I fear about asthma and diabetes

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Hi all

I'm wondering if someone can either tell me I'm over reacting or confirm that something is wrong and I need to seek help.

Recently I have suffered with really bad anxiety and one of the symptoms I have is difficulty in exhaling and taking deep breaths. My chest sometimes feels tight and my heart races (probably because I start over thinking something bad is going to happen).

I did post in here recently and I was given breathing techniques to try (which I have done). However as it happens often how do I know if it's being caused by my anxiety or to do with asthma? I'm not convinced I actually have asthma as apparently there's no clear tests to determine and therefore I'm scared to use the inhaler I've been given encase it does more harm than good.

Also on a regular basis, I feel shaky, sick and light headed. 

Again how do I know if these are symptoms of anxiety or diabetes? I've never been tested for diabetes as my gp said that because I don't eat often they can't test me - is that true?

What would happen if it is diabetes and I don't know and this continues to happen!

I am trying to eat regularly and when I have these symptoms i try have a banana or some skittles or fruit juice to see if that helps.

I just wish I could get the all clear on these symptoms.

Sorry for the long story and thanks in advance for any advice x

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    I also suffer from lack of air, chest feeling tight and light headed 24/7.  In my case they took an xray some months ago and it showed COPD mild.  3 days after I was cleared of COPD with the lung specilist ( did really good) my Light headed, lack of air and tie chest started.  Xanax appear to be the only medication that helps with all 3 of these systoms.  But what a .5mg did before no longer does today, but still helps.  My Doc is looking for alternative but so far no luck.  Still taking one .5mg pill daily but living in pain the rest of the day with the pill.  Doc did approve I take as much as 3 times daily but I don't want to until I get something that is not addictive and sedative. The last he gave me in not even used for anxierty and it appear to be working a little, but in my opinion he will have to increase the dose to really test this medication.   btw, I also took 2 lung test with my allergies which I past as well and another x-ray which my Doc should have received the results by Thursday so that could mean I came out clear as well because he did not call me to give me the bad news.-)   So yes, it could be 100% anxierty, but you will never know until thy run further testing on you.

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      Thanks for replying and telling me your story.

      I have had chest X-rays and it has come back clear. Also when I've been drs and they've listened to my chest they said it's clear and they can't hear any rattling.

      I hope your results on Thursday come back all ok - please let me know.

      I don't like taking medication and sometimes I feel the doctors are just too quick to prescribe something.

      Plus like you, I don't want to be on something which is addictive.

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      Yes, I will do anything before I take medications.  I understand some people need them badly and for them they are a miracle, but if your condition is not severe they should look for alternative instead of giving us these mediactions that sometimes leads to another problem. ;-(    But yes, I feel for you because I know how you feel so keep me updated. Hopefully soon we wil find an answer and feel much bettter.  Always good to know what did the trick so we can help others with the same problem.  ;-)
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      I agree totally - if I can have anything apart from tablets id rather have that. I have had counselling, hypnosis, read books and now I need to see a physcaratrist.

      Hopefully there will be an answer soon and no medication will be needed.

      If however, medication is needed I'll give it thorough research before taking it.

      I'll definitely keep you posted on any progress I make smile

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    hiya tinytitch, i have dibetes and asthma, when i was diagnosed with diabetes i was weeing aall the time even without eating anything and was shaky, my asthma is bad atm which i had a very bad attack 2 weeks ago and ended with a servere chest infection which i have just got over due to smoking 30-35 rollups daily, i have quit now and using the electronic cig which my chest has just gone back to normal, go have a test for diabetes and as for your inhaler, its there to help you control your breathing and will  losen the tightness etc, im having trouble eating atm where i can chew food but cant really swallow it which i have to try this with water and as  you know people with diabetes have to eat sad  were all here to listen and advise as it helps me reading other stories on here, hope you feel better asap smile feel free to talk anytie to me.
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      Maybe it would out UR mind at ease to get a test kit for high surger blood count . If UR not on a fast for the GP office can do one or a urine level.. A weeks worth a gallon lol... A sterile jug u fill and take to the lab can give a average o sugar levels in ur blood.. This way u can find out if UR insulin resistant or pot diabetic and adjust UR diet etc. Carbs r pure sugar too.

      High sugar and low sugar blood level can cause those symptoms.

      my partner is diabetic. Unfortunately ..

      When I eat sugar I'm not at all into any sugar unless it's chocolate... Hehe

      I shake from a sugar rush in foods or soft drinks ..chest pains heart palps so there is my experience. May not be urs but it's my two cents. Might help.

      Take care 

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