How I got over panic/anxiety disorder (read if you need reassurance)

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Hey everyone, hope you all doing well.

I came back to this forum to share my story and somehow try to help everyone, as someone who went through hell and back because of anx/panic disorder I know how much of a reliev it can be to know thst someone has felt the same as you.

So all of this started 3 and a half months ago, had my first ever panic attack after smoking some strange weed, didnt k now what a panic att was back then all I did was imagine myself at hospital my mom and dad coming to see me and other really bad things.. Fast forward i went through the day and told no one

3 days later i got an urge like a flush from my stomach associated with weakness lots of adrenaline and I immediately though i had a heart attack, got rushed to ER, this hqppened another 2 times exactely the same way within 2 days

Did every kind of test everything came out fine, got put into diazepam by a psychaitriat..

Fast forward took the pills for 2 weeks and i was having panic attacks only when the effect wore off but I wasnt happy with that.

Went on and saw anothet 3 psychiatriats until i decided to drop everything. I dropped every medication (worth mentioning i have abused xanax last year without even being prescibed)

Ive been through hell and back because the symtoms kept changing. Started with panic attacks moved into body achss foggu brain, anxious all day, extreme fatigue, body aches, head sometjmes felt full, had emotional breakdowns first month, 1 week after i stoped everything (was only taking magnesium and b6) i was still getting lots of physical symptoms(body aches some days, shortness of breath, chest pains, extreme fatigue, random head aches, rashes on my skin rarely) but I was happy cause the classic panic attacks were gone, I was stable emotionally, I got my memory back, I was able to try convice myself that it was just anxiety. I kept going for anothet 2 months until it completrly faded away.. 3 months in from the first panic attack i was 90% rid of physical symptoms, was suffering from a bit of derealisation( thinking i was gonna die really soon couldnt think of future because of it lol) but i tool magnesium for couple more days and I tried to keep myseld.busy with university and other stuff and it eventually faded away 95%.

Stay strong brothers and sisters, after each dark night a bright day will follow up.

Try to do what you like, dont be concerned with your health, dont convice urself that something is wrong or has been wrong forever, dont feel GUILTY!

If you happen to get anxious about ur health like i did find a good doctor and visit him if u really need to, dont feel ashames to do it, it wont last forever, youll eventually get back to normal life. Nothing lasts forever neither good or bad, sometimes how long it lasts is not in our hands, but how WE handle it is always in our hands!

Id suggest everyone to take magnesium and b6 since theyre harmless(not suggested to take magnesium longer than 3 months though) find someone you trust to talk to and get evrything out of ur chest... everything.. even the small details you might think that are not contributing to this, of even better start CBT.

Oh Ive also started believing in god, it really helped because having someone you know you can rely on can really help us, anxious people.

Feel free to message me or comment dowm below if theres something I can help you with.

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    Forgot to mention Im 18 male, lost 5kg withing 2 weeks when it all started, getting my weight back up

    Sorry for the amount of mistakes if done.. im too sleepy its too late and english aint my mother tongue

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    Samething happend too me after smoking some strange weed everything came up on me i got super baf anxiety i felt like ants were walking in my head a really bad squeeze after i had been smoking for like 4 years now its been 2 years after in quit smoking cause of anxiety and i panic too smome but who knows maybe ill smoke and have a great trip but i fear it will go wrong lol
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    Interesting, thanks a lot of for this!

    I had my first panic attack ever 2 years ago when I was smoking one morning, (I smoked every single day straight for 5 years before this) after I smoked I got really paranoid and that almost never happens I begin to think that I was way to skinny and out of shape, so without knowing at the time what was going on my heart started racing and I really thought I was having a heart attack at the ripe old age of 18

    Luckily I was at home and my mom calmed me down but I was almost scarred, I still think to this day that I am underweight (150 lbs 5"11) and lately I am extremely paranoid that I have some undiagnosed heart condition because I experience a racing heart all the time (almost 100 a minute) when I feel calm and I'm doing nothing and I experience palpitations for days straight that feel like a flutter when I'm worried about something

    Although the I feel there is no way this is anxiety a small part of me knows it is but.. I don't know, waiting for an echo test in 1 MONTH from now that will tell me if I have some heart problem

    I've had 2 normal ekgs and they came out normal besides a heart murmur and of course when I was told I have a heart murmur I flipped and was in a google shock for 4 days and almost paralyzed by fear that it must be a sign, well I'm rambling

    Good read haha

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      Dont bother to do the echo man.. ive had one advantagr and I guess thats the reason I got over it in 3 monthd only, I trusted one of the ER doctors a lot. I did 3 ECKs too but after the 2nd one i was pretty convincd that I have nothing in my heart. Why would u think that u have another condition when all your symptoms are 100% anxiety realted. Let me tell u something, back 2 montbs ago when i injured my leg, even tbo I was at the peak of my anx/panic phase it was all gone temporary. When your brain receives real signals of pain you wont feel anxious at all. If you had a real condition you woulsnt feel anxious. NO HEART PROBLEM HAS CAUSED ANYONE TO BE HYPOCHONDRIAC, CHECK THEIR SYMPTOMS 24/7, AND CHANGE THEIR EMOTIONAL STATE YET.
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      Haha thanks this made me feel better, I've been happy this last week and I no longer experience palpitations besides a slight raised heartbeat and night, I figured I would go to the echo because although my 2 ekgs were normal the doctor told me I have a slight Arrhthmia and the heart murmur, and that's good enough reason I guess but I'm gonna spend $1800 cash on it! This will be a very expensive anxiety lesson if that's all it is haha

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    Hi Dontwantone123,

    The chest pain you Had was it in the left side. Cause I get a lot of chest pain in my left chest and shortness of breathe & I start panicking more and feel I don't have air and jus wanna go ER Every time I feel those Symptoms feeling like if its my heart or IMA stop breathing feel IMA faint cause I can't breathe. Don't have air. I don't know what to do when I get like that been in ER and told me I was fine of my heart and breathing but I jus feel it its not normal for me the way I get

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      Yes it was always on my left chest, rarely in the middle. Shortness of breath is the scariest but I convinced myself that it was nothing to worry about really quick, i have a spo2 checker on my phone and it alwayz showed higher than 95% oxygen levels on blood and i guessdd that helped the first days. Best of wished to you.
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    Thank you for posting. I've always suffered with anxiety my whole life. But in a December i started to believe I was dying. In January after my grandma passed away it seems to have gotten worse. Can't sleep, too scared to fall asleep because I think I won't wake up. Since mid feb I think I've been in and out of the ER at least 5-10 times. Thought I was having a heart attack or my heart was getting weak. I've had severa ekgs all came back Normal. Even had blood work to check heart and organs and dr said they was good. I try to tell myself it's the anxiety but here lately it's not really been working. I have medicine I was proscribed for anxiety but I'm too scared to take it because I don't know how it's going to make me feel rolleyes and lately I've been feeling like I haven't been attached to my body, if that makes sense rolleyes I just wanna feel better.

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