Hypothyroidism when taking 60 mcg of T3 a day got Atrial F

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My partner who has been taking up to 60 mcg/day of T3 supplementation since October 2015 has now got Atrial Fibrillation.  Is 60 mcg/day of T3

too much?


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    Hello Monsie:

    My name is Shelly and I am a nurse in the USA.  I have Hashimoto's Thyroid disease since 1987.

    T3 is a powerful medication and a person should not be on more than 20mcg.  It effects the heart and is a powerful hormone.  So in short, that is a huge dose and should be reduced slowly.  Contact the doctor for an alternative such as Levothyroxine and a small dose of Liothyronine (T3).  Or better yet a natural  thyroid medication such as Armour Thyroid which contains T3 and T4 and is made from a pig's gland which is very close to a human's one

    Keep us posted on how you do, any questions just ask,


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      Thanks Shelly

      We are going through a very difficult time. We were told by a Yahoo

      Group we both needed T3. In Australia is Tetroxin. We were in that

      group for a year. We were trying to lower the very high rt3 we both

      had. Wed were advised to carry on taking 80, 90, even 100 mcg/day.

      I asked the Yahoo group a few times if I should decrease the intake

      of 90 mcg of T3.  The moderator told me to stay on it.  

      My partner has now AF. The doctors in the hospital want him to

      stop T3 immediatelly and HC in 90 days.

      Laurie has I think secondary Addison's disease.

      I have already had an Addison's crisis in June 2015.

      I have covered I a lot of ground.

      So many contradictions

      Thanks rolleyes...

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      When we joined the Yahoo group, we were told we had to take

      t3 and increase it to 90mcg to even 100 mcg in order to minimise

      the amount of high rt3 we both had. 12 weeks was the time. After

      those to weeks we asked what we had to do and the Yahoo group

      said to stay on it longer. We were caught on that without knowing

      how to come out of it. We have unsucribed from the group because

      we were getting nowhere, n o results. More than a hundred emails/day...



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      Hello Monsie:

      We need T3 but not in that amount.  T3 is the useable hormone by the body and most thyroid meds are a mcg/kg ratio and like I said it should not be used alone in that high of a dosage.

      Please follow a medical professional advice and not a Yahoo  group person.  The AFIB will stop once the dose is down and the body is detoxed.

      There are many thyroid meds with both T3 and T4 in them and once your friend is stable they will prescribe the right med for the person.

      Addison's is a very severe condition of the adrenal gland. You must be under medical care for that.  Please take care of yourself and your friend.


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      Thank you Shelly

      I went to a Yahoo group and now Patient group because in Australia doctors do not 'treat' any problem with the adrenal glands, thyroid, they do not treat Addison's disease, Laurie's only visit to an endocrinologist, the doctor spent the time talking about Laurie's prostate's future. He was


      I have seen 3 endocrinologists

      1. He touched my abdomen looking I do not know for what with such cold hands, that I could not recover from a discomfortable feeling for


      2. He tested me for Cushing's, when I told him that 50 years ago I

      was treated for my adrenals whilst pregnant as I was very sick. I do

      not look Cushing's at all.

      3. Called me drogadict because after following the advice of a woman

      who knows all about the book STTM, my  thyroid blood tests were BAD.  I am 78 years old.

      Doctors in Australia do not want to hear the word hydrocortisone. There

      is some problem with HC that I cannot get to the bottom of.

      Because of all that, we have to ask for help overseas in various groups.


      monsie pickles


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      Hello Monsie:

      The adrenal glands and the thyroid work with each other as partners so if you take too much of a thyroid med the adrenals can shut down or get stressed.  Addisions is serious and I am hoping it will calm down after proper thyroid levels are obtained and support of the adrenal glands is achieved.

      We need PROPER levels of thyroid hormone but not excessive levels at all.  T3 and T4 effect the heart rate and rhythm.

      Follow your doctor's advice and the AFIB should stop after levels return to normal.  The body can recover but it needs time.

