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Good day, I just met with my GYN and was told that my fibroids r getting so big that I need a hysterectomy. I am scared and asked her if she could just take the tumor out. She said no since I am 46 and will not kids anymore. It is recommend to remove everything. I do bleed a lot during my period and anemic. Please reply and let me know your thoughts and experience after the an hysterectomy.

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    A hysterectomy for fibroids? Surely there must be another way.

    Your Gynae sounds very old school 'sure you don't need that old thing anymore. We'll take it all away and remove ALL your problems'!

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    I would opt to have my uterus taken out if I had fibroids as long as they left my ovaries. No more periods yippee but a bit of hormone imbalance (uterus has hormone content also) as long as you don't want anymore children what's not too like

    Just make sure you ask all the right questions and that is definatley what you want

    Good luck

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      I'm with you woo3353.  I would have my GYN keep my ovaries.  Sometimes the fibroids are so big they take up to much of the uterus and how's to say they won't come back.  You could go for a second opinion, michelle3353.  That may ease your mind.

      Good luck and keep us posted.

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    Hi, Michelle,

    Sorry you're going through this. I understand that you are concerned about having a hysterectomy at 46, but having fibroids is (to me) an indication that there is something going on in your uterus that could lead to other, more worrisome concerns, such as endometrial cancer.  Certainly, seek a second opinion.  

    Please try not to let your fear get in the way of making a good decision. I recently had a hysterectomy at 67, which is much older than you are, but I was able to have my surgery early because another patient cancelled her surgery.  I can't imagine why--because to me, it's not safe to keep a diseased organ in your body, especially an organ that could develop cancer.  

    My surgery went well, and I was uncomfortable for about a week, but am feeling better all the time.  

    Best of luck, and let us know how you do.   

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    Hello Michelle,

    A hysterectomy is the only procedure that guarantees to get rid of fibroids permanently but gynecologists are supposed to give you all the options such as:

    Esmya tablet to shrink fibroid

    Myomectomy surgery to remove fibroid only

    Uterine Fibroid Embolisation (UFE) procedure that cuts of blood supply to fibroids so they will stop growing and die

    There are other procedures also but the ones above plus hysterectomy seem to be best for large fibroids (from what I have heard and read)

    I had the UFE procedure 11 months ago. I was suffering from extreme heavy bleeding, flooding,large clots,pressure pain in back and abdomen,frequent urination, fatigue, anemia fainting spells, night sweats etc.

    The procedure was very successful for me and all my symptoms are gone and I now have light/normal periods and can use one pack of pads for the duration of my period compared to using one pack a day.

    I was told the same things by my gynaecologist and I am finished having my children and was 44 but didn't feel comfortable having my uterus removed yet. I researched my options and read information on the uterine fibroid forum before making up my mind. I am very pleased with the results of the procedure and glad to be back to my normal self.

    Lots of ladies have also had excellent results with other procedures including hysterectomy so research your options and choose the one that you feel would be best for you. But make sure you get the fibroids treated if they are affecting your quality of life. Good luck

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    Hi Michelle, I had a fibroid at 50 it was a small one 3cm hanging from m uterus like a stalk surprise I did not drop out....I went on to having out on a one day surgery procedure and that was it all over

    my mum and aunt also had big hug ones and had to have hysterectomy because of the size so I guess I was lucky I was not prepare to wait till the menopause over from them to disappear, because that would cause me then to have OP thenĀ 

    I thought they were other ways now to get rid of them without removing your womb, you need to find out more info ok.

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    Hi Michelle,

    I think a hysterectomy is about the only way to get rid of fibroids if they are large or if you have many and they are causing problems.

    I'm a bit older than you are...55yr. I had a hysterectomy 9 months ago. I had suffered for many years with very heavy and painful periods. Had endometrial ablation done 16 years ago but the pain came back in my late 40's. I had 8 small fibroids and 2 other areas of adenomyosis along with extensive endometriosis attached to my bowel.

    My gynecologist, who is female, recommended a hysterectomy removing my uterus, fallopian tubes and cervix. My ovaries looked great when she did surgery and she left them in. The decision to leave them in was based on their appearance and the fact that I have no family history of gynecological cancer.

    I am SO glad we left ovaries in. I didn't have to suffer that immediate onset of surgical menopause. I am going through menopause the normal way. She did say that the ovaries will fail faster without the support of the parts that were removed and this could happen anywhere from 6 months to several years after hysterectomy..but they won't fail overnight so symptoms are lessened and HRT may not be necessary. Also...I read that even after menopause our ovaries may still produce small amounts of estrogen which can help protect against heart disease and bone loss.

    In my opinion a hysterectomy isn't a bad thing....no periods and no pain is wonderful! I would suggest talking to your doctor re the pros and cons of keeping your ovaries depending on your situation.

    Best of luck!

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      Thank you for the information. I was diagnose with fibroid at the age of 31 and was told not to worry if it does not bother me. I have a belly of a three months pregnant women and I have so many now. I am get a second opinion to see if they could do it vaginally since I have read that is also possible. Again thanks for replying.
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    Hi when you say big fibroids what exactly do you mean?

    Two separate gynos have told me I've got many fibroids and the two biggest were the size of a baseball and a golfball.

    One of them said the uterus is able to hold the size of 9 month old baby and never mentioned getting them removed. But said once in menopause they start shrinking with less estrogen feeding them.

    So didn't think twice about it now until reading this post.

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