Hyperthyroidism- diagnosed 3 days ago

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Hi ,

After feeling not at myself for a while, having a racing heart etc and losing 1.5stone in less than a month, I went to the doctors and had all bloods done and an ECG, turns out my results came back that I have an overactive thyroid, I was given propranolol and carbimazole, I need to take 80mg of propranolol a day, and 20mg of carbimazole.

I have been referred to an endocrinologist and will maybe have a few months to wait,

I was also told that my levels of folic acid are very low so I had to get supplements for that, and also that my liver function is out of range, however they said that can happen quite often due to blood sample etc..

I just want any insight on what to expect, I have no idea why this has happened and also wanting to know the chances of Graves' disease? And what will that mean?

I feel worst in the morning with regards I be very jittery and figitty, but in the evening I feel fine almost as though there's absolutely nothing wrong..

I'm putting that down to the tablets maybe??

Any advice or chat would be so appreciated I was in complete shock when I got these results back and hate the thought of not knowing anything more for a few months..

Will I have this for ever??

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    Hi Colleen

    The first thing to say is don't worry! Youre in the right place here and will get some great advice from everyone - I remember when I found out I wasn't very well and had Graves I didn't know what to do and found my way here. I got really sick and was in hospital for a fortnight but that was quite unusual - so don't worry.

    It might take a few months or so to get your levels in check but they will and you'll start to feel better - there are a number of options that your endo will talk to you about (i can only tell you what mione told me - i'm NOT a doctor) i was put on to what is called block and replace therapy that lasted about 6-9 months where you take a supressant to stop the thyroid working and thyroxine to compensate for your non working thyroid then after 6-9 month you stop taking the meds - its kind like doing CTRL ALT & DELETE on your thyroid - worked like a charm for me for three years when I had a bit of a relapse and had RAI which did the job a bit too well and I'm now under active but its much easier to manage up than it is to manage down...and you get free prescriptions!!! (in the UK).

    The main thing to say is don't worry and let us know howe you get on! Good luck


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    There are different thyroid disorders that can cause hyperthyroidism. Graves' disease affects about 1 in 200 people and is much more common in women. It would be helpful to get a printout of your blood test and mention at least the thyroid related results in your post. If you do so you will have to include the measuring units and the normal range (as it can vary). 

    The thyroid output is not uniform throughout the day. If you feel more jittery in the morning take your Carbimazole in the morning. Same with Propranolol take it when you feel agitated but do not exceed your daily dose. It might help to keep a chart with your resting heart rate. 

    It is a good thing that you feel better in the evening. For me it was just the opposite. As a result I had trouble falling asleep and was restless and hungry during the night. 

    To your question: You will not have this forever. The medication will kick in and suppress the output of (part of the) thyroxine. However there is already excess thyroxine in your blood stream and that has to be used up first. You will gradually feel better (in a matter of few weeks). 

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    Hallo Colleen,

    Just like you, I'm new to this. I came on here just 19 days ago. I can promise you that this is the place to get your head around what you have. There are people here who can answer your specific concerns.

    I have learned a lot too in just a couple of weeks. To give an example. I read prior to seeing my endocrinologist that "thyroid/Graves" was difficult to diagnose. Armed with that useful nugget of (false) knowledge, imagine my surprise when my endo looked at my bloods and immediately diagnosed Graves. I asked her why, and her not too helpful reply was "because of your blood test". The real reply should have been because I have antibodies in my blood which meant Grave's in my case. So you will need to find out via a blood test if you have antibodies or not.

    But it isn't my job to lecture here as I am still learning.

    I can tell you that three weeks ago I had such muscle weakness that I found it almost impossible physically to climb the stairs. Two flights (at work) had me gasping and puffing so much I couldn't talk at all for about ten minutes. It was clear to me that something was very, very wrong with me. Now, 19 days later I climbed the stairs two steps at a time. So Carbimazole is doing the trick regarding my symptoms. But I am on a high dose, 20mg twice a day. Next time I see my endo I will ask if it has to be so high. How do I know I'm on a high dose? From here. Others seem to take much less.

    Be calm. Read lots and lots of posts. See all the things you can do to help yourself. I am now paleo, so no milk and no gluten, no nightshade veg either. I am eating eggs. And you should see the healthy amount of veg I'm grazing through. There are a host of supplements that will help too, but I'll leave all that to the experts and of course you can start reading older posts to get an idea of what might help you even further.

    My goal is to get back to normal. That means not having antibodies. In a state of even better health than previously, especially due to healthy lifestyle, and learning to cope with stress. Stress is fairly normal, but I will soon the the queen of 'cool'. Just watch me.

    Here's to our forthcoming great health, Colleen. You have come to the right place.

    PS Another plus is there are people here from all over the world, so you will get a nice cross-cultural input. I find that very useful, as I am in France and suspect the high Carbimazole dose is a cultural decision.

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    Hi Colleen,

    I too was diagnosed just 14 days ago. My blood levels

    T3 = 22.0 (2.6-5.7)

    TSH = <0.01 (0.35-4.94)

    T4 = 31.6 (9.0 - 19.0)

    My resting heart rate was only 113, but like other people my heart went crazy when walking upstairs.

    My antibodies showed to be normal, however my left eye feels as though it's being pushed outwards, and constantly weeps. I'm convinced that I have Graves, my doctor thinks otherwise. So he's booked me in for an ultrasound scan on my thyroid, 3rd March.

    All I've been prescribed at the moment is Propranolol, 40mg daily in one dose.

    I'll follow you, just to make sure my gp is treating me well.

    Hope you feel better soon. Xx

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