      Keep me posted on how you both do,


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      Hello Monsie:

      Well the thyroid controls a lot in our bodies, it helps control our metabolism and our energy levels and our bowels and our immune system and in women the periods and ability to have children.

      STTM is a good book, I heard of it.  We need proper thyroid levels for each of us, but excessive amounts will bother the heart and adrenals.

      Doctor's:  Some are good and some know very little about adrenals and thyroid.  Some GP's know more than an ENDO.  The hard part is to find a good doctor.

      Hydrocortisone is helpful for long term pain but any type of steriod type of drug can cause brittle bones and other problems and immune system problems.  They are not used for long periods of time usually. It also may have to do with what is available via your health system and if they carry the medication in their formulary.

      Keep me posted on how you do,


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      Thanks Shelley

      You understand the problem. I was treated for my adrenals in 1965 whilst pregnant, by a Gyno to help me as I was feeling very bad. He said I should look for help for my adrenals. I have never found a doctor in Spain, UK or Australia who wanted/knew enough to help. I resorted since 1965 to healthy food and drinks, meditation, skills to cope with


      JOB IN THE GOVERNMENT from 9 am to 2pm!!!!!!!!!!!. Fully paid. In

      Melbourne later on, I had a job at the Spanish Consulate as the Spanish

      consul from 9 am to 2pm. Fully paid.

      In Australia, they saved my life when I had the Addison's crisis because

      I had started taking HC (bought in USA) 2 months before. I had the crisis. I had been deteriorating the previous 3 years having pneumonias

      and generally feeling worse with a body temp bellow 36C and pulsations

      below 60. I did not know that when gettin a virus and some other instances, HC has to be double the HC dosis for three days until the virus, infection, vomiting, dentist, has been controlled. I have been sick

      all my life as a child as well. I have to take HC for the rest of my life as

      my body needs the cortisol my wrecked adrenals cannot produce.

      My partner also has Addison´s. His is Secondary Addison´s with his

      own problems.

      As for him the doctor wants to see him in 3 months time. Before that

      there is no control of BP or anything by the medical profession.

      We have been ill advised by a group in Yahoo and we have taken too

      much T3. I was sending emails about that, but they insisted we had

      to take up to 100 mcg.

      Thanks for your help and interest


      to the dentist, vomiting, fever


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      Hello Monsie:

      Our late USA President JFK had Addison's and they used to give him cortsiol injections. That was how they used to treat it.  Of course that was back in the day and they hushed it up as they did not want it to get out he was ill with it.  JFK had meds stashed around the USA for him and of course in 1960's America it was a big deal.

      Yes, you need the cortsione via HC.  The problems is a lot of doctor's hardly know about Addison's Disease and the way you have to treat it. 

      You couple that up with any thyroid problems and it is a real dilema to handle. The 2 glands need each other so it is a struggle to support both. Do what you can to find a doctor who knows about it. that is the tricky part.

      It can bother your blood pressure, have horrible back pain, lose weight fast, bone problems, etc...

      When you are pregnant it adds even more stress on the thyroid and adreanals so I can imagine that would be a huge problem for you back then.

      It sounds like you had a great job, and got to travel a bit as well and see other places in the world. 

      T3 is very powerful and the Naturals work well, Armour Thyroid and Thyroid S and Thyroid W are some name brands.  They contain all 4 hormones made by the thyroid.  They are made from a pig's gland and work better than the synthetics do.  They contain more T3 in them but the pig is very close to our human gland and many find it much better for them.  It is safer also.

      Keep looking for a doctor who knows how to handle the Addisons Disease.

      Do keep me posted on what happens,



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      Many thanks again. In the 60's (Poor John Kennedy...) I was also treated

      with injections. I had the most wonderful Gyno team. A father and 2 sons.

      The father had been my mum's gyno when she gave birth to me. His name was Santiago Dexeus, the sons, José María Dexeus and the younger, also,Santiago Dexeus. Barcelona clinic, private but affordable.

