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My Gp has just put me on 10mg of citalopram for 4 weeks and Zopiclone at night for 2 weeks.

Reason being that at times get very jittery and nervy, sinking feelings in stomach and need to walk about, also have panic attacks about feeling this way.

Going to sleep is a problem and sometimes need to rely on sleeping tablets, I have a fear sometimes of not falling asleep, and reading or listening to music does not help a bit, my head is full of not sleeping.

This is all really getting me down now, have struggled with this for 6/9 months now.

Been on the tablets foe 4 days now and have the following side effects:

Feeling sick, indigestion,

Dry mouth

Feeling restless, shaky, anxious, and agitated.

How long can I expect these feelings to last and is there anything to ease the discomfort.


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    I had the same side effects on and off for 2 weeks I took antacids for indigestion which may also help the nausea also try and eat little and often to ease the nausea and dont take the tablets on empty stomach I always take with food even now after 6 weeks on them.

    The side effects will lessen so try not to worry smile

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    1. You have classic signs of GAD (General Anxiety Disorder), why has the doctor given you Anti-depressents. citalopram is an anti-depressent.

    2. Citalopram takes 14 days to get into your system, so your sign effects are what you are making them, nothing to do with the meds.

    3. You are in the cycle of worry and until you understand that Anxiety is a body reaction and NOT an illness the soon you will get better.,

    I was on Citalropram fro 4 years and it took me 6 months to get off them, it was hell. I was on 40mg, so 10mg will be easier, but honestly you do not need anti-depressants for Anxiety, you are not ill.

    Anxiety is the bodies natural defence against fear, you are worried about nothing and then you worry about that and before you know if your body is acting like there is an immediate danger........ There is no danger, you had anxiety yesterday and nothing happened to you..... You had it last week and your still here.

    You just now need to tell your brain that.

    I suffered for 4/5 years and got rid of it in 2 weeks, YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND it is not an illness, its your brain sending false messages and then your body reacts.

    Your breathing and digestive system reacts to how you feel, so you feel worried your heart beats faster.

    You need to re-set your anxiety benchmark back to normal at the moment is on high....... But you will be OK honest.

    Forget about it as much as you can, live your life as normal as possible, no matter how you feel and remember you are not Ill, you dont have an illness, you are worried and your body reacts as it should when you are worried. It shakes, it produces adrenaline and you feel you need to run. But you are only worried about about worring about been worried, how daft is that!!!! Hope it sorts its self out. John

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    I developed anxiety and was prescribed Citalopram 10mg nine weeks ago. The GP told me that the side effects were increased anxiety and gastric upsets. I told her that the last thing I wanted was increased anxiety. However I took the Citalapram. The side effects were very unpleasant, stomach pain, nausea, churning stomach, and jumping when there was any sudden noise (telephone ringing, husband blowing his nose etc.) I had not had the jumpiness before. I almost gave up taking them, but made a decision to continue. These side effects were bad from about the 11th day to the 17th day after starting the 10 mg. The side effects decreased although jumpiness would reappear at odd times for no apparent reason. My dosage was increased to 20 mg, as that is the recommended treatment dose, and I still was not feeling right. I was on 10mg for 4 weeks. I have been on 20mg for 5 weeks. The side effects reared their heads again, but I Stuck it out and am actually beginning to feel better. I was also given Zopiclone for sleeping, after having 2 weeks supply I found they were making me feel so groggy that i stopped taking them. I also used to wake up in the night with dreadful stomach churning and this would carry on all morning. This has now receded, and my nights are a lot better.

    The trouble with anxiety is that the awful feelings that it inflicts can tip you into depression. As others have advised take the tablets with food. I take mine in the morning after my breakfast. I also took antacids to couunteract the stomach side effects, but they did not always work. Stick it out if you can you will feel better, as I am now feeling better.


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    SSRI's (anti-depressants) are widely prescribed for anxiety, not only for depression.

    I'm currently on 100mg a day of Sertraline for anxiety (an SSRI, similar to Citalopram) but have taken Citalopram in the past. I have also taken Zopiclone alongside Sertraline, and found it helpful in restoring a regular sleeping pattern at the time.

    The side-effects of SSRIs are not nice for a lot of people - I had bad night sweats on Citalopram so didn't want to take that again, but on Sertraline I mostly experience nausea and an occasional upset stomach, which I know will settle down eventually.

    You do need to give your body time to adjust to the meds, but if you really can't stand the Citalopram then ask your GP if you can try something else. I also take Propranolol (beta-blockers) which I used to take on their own, but which I now take alongside the Sertraline to help with moments of increased anxiety.

    It's all regularly monitored by my GP and a work-in-progress.

    Good luck with everything, and I hope you find something that works well for you.

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