How do I see light after my girlfriend is going to split up with me? I am crumbling into pieces?

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Hey guys

I hope you are all well as can be. I am 25 and studying at uni.

Today it feels like the floor has been swept underneath my feet as my girlfriend is confirming that she will break up.

It has happened as over many times she has tried to call me and I was unable to answer. Everyday though I always spoke to her all the time and almost on a daily basis have to keep resolving unrest by letting her know and she does know that this is usually just blowing everything out of proportion.

The thing I always tried to tell her is that any times I go out to uni, work or with friends that I am doing just that. However a lot of the time she would tell me she was going to bed, then 10 mins call like crazy and wonder why I couldn't answer.

I feel awful and can't even think whilst writing this about what to do or say moving forward, she is my true love and I am hers but if this happens I don't know what I will do.

Please help me please.

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    She seems to love you a great deal and She is frightened that you will go off with someone else. Youth and true love is so complex and very raw sometimes. Try and explain that you are only interested in Her and you do not want to lave Her.

    Sometimes College and sex life mix bad and people get upset. If you need time off explain that to Her and say you do not want to loose Her. Studying can also cause problems, when you have someone who loves you and needs all your time to with you

    Could above be a problem


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    Firstly I'd like to make clear my way is not for everyone as I don't believe in love it's just a word!

    It gets its strength and power from our wanting and needing to be wanted it's a very dangerous word as it provides you with a false sense of security!

    This is why it hurts so much when someone leaves you because you felt secure within the relationship humans remind me somewhat of parasites they take what they need from people then cast what's left of them aside

    She sounds like she's very insecure possibly been cheated on in the past and it expecting you to do the same if there's no trust there you've got nothing only a fantasy let her go is what I would do your 25 think of this do you want this constant hassle all your life insecurities do not get better if she doesn't get help all that will happen is you will provide her with the power to keep upsetting you once you start to stop doing things you want to do or need to do like uni you surrender yourself to the will and mercy of her you give her power over you she will then know what ever she wants she'll get and run you like a puppet or toy people always get sick of toys after so long they break them and throw them away

    How do you think that'll feel I know what your thinking right now your thinking not this girl she's different right!! I had a different one too up until she turned out to be the same infact worse she was a sociopath I thinking I could relate to her trust her told her exactly how to hurt me gave her all the tools as soon as she would benefit from it boom game over that was it done and all I have now is this depression although I got the fight back the road ahead is long

    The right person for you if there's such a thing will trust you understand that time together is important but equally important is time apart and being allowed to do what's important to you is just as important to them as it is to you and you will feel the same about them anything else is just an illusion let her go she'll call you her head will go west if you don't beckon to her demands think about it logically if she can't leave you alone for a night out what's the chances she will be able to leave you alone for days let her have her strop

    And don't ring or message show her if she wants you effort has to come from both sides something's you can't do alone

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    Tell you hate to do look on this site at how many people have probs with people that they have "loved" and have felt loved by read the stories your an intelligent person right? Look how many are left totally broken because they thought they had someone different someone they could trust and depend on

    Yes to some I may sound very negative however all I'm trying to do is save you there pain and experience you'll do what ever you feel like doing and I personally think you'll look back on this and say god I should of listened to him but again something's you have to do yourself I get that

    This is what I think happens in life

    You meet some one and it seems exciting all new feelings the mystery all that it goes so fast and feels really great you then decide to move in together and it's all new fresh funny still exciting after about 5 years it becomes rather like routine you take each other for granted slightly annoy each other and crave excitement etc so you decided to have a child bring the joy back into the home which is great it works maybe you go on willing the void of mystery a few more times with children but children grow up then start to introduce more problems Finacial etc this is where's most affairs happen if your unfortunate but let's stay positive and say you guys remain faithful your now hitting 40 and have a job a wife and kids and things are mundane everyday is the same as the day before and you "love " your family you become dependent on your wife the and she you after enough time passes the fear of starting over not being able to find anyone new the uncertainty of what the future holds keep she you together that's it

    You became so content with the feeling of content your to scared to crave excitement that someone what I think this love everyone wants is don't sound to great when you put it like that right lol

    Good thing I miss not selling it hey hahahaha

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    Ive also given up on love. Another split after 8 yrs maybe its time for woodstock xxx
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    Hi Adam - she sounds very controlling. It seems she can't or won't trust you. If she is confirming "she will break up" with you, then let that happen - unless you enjoy the constant drama. Give her space to decide exactly what she wants, while you decide exactly what you want.  Someone who is constantly checking on you has trust issues and sounds very insecure in herself. 

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