how has Anxiety affected your self esteem?

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do you have a anxiety disorder?

if so has it affected the way you feel about yourself?

anxiety affected my self esteem early in life.

I started developing hang ups over the sound of my voice (which I still have)

also not being happy with my physical appearance.

but I realize that I shouldn't feel bad about what I have no control over.

but sadly that can sometimes be easier said than done.

I can remember for example I used to worry about being Too slim.

thn years later I put on weight and started to worry about that.

now I'm reasonably slim again I find that I still have hang ups about myself.

one thing that really affects my self asteem is that I have tremors which make my head shake especially when I am feeling very anxious

and I feel so self concious and I avoid looking in mirrors cause I don't like to see myself trembling.

its not a nice way to live but that's the norm for me unfortunately.


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    It has affected my self esteem too, before anxiety I already had depression. Now the depression seem alot more intense, Im very antisocial now. I don't like hanging out around anyone especially people I don't know. My moods shift so fast n unexpectedly I'm afraid to be around people. I also don't wanna go into panic mode around anyone, I've even decided to stop dating.

    In public I feel self conscious like like people are looking at me n judging. I feel like I'm not pretty or attractive anymore. It's a lot of different feelings and since I'm not in therapy I don't see it getting better anytime soon.

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      Hi Nattalie.

      Thanks for sharing your experience.

      I can relate to much of what you wrote.

      I used to be more social in my teens to my mid 20s and since then my social life has stalled.

      Ive had relationships despite my anxiety but they were always challenging because everytime I would go out with the same old mind set and hang ups.

      this certainly affected my self esteem.

      I would look at other guys and wish I was like them cause they looked more confident.

      but a good friend reminded me last week that everyone to an extent has self doubts from time to time.

      its just that they are good at hiding it than others.

      one thing I have learned about anxiety disorders is that it can't make the sufferers put on a front which hides the real person

      and it is really sad when a person starts doing that

      all because they are scared to be themselves.

      I know that just looking at your picture Nat you look fine

      but its only when you open up then I see the other Nat who is unsure of herself.

      just like me.

      maybe one day we will start to like ourselves Nat and accept ourselves faults and all and say to the world this is who we are

      but we are still worth your time.

      what do you say Nat?


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      I completely agree, one of my female friends keep telling me I'm nice looking n she wishes she had my body. (I seem to always have a flat tummy and abs even if I gain weight on other parts of my body). Somehow I don't see it the same. I'm not confident in my looks, I only feel good about my writing. As a writer that's the only place I feel in control.

      I tell my friend at least she has a husband who wouldn't stop loving her even if got a mental illness. Me on the other hand have a string of exes n failed relationships all because I'm messed up mentally.

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    It definitely makes you doubt and have self esteem issues. For me its because i thihk im not normal. Scared if i put myself out there im gonna panic and embarras myself. But what helped me is actaully getting out there and not being afraid. People are gonna judge you either way. Because thats just how peoplea are. So take your life back my man. Take it back and fight it. Get out there and progressivlly you will get better.
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      thanks for your answer Swag.

      it is encouraging for me to hear about other people's experiences cause all too often I feel like I'm alone in a world surrounded by my inner fears and doubts.

      but your reply reminds me that I'm not alone and I thank you for that and your advice.

      even though we both know that getting out there and living is not easy when ones mind is set in a certain way.

      but your advice is still good

      and I appreciate it.

      How long have you been dealing with anxiety issues?


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      Oh im not saying it will be easy and the next day you will be all better. Ive been fighting this for a while. Somedsys are better and some days are worse. It takes time and effort. I found that its all in your head and if you keep your mind busy and off of those thought youll find yourself not thinking about them. But it takes time trevor. For a month straight i would come come home from work and lay in bed all day till the next day when it was time to work because of it. It was the worst till i talked to someone who had the same thing and told me to just get up and do something. Even if small. It has helped alot. Best of luck dude. You are deff not alone.
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    I get a lot of anxiety when I hurt someone I'm emotionally connected with, like a partner, family, or close friend. Once I realize I've hurt them, I withdraw and get really scared and just cry and panic that they're going to leave me or abandon me, it's something I still haven't quite gotten a handle over no matter how much I try to change that thinking. I eventually get over it after a lot of encouraging from that person but it always makes me feel like I'm not good enough or I'm a waste of space on earth and just a lot of thoughts about how much I suck goes through my head. I don't get a lot of practice at it as I know how I can get so I avoid getting into those situations, not that it's a habit of mine to hurt people I love anyway.
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    Hi Trevor - so sorry to read of your dilemma. I too had similar issues in my youth and into adulthhood. Always felt judged, never felt good enough. Even when I did things I loved and succeeded, the attention embarrassed me and I was ever waiting for the love to be suddenly withdrawn.

    Now older, I have a more "up yours" attitude to the nay sayers and those who love to bring others down. Another realisation was that no matter what I thought someone MIGHT be thinking about me, they probably were not thinking it, and even if they were, it would be forgotten in the next thirty seconds as they continued on their own life journey, focussing on THEMSELVES.

    Honestly, trevor, no-one really cares about strangers. They are forgotten in a second. The damage of the anxiety is that we direct it against ourselves when we expect to be like everyone else.

    It will take practice, but unleashing oneself with a "go to hell" attitude as you dive into a challenge is indescribably liberating. Of course there may be underlying issues (bad childhood? Traumatic life event? Depression in the family? etc) which you will need to unearth and deal with if you want lasting change. It is work well worth it.

    Having said that, you - Trevor - are entirely unique and utterly important in this world. There is no-one like you anywhere, never has been and never will be. You are a masterpiece and part of that is the challenge you face with anxiety. You are not alone.

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