Hyperthyroidism and possible UTI

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Hiya guys just looking for some advice as since diagnosis a couple of months ago it seems to be one thing after another! Im on carbimazole (2 tablets a day can't remember the mg) and vitamin D supplements (don't know if it's related but just thought I'll shove it in in case). I'm on waiting list to see the specialist as I'm only 20 years old and I have a lump in the side of my neck which is likely to be a nodule and I have an obvious goitre as my neck is quite swollen. I had a chest infection a couple of weeks ago where I completely lost my voice and had a fever etc. Was on antibiotics and had to come off carbimazole while they did a blood test but blood count came back fine and so I'm back on them. I'm having monthly blood tests and my last one showed my levels were coming down so was happy to have some good news at last! But then tonight I started earlier with moderate pain in that area (not sure how to be polite about this lol) and progressively worsened at work to the point where I thought I was gonna burst out crying! Then came home and went to the toilet and was in so much pain when urinating. It's not a stinging but more like a full on pain then happens toward the end of weeing. I've taken paracetamol but still in pain and now feel like I need to wee all the time. I've been 3 times in the past hour and that is so unlike me as I barely ever wee lol (I know I should probably drink more water!) I assumed it was a UTI but have never had one before so am really worried! Obviously it's the weekend now so can't go to the doctors until Monday. I probably would just leave it longer as I'm sick of that place now, literally been like 5 times in the past couple of weeks! But now I've noticed that there is blood in my urine, it started off as pink when I wiped but is getting darker everytime I go and now I'm unsure. I have no idea if this is related to hyperthyroidism or not, I'm still so new to all of this! I'm just not sure really what to do, whether to leave it and cross my fingers or if it is a cause for concern! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

Ps - should also add that I noticed over the past week that my urine has been smelling, I put it down to being on so many tablets and then being on antibiotics but now am wondering if that is also related!

Mind is running crazy as usual so really would appreciate any help!!

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    lydia How awful for you..

    Please see an Out of Hours dr asap.

    In the meantime- I find that a half a teasp of bicabonate of soda in a full large glass of water helps to  calm the cystitis down. If u google interstitial cystitis u will find lots of info on this. I would definitely ssee the dr urgently.


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    Lydia ...

    you poor thing ..... it sounds like you may have a urine infection .. and the way they normally treat that is with Antibiotics.... so get back to that place you hate .... as soon as you can ..

    ......Where you will be medicated quickly and probably within three days you'll feel like you're old self again .

    You may NOT drink much water ... but that is not clever ... you MUST drink water ... it's what you're made of . And as soon as you do , you will feel so much better .. plain water is best ... and loads of it !!

    after you take antibiotics it can leave you with a yeast infection as they can kill off some of our Good Bacteria ..whilst killing the bad Ines ....

    so buy some Acidophilus ...take vitamin C and maybe a multivitamin tablet daily to get back to normal .

    Best of luck

    And pick up the phone and make the appt to better health

    Luv mx🌹

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    Sorry you feel so bad, Lydia. Whenever my daughter takes antibiotics she takes one little pill at the onset of the antibiotic to prevent yeast infections. It's called Diflucan. The doc can give you a script for that along with the medication he prescribes. Also, eating yogurt is good, but not sure if you can with thyroid issues? Hope you feel better soon. xo 

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    Sounds very much like a UTI but sounds like it may have progressed to pyelonephritis (kidney infection) any fevers or chills? Either way you need to see a doctor asap as pyelonephritos can hurt your kidneys!
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    Didn't mean to raise your anxiety levels but I am a registered nurse and you really should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. As to the water I agree you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day as this keeps your kidneys flushed helping to prevent bacteria from going in an upward direction and also for general health. Bicarb decreases the acidity of your urine (like ural or citravescent) which helps inhibit bacterial growth but a full on UTI or kidney infection will probably require a sterile urine specimen so they can prescribe an antibiotic that targets the bug that is causing the problem (especially as you have already been on antibiotics which haven't helped your urine symptoms). Let us know how you get on please and good luck 🤗

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    Hiya guys, thanks for all your help and advice! It got so much better over the weekend so was a bit bad and just ignored it but things have kind of just stayed the same now! Still sore when weeing and now I just sort of feel uncomfortable, it's almost like thrush but I know it isn't as I used to get it all the time! It's not very nice because of this weather! I need to try and get to doctors really but it's going to be hard before bank holiday weekend and then I won't be able to get in until next week! So has anyone got any advice for me? I'll keep drinking plenty of water but is there anything I can get over the counter or anything to help? I thought about getting one of those thrush tablet just to see if it would help?

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      you can buy Cranberry tablets .. holland and barrett or in Amazon next day delivery  high dose !

      also quench your thirst with Cranberry juice and water  plenty water 

      if you can find apple cider vinegar    ( with The Mother ) 

      google it to find out more ..

      that will help the acid alkaline balance and improve matters very quickly

      luv mx🌹

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