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Recently was referred to an endrocrongolist for hyperthryoid sysmptoms. Ive had multple tests with doctos who all tell me my numbers are fine. After doing etensive research on these forums and online, my number worry me. Normal vs optimal ranges. 

My TSH seems to be continueing to drop. Results are as follows:

1st Round of tests:

Triiodothyronine,Free,Serum      3.4          (2.0-4.4)

Thyroglobulin Antibody              <1.0        (0.0-0.9)

Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO)           16         (0-34)

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy                 34.8      (30.0-100.0)

TSH                                              1.280    (0.450-4.500)

T4,Free(Direct)                             1.58       (0.82-1.77)

Testoterone, Serum                     565        (348-1197)

Folate (Folic Acid), Serum             7.5          (>3.0)

2nd Round:

TSH                                                    0.9         (.450-4.500 UIU/ML)

T4                                                      8.2          (4.5 – 12 UG/DL)

T3 Uptake                                          28           (24-39 & [wink]

FREE THYROXINE INDEX                2.3           (1.2 – 4.9

T3                                                      111          (71-180 NG/DL)

3rd Round:

TSH                                                0.610 uIU/mL          (0.450 - 4.500 uIU/mL)

Free T4                                           1.68 ng/dL               ( 0.82 - 1.77 ng/dL)

T3, Free                                         3.3 pg/mL                 (2.0 - 4.4 pg/mL)

Thyroid Peroxidase Ab                    19 IU/mL                 (0 - 34 IU/mL)

TSI                                                       67 %                    (0 - 139 %)

Vit D, 25-Hydroxy                              31.2 ng/mL            (30.0 - 100.0 ng/mL)

Vitamin B-12                                        531 pg/mL           (211 - 946 pg/mL)

My symptoms:

- Sever Heat intolerance

- Heavy sweating 

- Anxiety

- Depression

- Heavy achy joints

- Always tired, even after 7-8 sleep as night

- Dry, itchy, flaky scalp

- Premature grey hair

- Hot flashes

- Short term memory problems

- Brain fogg, lack of concentration  

The list goes on....

Im really at a lost with next steps. Advice on numbers and course of action?


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    Though your TSH is dropping, the other thyroid tests (FT3 and FT4 are within range).  With the exception of your TSH dropping, most of your values are fine, however, I note your Vitamin D is at the bottom of the range.  Vitamin D is very important for healthy thyroid functioning and if you aren't taking Vit D supplements, I think you would do well to add them.  For myself, the gels seem to work better for me than Vit D pills.  You may have an adrenal problem like a pheochromocytoma and i would ask your doctor to check out adrenal issues as a cause of your symptoms.  

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    Hi Ryan,

    What did the endocrinologist say?


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      CBC is normal-no anemia or evidence of infection

      Comprehensive metabolic profile (CMP) is normal-no evidence of kidney issues or liver dysfunction

      Thyroid hormone levels are within normal limits

      Thyroid auto antibodies are negative indicating little chance of thyroid autoimmune disease.

      Metanephrines are negative-No adrenaline secreting tumor detected

      Vitamin D is normal

      Vitamin B12 level is good.

      Sadly, I can't say why your are having all those symptoms we discussed. But, I can say it is likely not an endocrine reason. i wish I had found the "smoking gun" so we could fix it.

      I enjoyed meeting you

      He did not leave me with much confidence sad 

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    My doctor has mentioned that we could trial thyroid medication to see if it make me feel better. He said that a low dose wont cause any problems/side effects....


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    It's worth a try taking a low dose of antithyroid meds, that would be 5 mg or under.  As I said before, your vit D may be within normal limits but it is right at the bottom of the range and you could benefit from taking 1,000 IU a day.  Also I would get your Magnesium level checked.  Are you under any particular stressors at the moment?  if so, getting support for that would be helpful.  Before i started on supplements, I got my Total Carnitine and Free Carnitine levels checked and they were deficient, I also got my vit D and Magnesium levels checked and they were also deficient so I have supplemented with these.

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      I've started my dose of Methimazole 3 days ago. So far no side effects.

      I only worry that if my thyroid is ok, could such a low dose have adverse effects on my thyroid down the line??

      Also had my adrenal function check out. Came back negative. The more I think about the more I think maybe I'm suffering from Anxiety, and that's the issue I need to resolve... 

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    In my experience, I was prescribed Methimazole based on zero TSH. No symptoms but I have a hot nodule so the Endo insisted. I started at 10mg and after a couple weeks felt awful, so I cut to 5mg. Same thing, after a few weeks I felt like I was drained of blood. My face was pale as a ghost and I couldn't move off the chair. I cut to 2.5, thinking I really need to take this. As it turned out, Biotin was reacting with the TSH blood test and showing me as zero TSH when in fact, I wasn't. Thank goodness a smart ENDO picked up on the biotin factor so I stopped taking everything and retested in 2 weeks and my TSH was just under normal range. As soon as I stopped the med I started feeling better. Possibly, the Methimazole, which I didn't need, threw me into hypo. So I'm thinking if you're taking it when you don't need it, it could lower your T4 and you might start feeling tired, etc. I also developed horrible depression which I've never had before and don't have it now, after stopping. Hope you feel better. 

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