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Hi everyone

Where do I start? Back in 2011, I was diagnosed by my primary care GP back in the UK as having hyperhidrosis. Armpit, back, feet. She had mentioned that the back sweat was unusable as larger areas that sweat like that usually are due to an underlying cause. She did not request blood tests or further examination. For a quite some time it didn’t bother me, I lived with the condition well. Only really became as nuisance in hot weather, I didn’t sweat all the time like Hyperhidrosis sufferers do. No one in my family has this condition, and I’ve done some thorough research on both sides of the family, plus looking back as far as my great grandparents. Which makes the condition even more strange? It also started when I was 20-21. Again, late development. Strange.

However, as time passed I noticed I began to suffer from a magnitude of other symptoms, I started to doubt that hyperhidrosis was the condition. My sweating became more widespread. Now I sweat from head, armpits, back, chest, abdomen, feet, and hands. My dermatologist said this is called generalized hyperhidrosis, which is usually caused by a secondary underlying condition. My symptoms I suffer from now:

- Sever Heat intolerance

- Heavy sweating (heat intolerance, and nerves)

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Heavy achy joints

- Always tired, even after 7-8 sleep as night

- Dry, itchy, flaky scalp

- Premature grey hair

- Hot flashes

- Short term memory problems

- Brain fogg, lack of concentration  

The list goes on....


After a lot of research into potential causes, I decided to find a new primary care GP here in the USA after I moved. I had a thyroid panels done. (2016). Results were:


TSH                                                    0.9         (.450-4.500 UIU/ML)

T4                                                      8.2          (4.5 – 12 UG/DL)

T3 Uptake                                          28           (24-39 &wink

FREE THYROXINE INDEX                2.3           (1.2 – 4.9

T3                                                      111          (71-180 NG/DL)

The doctor had told me these results are normal, and that was it. No further examination. No explanation of the results NOTHING. So, after living with these results and the pain of the symptoms for another two years, they are only getting worse. The heat intolerance now kicks in at the low 70’s for me, anxiety, the depression everything is slowly getting worse. I decided to get another opinion. FINALLY I found an amazing GP who told me that he thinks I may be suffering from Hyperthyroid. So, he said he would run some tests, and even if they came back negative he would put me on a round of thyroid medication to see the effect it has on my symptoms. I informed him of my previous Thyroid checkup, he said the TSH at .9 was low. He also said that treating, diagnosing the thyroid is a challenge. Every bodies optimal ranges are different. So, last week I asked to have my thyroid checked. The results came back as follows (2016): The results that came back were as follows:

Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum      3.4          (2.0-4.4)

Thyroglobulin Antibody              <1.0        (0.0-0.9)

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)           16         (0-34)

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy                 34.8      (30.0-100.0)

TSH                                              1.280    (0.450-4.500)

T4,Free(Direct)                             1.58       (0.82-1.77)

Testosterone, Serum                     565        (348-1197)

Folate (Folic Acid), Serum             7.5          (>3.0)

Now he’s changed his tune, he said the numbers look great. But I don’t feel great. I’m sure there is something wrong with my system/body. And now I’m at a complete loss ?. From all my research Ive done is that you can be hyperthryoid and your numbers falll in the ideal range? Thanks everyone. 

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    Ryan .. I began to have hyperhydrosis when I was a very young child .. I used to use blotting paper under my hand when I was writing so I didn't mess the page with my perspiration .

    I've had very sweaty palms all my life

    I've told my doctor as long as I remember and he never suggested ever that it was a problem or was a symptom of something underlying.

    As I got older it hit worse and sometimes overwhelmed me .

    I now know I have probably been prone to this Graves' disease fir a long time but GP

    Was less than interested .

    Until I had reason to go to a dermatologist

    For sweat rash .. SHE was the one who told me .. you have a Thyroid problem .. and the sweating was the Clue ..

    So I understand exactly what you say.

    A very clever lady called Linda will be along soon and she will help you with your results .. as she is more knowledgeable on the subject than I am ..so best of luck . And once you know how that goes .. we can take it from there ..

    luv mx🌹

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    I also forgot to add, my orginal thyroid panel they also tested my Vitinmen D levels:

    VITAMIN D, 25-HYDROXY            29          Range (30.0-100.0NG/ML)

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      You could try vitamin D3 but must be taken with oil or fat or butter even

      Take it with Vutamin K2 mk7 Fir best effect

      As it helps calcium be directed to bones etc and not to tissues where it could be harmful

      Please Google this Ryan to get as much info as possible before you try ..

      magnesium is something you could be short of also as most of us Graves suffers are !

      Again google

      Magnesium deficiency


      Magnesium and Graves' disease

      To see how that affects our bodies

      There are several more supplements that can help you


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      Its funny you mentioned Magnesium Madge. I double checked to see if they tested my magnesium levels. Says within normal levels, but they didnt even check them. See the image Ive attached. 
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      Well then I'd certainly ask them to do it again as well as a few others vitamin B12 is absolutely necessary for recovery from Graves !! as Graves sufferers usually are low .. and many of us self medicate Magnesium is utilized by every cell in the body Ryan and it's imperative that we have plenty of it .. I take magnesium glycinate as it's easy fir me to tolerate .. I also make my own magnesium oil for pain and use magnesium in baths for pain too it's amazing .. please google magnesium deficiency if you haven't already .. see what not having enough can do to you

      Keep asking questions in here we'll all help ..


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      Huh !

      When I FINALLY got my Graves' disease diagnosis .. and insisted on a paper copy , it gave all my results in frightening figures that made me flip with terror !!

      ... but at the top of the page it said .......N O R M A L !!

      Terrifying !


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    linda187 are you there? Would love to get your perspective...

    Been doing alot of research on range numbers vs optimal numbers...

    My results seem to be quite far outside of the optimal ranges. I have my first endocronoligist appointment next month, my doctor wanted to try me on a low dose of methimazole. But I want to get a better opinon from a specialist. 

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      Hi ryan25034, it seems like your thyroid values are within range. Have you ever had your adrenaline levels checked? Elevated adrenaline levels can cause symptoms including rapid heart beat, high blood pressure, anxiety, weight loss, excessive sweating, and palpitations.

      Have you tried beta blockers? Good luck with your next appointment. Hope your endocrinologist can figure out what is causing the problems.

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      Not entirely sure if I have danR...

      What would this show up as on a test?

      My results are within the range, but their not within the optimal ranges that Ive found out online... Looking forward to finally seeing an Endo to see just what is going on with my body sad 

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      On the test it might show as epinephrine. Regardind thyroid values, there is no such thing as one optimal value. For example TSH and T4 have a circadian rhythm and vary throughout the day. On top of that our thyroid output can be ramped up on demand during periods of (intense) physical activity. The values on your blood test just show a snapshot of a dynamic system.

      What I am suggesting is that there are other endocrine disorders that can cause your symptoms, one of which is a disorder of the endocrine glands. But that is for your endocrinologist to find out.

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