Hot Nodule and hyperthyroidism

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Hi, I'm new here, my names Calissa, 2 months ago I started loosing weight, shaking from head to toe, nausea, shortness of breath, extreme thirst, no appetite, hot when temp was normal. After numerous emergency room visits and doctor visits I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism caused by a hot nodule which had grown on my thyroid. When I was diagnosed my TSH was 0.01 t4 was 26(10-20) and t3 7.7(3.0-6.5). I was so sick even though it was caught before my levels were hugely out of range. I am currently on 20mg carbimazole (10 in morning and 10 at night. I am also taking 10mg of propronolol 3 times daily. I have been on these for 3 weeks. Most of my symptoms have now gone although I am still week, a bit dizzy, I have regained 2 kegs of the 10 kg so lost, Can't wait to put on more as I am 5 ft 6 and only weight 48 kgs. I am also still a bit breathless. Iwould love to hear from people who also have a hot nodule or who have had treatment for a hot nodule and/or people who have hyperthyroid symptoms of breathlessness and extreem thirst as I can't find much information about these two symptoms. Anyway would love to chat with people who have been through hyperthyroidism as it has been hard :-)

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    Thanks for posting... Out of curiosity, you say "after a few emergency room visits"- what were your thyroid blood results like in the first few visits when you still weren't diagnosed? We're they within the normal range in the beginning?

    I've been having every symptom you describe, I also have 5-6 nodules in each thyroid but my thyroid bloods are all coming back within normal range so I am being told I am not hyper.

    Did it take a while to diagnose you?

    Good to read you are doing so much better on the meds smile

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      Hi, thanks for replying, the first couple of times I went to the doctors and emergency they did not check my thyroid, no one thought about the thyroid being a problem until when leaving the emergency room the second time one of the doctors said maybe the shaking was from my thyroid and to get my doctor to check it the following day, which I did and he called me to another day later that my thyroid was overactive. Which are the test results in my first post. I believe some people are sensitive to hormone changes and I am one of them because my first symptoms happened 3 months before I was diagnosed. When the first symptoms happen I was probably still a little in range. It did take a while to diagnose me as my first symptom was abdominal pain lol.

      The specialist my doctor sent me to did a nuclear scan and that showed that the nodule was hot/it was making thyroid hormone.

      Sorry to hear you are having these horrible symptoms. Do you know your results?

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    I actually feel those symptoms to , I have thirst for water all the time and I don't well I don't get it , I also shake from head to toe and my toes and feet tend to curl while I shake , I also feel nauseous even tho I don't eat and shortness of breathe like iam exhausted and I don't even move at all and I'm sitting down , I have brain fog to etc.. The only difference is that I'm hypothyroid , I feel better now a days because I'm on levothyroxine 50mcg but I'm not all 100% ,
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    Hi Calissa, 

    I'm not sure what to ask, because I had been dianosed with Graves disease many years back and I was on Carbimazole for roughly 2 years before my levels balanced out and I was able to go off it. My thyroid then started to become over active and now it doesn't know what it wants to do. It seems to go up and down. However in the last year I have lost weight and recently I have been under a LOT of stress to the point where I feel like I might have a nervous break down. I have severe anxiety at the moment. But on top of this I have physical symptoms that come and go and change week to week. My new homeopath has suggested that perhaps my thyroid is overactive again even though my results were in "normal range". My results are confusing however because my TSH is on the higher end and so is my T4. The doctor didn't know why this was. 

    Anyway, I've started feeling shortness of breath, some jitters/shaking/tremors in my hands and arms and chest, feelings of exhaustion, no great appetite and of course I believe I have lost weight over the last year. It worries me because I'm already slight, and I do stress a lot having anxiety. Seemingly I have worse anxiety too. Which could also be due to over active thyroid. I don't know. I also may have some degree of adrenal fatigue

    I find it all very overwhelming. I've heard that the adrenals and thyroid are closely connected. I find it hard when my test results are in normal range though, and doctors send you away. 

    I did have a scan on my thyroid a little while back and it showed fine. I could get another scan done but I'm not sure. The symptoms I'm having could be associated with other things too. That's the trouble. My stored iron has also been low. Which could account for the breathlessness. It's all so up and down though, and with anxiety it's hard to know what is causing what. 

    Anyhow I just thought I'd write in. I'm in the process of working with my homeopath to sort things out and find out where symptoms are coming from. 

    My last thyroid test was 24/12/14. I think it's too early to get another one just yet. 

    Ruby x


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      Hi Ruby :-)

      Sounds like your having a bit of a rough time. Maybe you should get another thyroid test incas r you free t4 has gone up, also ask for free t3 as well, this may also be elevated. A lot of your symptoms definitely sound like your hyperthyroid again. Some people are sensitive to hormones. I still had Full on symptoms when my t4 and t3 were at the upper end of the range. Probably best to get another thyroid test as your TSH being high will most likely make you t4 go even higher. As unless you t4 was to low and the TSH went up to increase T4 and TSH is now on the way down haha if that makes sense. Best to get it check again though as a lot can change in 2/3 weeks between tests.

      As for the adrenals, have you had a cortisol test. I thought I had adrenal fatigue but due to all the stress from the hyperthyroidism I actually had too much cortisol. Also do you take anything for anxiety? I have heard some people with anxiety are low in magnesium, since magnesium is involved in so many processes with the body if you are low it can cause all types of symptoms. If anything it helps with sleep. You can maybe ask the doctor to check your vitamin mineral levels :-), one more thing check you pulse and left me know what it is, if it's high that could be why you are breathless, that was mainly my reason I think. I really hope you get this sorted x

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      Hi Calissa,

      Thanks a lot for your reply. 

      My last thyroid test (a month ago), showed my TSH 3.8 (0.40-4.00), my T4 20 (10-20), and my T3 4.9 (2.8-6.8). This left my doctor scratching her head. 

      I haven't had my saliva tested for cortisol yet, I've only had a blood test which only tested my level in the morning, and that was in the "normal range".

      My holistic doctor has had me do a hair analysis test which is exciting, I'm hoping that helps my dianosis a lot. 

      I used to take magnesium a lot but slowed down because I thought I might be reacting to it. I then had a blood test and my magnesium was also in "normal range". However magnesium will be included with the hair analysis test so I'll wait to see what that shows. I sometimes take a calcium magnesium supplement when I feel my nerves are working over time as I also have trouble with this. For instance if I'm in the passenger seat while in traffic and my drivier hits the breaks, it frys my nerves. I'm not sure if that expression will makes sense. I'm from Australia, haha. 

      Anyway, I haven't felt the breathless too much lately. Only exhaustion, anxiety, overactivity feeling, and my nerves are on edge.

      My holistic doctor has said with regards to my adrenals that it could come down to either deficiency or resistence. I don't know what resistence means but she's said that the hair analysis test will/will help diagnose this. 

      I'm wondering if there is an adrenal forum on this patient uk site. I might check. 

      Thanks a lot for your response. And let me know if you have any other advice or words of encouragement. This feels like such a tough and confusing time! 



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      Hi Ruby,

      Your results are confusing, a month ago you were at the higher end of the range which for me definatly causes the symptoms you describe. Your TSH does seem to be confusing and I think you thyroid will go either way from here and the next test you have will show you if you have gone more hyper. Great that you are getting a hair Analasis that will hopefully show something for you. :-) let me know how it all goes xx

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