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Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism?

Was Does it mean if my TPO antibodies are 400+

Just seen endocrinologist for first time as I have been on 1200 calories diet and still not losing weight and I swim 3-4 times per week!

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid Dec 2013 and put on 75mg levothyroxine, every blood test since has been out of normal range with TSH usually around 8.5 I get meds put up by 25mg so that I am now on 175mg. Endocrinologist said that given my obesity it will probably climb to 250mg! But she's not concerned- she said thyroid would not be the reason I'm not losing weight and would send me for blood tests but discharging as not concerned 😳

She went on holiday (after sending letter to gp saying levothyroxine is likely to rise) and I got a call from another endocrinologist who said my TSH was 0.11 below normal range (T4 - 21)and levothyroxine needed reducing!

So this is normal? Different websites say TSH of 0.11 would advocate hyperthyroidism- how can I swing from hypo - hyper and it be normal?

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