its not my back its my ankles or knees. I would say my hip replacements were a total sucsess but the knee has been hard. And l am scared to get other done as l think that will make everything harder for me. 2 years ago l was a normal active 41 year old who worked full time as a bank manager. Now l feel like l have the body of a 70 year old and suffer all the time. I lost who l was. Not sure l will ever get back to that me. So sorry to sound doom and gloom but its hitting me hard just now.

    You might be totally diffrent and get benifit frim knew knees . Dont take what l am like as what everyone is as l am sure there is people who maybe sail through it.

    Hope it goes ok

    Laura x

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