      I emigrated to Australia in 1981. I could not settle, went back to Spain

      where my job was kept for me to go back to, for 10 years. So I did, went

      back to Barcelona to work again.

      I also have Hashimoto's (attack on the 12th Sep. 2015), psoriasis, IBD or IBS? Sjogren's syndrome.

      Laurie's Addison's Secondary has given him lots of neurological problems. We have been very lucky to find a group called MindSpot helping him. He's much, much better. Laurie is from London and a lovely

      person who due to his thyroid/adrenal problems had become unstable

      and changed his personality. Australia is a country with a very low population and resources/services are not the best.

      Once I am stable, reducing the T3 pooling, (I had  horrible thyroid labs

      on the 2nd April), I'll work on  Armour

      Many Thanks again.

      monsie pickles

      (montserrat gallardo in Spain)


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      Hello Monsie:

      I also have Hashimoto's and Sjogren's syndrome.  I am in Hawaii and I went to Australia many years ago for my honeymoon.  Saw Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns, but like you said  big country and small population of people.

      Support and treatment of Addison's is so important and you know that. Keep me posted on how you do,



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      Yes, I will keep you posted.

      The 'team of doctors' in that rural hospital were Laurie was from Sat to

      Wed, reduced the amount of HC Laurie has been taking for 1 year now.

      That team of doctors were cardiologists. I do not understand how they

      could 'alter' that amount which is in physiological, not above it. They

      cut Laurie's HC by 11mg. (35mg to 24mg).

      Yes is a small country and the professionals want to show their power

      and control. The money/profit making is another dark side of this big

      country with not enough people to make it substantial. Low aldosterone

      that Laurie has, it has never been discussed... they do not know what

      aldosterone is. Or where the pituitary adenomas grow.

      As for my Addison's the general practitioners refuse to give me HC in spite the fact I have a letter from a hospital with : 'Addison's disease certified'.

      Is Hawaii nice?

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      Hello Monsie:

      Hawaii is nice and expensive too...LOL.  However since it is the 50th state we have good medical care.

      You need to keep your Addison's in check and I think you have to fight to get the medication you need.  I realize the system there is not knowledgeable enough on how to treat it.  This is a problem where the population is small and not enough doctors who are trained well enough to know about HC.   Is there any appeal process you can go through or do you have to buy it from abroad?

      Keep me updated,



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      Hi !

      I always though Hawaii was nice... here we find it expensive too...

      Do you know Japanese people ? Are they nice. Spain was not involved

      in the 2nd World War, so I have not been brought up/influenced by

      all that, and I like Japan i have visited some countries in Europe and

      spent some time doing that, but I could never make it to Japan itself.

      As for the Addison's medication, I have had prescriptions for a few

      months. I do not know from now, because the intervention of that

      horrible Endo may have changed the way things were done. The

      general practitioners can take an interest on Addison's for instance,

      but they have to follow the 'instructions' and they do not give  HC prescriptions, like with Laurie, he needs Florinef as well as HC and we have to buy it in USA, expensive because we do not have prescription to show. (his secondary Addison's is negated as well). An other thing

      is that the ingredients they make HC with are the cheapest. If one

      needs better ingredients, one has to have the tablets made in a c

      compounding pharmacy at a cost of AU$ 370 for 2 months, 1 person.

      Can we trust the compounding pharmacists????

      There are no appeal processes in Aussie, I never heard about that ..

      In Aussie problems, regulations, legislations, etc are immovable. Some

      bodies and organisations with fancy names, I have tried some of them

      DO NOT SOLVE ANYTHING. But it looks nice to have them.

      In the World Health Organisation's 2012 Health Ranking Australia is

      number 32 and USA 36 if I remember well. Spain was 16 and France 1.


      I do not need a prescription for another month and a half. (Laurie takes

      HC from on of my prescriptions, but he can digest everything and does

      not need the compound HC).

      If you hear anything to do with Addison's that sounds interesting, let

      me know please.



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