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I'm a Hypothyroid "newbie" ( with dangerouly low B12 ) who found out only 4 weeks ago, following a full "MOT" bloods. ~ I went to the GP felling like the perverial Cr@p thinking it was down to very long days, and just hoping to have something to tell the boss so could get the length of my working days cut.

(( I'm an hourly visting caregiver ))

you can imagine my surprise to be told I'm *ILL!... eek

I'm a little frustrated too that I have *Other stuff* including gynea,  that is now being clumped in with "well that's down to your thyroid" adding to frustration.

(( I'm unsure if the OTHER STUFF actually is? ))

I have a question, ok 2 in 1.

Q) Did anyone else actually feel WORSE after they found out?

if so, then how long til you felt better?

Does anyone else have gynea issues? referal was URGENT!~ I've been and refered on to have a CT 2 weeks ago and waiting for results. cry

I've read other posts but nothing from a NEWBIE point of view.


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    Well, first off, you need to ask your doc what this "other stuff" is.

    second of all, what drove the hypothyroid diagnosis...it would be unusual if it was just low B12.the classic test is called TSH - thyroid stimulating hormone - did you have that and what was the value?

    I think most people feel worse after they find out, just human nature. At some point, maybe after the scan, you can expect discussion of medication to boost the amount of thyroid hormone in your blood, because, typically, to little of the hormone is what makes you feel poorly. 

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      It was a general *unwellness that prompted GP visit as I'm not a frequant visitor to the surgery~ Although I have been more in the last 6 weeks than in the last 6 years!( possibly longer = I thought I don't get sick, just worn out)

      For this reason alone the GP ordered the full bloods for baseline testing~ I really haven't been in years, for anything more than a (work related) pulled mucsle.

      Test showed CA125 underactive thyroid(I don't have the numbers of original counts) 

      "The other stuff" is the gynea and things that I knew of before.

      ( the gynea is new other stuff but generally the rest is long term stuff that I knew about, so not showed much attention to it.... til now wink

      I was put on 50mg Thyroxine, which has to me made no difference and I'm actually feeling physically worse. ~ Possibly anxiousness waiting for gyne results not helping the situation( they were URGENT REFFERALS!)

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      The medication will take several weeks to have any effect. Then get your TSH measured again and find out what the value is. The doc may then up the dose. Was the CT done on your neck/thyroid area? If so that's good as they want to find what's going on there.

      sorry, I don't know what CA125 is/means. 

      From a newbie point of view, the best advice is don't necessarily expect a quick fix, and get yourself educated using Dr Google, because a lot of doctors don't have much of a clue how to treat this condition, so you need to be informed enough that you can push and ask the right questions. Keep us in the loop and good luck!

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      CT was for gynea

      CA125 is a cancer marker( a MARKER, however it does not automatically mean cancer)

      I'm hoping my boss is as actually caring and understanding as I amsad as I've not been able to give details as I don't have the full info.

      I'm hoping to get the full low-down( results )soon, so I can explain why I'm a super sleepy grouch redface ( not my normal cheery self by any means 

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    OK I Googled the CA125 test and so can you. It does not appear to be a test for thyroid problems, so maybe your doctor got you a bit confused?

    CA stands for Cancer Anitgen so it sounds like they want to rule out any type of cancer, most especially ovarian. Normal values are 0 to 30 but an elevated value does not necessarily indicate cancer as there are other reasons for a high value. By the way the 125 in CA 125 is the name of the test, NOT your value!

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    Well, tell your doc you need the darn info to show your boss! Maybe get a doctors letter. You must take charge here, not let "the system" mess you around.

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      There has been an update today.

      ( apologies if I've got the wrong thing, so will just post the numbers I know )

      1st blood test showed I was 20.? but last weeks showed it's dow to 11.9 ~ this was on 50mg

      Spoken to the GP who is doubling the dose to 100mg with immediate effect.

      I still feel like 5h!t ( to the point I feel worse! = explained to GP )

      and have been given a couple of weeks off.

      PS. no results info from gyne CT yet.question


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    Eat foods high in protien and dont eat and cauliflower cabbage turnip broccoli or carrots 4 weeks and you should be feel a lot better! 

    Please try this at the end of the day it's only food it can't harm you!

    take care 


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      Thank you,

      But why those vegetables in particular?

      I *have been trying to eat more "healthily"

      Being out and about for work (long days mostly driving between calls= I've had to take some time out for myself, hence the eating better )

      I am trying to be strick with myself and AVOID giggling for answers, but want feedback from folks who are or have been through similar difficulties?

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      My fiancee had hypothyroidism and I fix it for her, in most cases it hashimotos disease which is where the immune system attacks the thyroid and the only way to put it right is to stay off all the immune boosting food and eat foods high in protien!

      You see the protien feeds the cells in your body put the T4 right and the T3 will follow, that's what this diet does puts this right and it's just food so no harm done!

      She was pregnant at the time and this fact made it even harder to treat her as most of the foods she couldn't eat, eggs had to be hard boiled she ate nuts and organic chicken and the other vegetables that don't boost the immune system, after 4 weeks she went back to eating her normal diet and was checked at the doctors through her bloods and the doctor couldn't believe it, I did tell him what I would do! 

      Let me know how you get on okay?

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      I never said that it's a cure for all ppl if you read what I have said it will cure most I said not all ?

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    Dave I never said it was it will not help everyone but its up to the individal to make a choice.

    I have done what I can the rest is up to you 

    the information is there it's simple 

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    I'm being giving conflicting information, regarding *WHEN to take thyroxine?

    does anyone have anything to add to this? as I have been taking it in the evening before going to bed


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