Hyperthyroid to hypo?

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My latest blood tests shows high cholesterol 6.24 mmol/L range should only be < 5.20.

FT3 1.14 pmol/L (reference 2.80~7.10 pmol/L)

FT4 1.52 pmol/L (reference 12.00~22.00 pmol/L)

2 months of taking 40 mg methimazole and 30 mg Inderal. I've also been taking fish oil 3x a day and flaxseed oil 2x a day. Since having tachycardia about 2 months ago also. My Dr's doesn't believe that I've been pregnant, since there's no confirmation tests to back up my claim. it's gone too soon, even before having pregnancy test.

Now I'm experiencing bedroom voice, trapped air on my upper chest which will be relieved by burping. I burp all day, sometimes it went away, most of the time it radiates tingling feeling on my upper left back. and there's this feeling of my nerves in my arms and legs stiffened for very long hours, sleeping through it somehow relieved on its own. I've also experienced having dry eyes.

My chest xray says no active infiltrates seen. Heart is not enlarged. Diaphragm and sulci are intact. Soft tissue mas density is seen in the right superior mediastinal area, underlying the trachea, could be an enlarged thyroid gland. Ultrasound correlation is advised.

Impression :

Essentially normal chest findings.

My 12 lead ecg

Rhythm : sinus

PR interval : 0.16

Rate atrial : 66

QRS Axis : normal

QRS : 0.09

QT: 0.41

Venticulars 66

Interpretation : normal sinus rhythm

Does this mean I can be pregnant now? But my last menstruation was the fewest menstruation I've ever experienced, I'm also not sure if I'm having low sex drive after medications.

How about my medication? Should I be able to lower my dosages now? I've also been taking acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg for a month.

I'll be seeing my endo again tomorrow, hoping high hopes that all went well without radioactive iodine nor surgery. I've been dealing with hyperthyroidism for 5-7 years now. I still cannot get pregnant.

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    You definitely need your antithyroid meds adjusted downward as you are now hypo.  You also need to stop taking Acetyl-L-Carnitine.  Acetyl is very sensitive when combined with even a low dose of Methimazole or Carbimazole and you are on a high dose.  
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    My endo doesn't want me to take any food supplement, it's really my own choice. I'm having hard time finding Dr that would help me with food supplement and medication work together.

    I've only try acetyl L-Carnitine 500 mg for 30 days. I've finished 1 bottle already, and don't know wethere to look for a lower dose or to stop taking it.

    My test only shows T3 and T4. How about my TSH? Now that I'm hypo, does that mean my TSH went up too? It's always <0.005 undetected. How to take my medication for tonight?

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      Your doctor should have ordered a TSH at the same time he ordered all the other tests.  With thyroid T3 and T4 levels that low, you need to stop the Acetyl.  You also need to lower your meds.  Call your doctor and ask him about lowering his prescribed medication dosage.  If you cannot get the specialist, call your family doctor.  Your specialist should have contacted you when he saw the hypo results.
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    Went to see my endo, she's stopping all medication for a week, and within the next few days, I will make an appointment for thyroid scan. She said she wanted to know if my thyroid gland is still hyper even without Tapazole.

    She also said that if I feel that my heart rate is going up, take inderal only if necessary. 2 months ago, my heart rate went up to 120 bpm. I've read online that taking hawthorn berry capsule could help lowering the heart rate taken along with Inderal. Now, my heart rate drop down to 66 bpm. I felt good, not easily tired. plan to keep taking hawthorn 2x a day for now instead of 3. Hoping that tachycardia will never return. (The fast heart rate, the feeling of hard to breathe and weakness. like having a heart attack really really scared me.)

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      When my new Endo wanted to do a thyroid scan, I refused.  I had already had one done and he could have gotten those results by requesting the report from the facility where my former doctor worked.  She left her practice which is why I saw him.  Even though they use only a small amount of radioactive iodine to do the scan, I just did not think it was warranted.  I think your results are what they are because of what you were taking, especially the Acetyl because that is what it does.  You need to let her know that you are also taking supplements and what you have taken.  When my results changed after I took Acetyl, I showed the bottle to my Endocrinologist because he was shocked at the change in my labs and didn't know why.

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    It's my 1st time to do scanning? I never went through thyroid scan before. I never went back to my previous endos after hearing that when my next schedule to see them, either they'll schedule me for rai or asking me to opt for operation.

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    I called my endo for my result of thyroid scan made last week. she said I'm still hyper. I still have yet to see my result when I see her again on 1st or 2nd week of Aug. Dr. Recommend to take methimazole tapdin 5 mg 2x a day.

    Can my blood test results from about 3 weeks ago differ from my thyroid scan results last week?

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      The thyroid scan gives them information about your diagnosis.  The thyroid test results, i.e. TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 are different from the scan.  Yes your test results can vary a lot in three weeks, depending on what you were taking.
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    My latest blood tests shows

    TSH 1.940 ulU/mL range (0.27~4.20 ulU/mL)

    FT3 (ECLIA) 3.48 pmol/L range (2.80~7.10 pmol/L)

    FT4 (ECLIA) 5.73 pmol/L range (12.00~22.00 pmol/L)

    I am taking Tapazole 5mg 2x a day. And Inderal 10 mg 2x a day.

    Does it mean that I am still hyper or hypo now?

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      Easily gets tired. I added taurine on top of my medication. My menstruation were late and very black. somehow, I don't know if it's menstruation still or blood lost already. Then I also added iron + folic vitamins. which I take when I wake up, and after eating I'll take the taurine, and give a few hours to take my multi vitamins and medication. 3 hours after that I'll drink c-lium powder. Have a few back pain which comes and go. Maybe I'll see my endo tom or Monday if time permits. my resting heart rate were still high around 90 bpm, but I don't feel any palpitations. so I still drink Inderal 2x a day along with hawthorn berry capsule now it's taking its effect 78 bpm. My hair is also falling when taking shower.

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    Something is bothering me, soo much, if I am now hypo,should I switch to another medication? Or still methimazole could help with with hypo? I would ask my endo about medication on Monday, I just want to make sure that I'm taking the right medication. Thank you in advance ??. Because my cbc mean corpuscular volume is going up, I've searched online saying that it may be caused by being hypo or being anemic, I've been anemic when I was still in elementary school, that's why I'm adding iron+folic vitamins on top of my multi vitamins. but it seems that it's still going up. I went from 94.40 fL (range 79.40~94.80 fL) Feb 2016.

    To 98.30 fL on July 2016. And yesterday 100.70 fL ( lab ranges remains the same as above mention )

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