HIV clinc have asked me to come in but said nothing to worry about?

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Just wondering what they mean by nothing to worry about?

They said they only contact me if my results come back poz, for all tests done?

so what could this be?

any ever had this said to them?

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    Hi Stuart, if they said nothing to worry about I don't think I would worry to much. Maybe it is something else they just can not talk about it over the phone. Most medical offices are extremely protective of there patients privacy. HIPPA laws are very strict. The office wants to make sure they are speaking to you the patient not some nosy or dishonest person. Good luck be well.
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    Bring someone with you Stewart. I had to take two friends with me. They didn't tell me to come in or say that it was going going to call me if it was positive. The fact was I could not be given the results over the phone... For sure since I'm so friendly and blah blah blah gullible vulnerable and promiscuous at the time that I just had to have it there was no way I was going to get out of not having it . I cried for days. When I got there she laid it on the desk in front of me and it said negative!! I could have been more relieved. Whatever's going on you have to face it no matter what pray to God before you go and pray that he puts a hedge of protection around your blood around your heart mind soul and body. And give you the strength that if something was to be wrong to be knowledgeable enough to know what to do next. There are plenty of wonderful people living with HIV. Because they caught it in time. My girlfriend was with someone for 5 years and on New Years Day he told her he was HIV positive and had been for 20 years. Within a year and a half he was gone. Now he's left her here alone to face this madness by herself. I pray that you will be alright. Please let us know till the wee man pray for you also as a team as a whole. I wish you good luck god bless you
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    Hi There

    Went in today and told me I had rectral chlamydia,

    I got in contact with the person I was with and he jsut told me he just been tested hiv+

    I am no freaking out as he told me 6 months ago he tested hiv-

    so his viral loads could be sky high

    so I was told its comon that hiv comes with another sti?

    and the fact that i got the lymph nodes in the place common place for HIV i am in panic.

    I know you can not always tell symptoms with hiv but all put together is not looking good

    Other possible symptoms


    stiff neck

    trouble thinking (but due to this)

    cant sleep maybe due to this


    joint pain on and off

    If I do end up testing hiv+ at least I can do the important things in life. and will mean less holidays to exotic places but if I have to miss out I miss out.

    Going to speak to my sibling when they next up about my protential news.

    But I lost my mum to cancer relating few years ago and still live near my dad but do not know how I can break the news that I have HIV, but will have to get loads of things printed off and reasure him that I be having a better diet,

    thanks for the advice again.

    Going to request a 4 week rapid test to see if it shows up then if not then the 6 week one will give be more or less a derfinite answer.



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      stewart, stop freaking out period and do not have sex with anyone else until this is over. I think you will have plenty of time to freak out you are going to stress yourself out so bad probably started dry heaving already. I'm glad you found an answer from the clinic did your friend ever tell you why he was just tested? See when it comes to sex sometimes everything goes out the window truth royalty all kinds of things. That's why I don't care who it is how they want it but you are going to use a condom if you're going to use me. You understand me I'm giving you some tough love because obviously you have not been practicing safe sex. I never did either so I understand where you're coming from.. I did sometimes and I should have done it every time. You can tell if you have HIV with in 6 weeks, and what you want to know if what is your T cell count. That will tell you how far along also if you do have it it won't tell you about how long you probably had it. But there some very strong medicine out there they kill the virus but it also kills the good stuff too that fights it. I have a very frail girl friend that is taking that medicine. It sucks cuz she's throwing up all the time. But when she gets over it she goes about her day like everybody else. When do you plan on testing your self
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      I am going back on the 20th or 21st of December which is more or less 6 weeks.

      Until then I need to calm myself down. and stop looking up every time I think I have a new symptom, becuase I know I can not change what has happend now,

      but just have to carry on with my life until I get the answer.

      thanks for the words, and will be taking them in whatever the outcome.


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      My apologies but you are incorrect about How long it takes to receive the results of the HIV testing.. It actually takes minutes..... You can find out the same day you get the test done.

      I thankfully do not have any STI's & never thought I have, but when you get pregnant they automatically do STD testing on you to make sure that you aren't going to risk infecting your baby with anything... I also working in the emergency room so I do have a bit of knowledge when it comes to this type of testing......again, The oral HIV swab test results are given the same day......

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    The dates I mentioned will be around the 6 week mark.

    I am going to ask for a instant test when I am in as Can not be putting up with have i or have i not over the xmas period.

    I am just suffering from major anxiety, constantly.

    I know I have a change i may not be infected but.

    Went to dentist and told me nothing wrong with gums etc.

    but now i am getting run down think I am getting a cold, but this could be my mind due to anxiety.

    Also a sore throat feeling is back.

    legs are weak, feet hands tingerling

    Its no good.

    May just have to go for a 28 day test as well, just to ease me a bit more at least if it does turn out positve I can relax more. upset yes totally but jsut have to get on with life and expect changes in more ways than 1

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    Sorry for all the posts!

    Feel a bit calmer now, as I know nothing new will chnage anything!

    I may have mentioned this but

    2 days before my node came out really big, I did have some type of spot.

    I deicded not sure why picked it and blood came out, so I just put my finger on the open wound, it took several minutes to stop.

    But wondering if this was something like a boil or a pimple could by doing this cause the nodes to infect,. and show up.

    Its a lot smaller now then it was 12 days ago, so the swelling must have gone.

    going in for test on friday which be day 28 for a more accurate but not definite test.

    thanks again everyone

    Anxienty always likes to play games with me.


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