How to stop caring about other people's opinion?

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At first I must say I am an extremely sensitive person, also I've been struggling with depression for nearly a year now.

My story won't be really long, I will try to concentrate on the thing that has been bothering me lately

I've done some stupid things as a teenager, being drunk and cheating on my boyfriend. I am very ashamed of all of those things. Since than I have changed a lot and Im a completely different and deffinitelly more mature person. But I still hear that people have an opinion about me just as this stupid, drunk and loud teen I have been in the past. It kills me so much that however I will act right now, I simply cant change the past.

Should I really care about those opinions of people I don't know very well? How to stop caring about it all the time and become more confident with the person I am now?

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    You be the best person you can be now. The ones who are talking about you clearly have nothing else to talk about, thats in them.  You will never be happy and enjoy your life if you place in the hands or mouths lol of others. You are correct you cant change the past. Whats done is done. People form opinions whether they are even tru or not half the time, im surprised you never noticed. Please throw thoses this thoughts out of your mind. For those that care so about about the gossip, and thise are weak people, thank them for making the weeding process of finding geniune friends easier. I have found after the age of 18  mist grown uo and barely pay attention to any of that garbage anymore. If yiu are iver 18 im sorry you have come across some big followers and need new people to affiliate with.
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    I think it was Bernanrd Baruch that said,

    "Those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind"

    It's not a bad rule of thumb to live by

    We all make mistakes, do dumb things, look back and cringe. It's part of the learning/growing experience.

    What matters is what we learn from our mistakes

    Should you care about the opinions of others? Most certainly not. Hold your head high honey. It's who you are today that counts

    You sound delightful...And, if we all had to hang our heads in shame at the dumb things we'd done in our lives then everyone would be staring at the floor, lol

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    I'm sure the majority of the worlds population did stupid things as a teenager, that's how we learn. We make mistakes and we learn from them. Don't be ashamed of who were as a teenager because it has made you who you are today. If you continue to be bothered by this, it will only bring you down. You've changed from the way you were and you should be proud of that. Maybe the people who talk about it all the time are still holding on to their teenage years and their jealous of you. Live your life for you, not for them, you're better than that.

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    Really honestly and truthfully, you shudnt worry because as you said was a long time ago.

    Recently I've made some stupid decisions involving others, not really thinking properly and I have no idea if these will come back to haunt me. But I done it I can't change it. Took 4 months of guilt and remorse to finally realise I gotta move on.

    In my case I completely isolated myself from almost everyone, deleted whatsapp, fb and twitter, changed email address and phone number.

    These people who still hav this opinion are just gossiping based on the past and they have no concept of changing for the better. If they are fixated on the past it's cos they themselves are insecure about themselves so they use u to make them feel better about their lives. I mean my god, are they so perfect that they never made mistakes. Personally, I think we become stronger because of the mistakes we make .

    Be strong. Hopefully you have your allies to give to moral support.

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    You saying your a sensitive person and that it bothers you shows how much you have grown, and if you had the power to change the past it wouldn't be worth having because the line of people at your door to have you change their's would drive you crazy. You can search to the end of this earth and you will never find someone who is perfect or who hasn't dune stupid things in there past, hell your already better then most you said you did dumb things as a teen I know grown women and men in their forties cheating on their spouse and drinking till they fall down. As for what other people think about you- I really want you to think about this- when it is your time to pass away on your death bed to you think you will be thinking damn people when I was a teen didn't think I changed? I promised you will not, at the end of the day it's what you think of your self- you are who has to live with you no body else and you are the most important person you will ever meet. You have nothing to prove to any one, this is your life not theirs don't let anyone take that from you !!!! hold you head up high like I say you are already better than most you seen what you feel you where doing wrong and changed that _ do you realize how brave that it's? While you are worried what they are thinking about you it's taking moments of your happiness .

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    darling hold your head up high we have all skeletons in the cupboard and tell your self you do not give a toss what others think, you have grown up they havent and even if it still bothers you inside never show the others because very soon they will tire and move on to someone else. what matters now is the present and the future you cannot change the past but you can be very happy in the moment of time and the future. those that still have to rattle have very sad and boring lives. your past is past dump it and forget it look forward to your future. concentrate on the hear and now and let the little children carry on. Have a fab life hun
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