I have been suffering bad anxiety all day - need advice on Mitrtazapine

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For last 3 weeks or so I have been having panick attacks and have been taken diazepam from doctor to help and sleeping tablet for night time.

Although today is the worst yet !!!!

I went to doctor today and he gave me 15mg of Mirtazapine and I have to take a half b4 bed, BUT my question is will this help take away my anxiety instantly ?? I have taken 10mg of diazepam today and that's not helped me 1 bit!!!!!

I'm wondering if I take my sleeping tablet instead of these Mirtazapine will that be a quicker solution as that normally helps me rid of anxiety!

Hope someone can help who knows about Mirtazapine ???

Desperate here with shakes , sweats and heart racing and been like this all day

Thanks C xxx

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    Hi, I was on 15mg mitrazapine for a number of months after a breakdown. An hour after taking I couldn't keep my eyes open. Knocked me out completely! The lower the dose on this drug the stronger the sedating affect.

    Gave me a great nights sleep but the only problem I had was that it made me completely cross-eyed the following day. It's perhaps a bit too sedating but I would have really struggled to get to sleep without it, so it was a godsend. As soon as I came off of it the insomnia came back sad

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      Thank u so so much for replying to me!!! I'm in bits here !

      Full of anxiety feel sick and worried.

      Ok so do u think I should take it just now and that will help my anxiety and hopefully sedate me to calm me?

      Hope ur ok thanks so much


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      I've to take half a tablet doc said xx

      I was on sertrline but came off them on Saturday as they did not agree with me so he has put me on these

      I suppose I'm panicking about not feeling better as zoplicone normally helps me so worrying this tablet won't,

      I sound stupid saying all this. I should just take the tablet and shut up lol x

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      Hi, well I suppose it depends when you want to go to sleep! I really did just have to go to bed around an hour after taking it. I just couldn't keep my eyes open.

      If you have been prescribed it for longish term use then I would say it definitley helped me with my anixiety and mood. That may be just because I was getting a proper nights sleep every night. It really is hard to get up in the morning though which was a bit of a problem for me when I had my little boy to get to school.

      I'd say take it. I was in a complete state when I started it. I mean really....a complete state!! The mirt really helped calm me down. (I too had diazepam and it didn't do much for me either).

      I hope it helps you too. xxx

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      Thank u so much ur words r helping me so much xxx

      I'm off Tomoz

      I will let u know how I am Tomoz

      Thank u again 💝💝💝💝💝💝 xxxxxxxxx

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      Oh, ha! I've been on sertraline for over 5 weeks and it's been awful! So many side affects and hasn't helped me at all as far as I can tell. I'm wishing I had stuck with the mirt now!
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      Oh my god I had terrible side effects on that! Sweats so bad

      Why don't u go back n tell ur doctor ? That is what I done today n he took my tablets off me n put me on these.

      I felt they made me worse. But the feeling I have tonight is very similar to the side effects I had with that tablet . I'm presuming it's just severe anxiety for me tonight

      💖 I hope ur ok too 💖💖💖💖


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      Yeah, I think I will ask her to put me on something else. I can't believe how bad these pills are. She's on holiday just now so will have to wait!

      I think if you have just stopped those cold though you will have horrible withdrawl, which is maybe why you are feeling so bad tonite.

      I really hope you get on ok with the mirt. I wish I had some right now! xx

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      God that's a shame. I never liked them tablets at all and I just stopped taking them sat night as felt so bad.

      Do u have a sleeping tablet U can take? Coz u can take them with that tablet.

      Maybe ur rite that's prob what's happening to me a combo of my anxiety and they tablets

      All I know for sure tonight is I would t wish this upon my worst enemy !

      I've still not taken that tablet yet I'm scared but will take it at 9.30.

      Hope ur ok .

      What we like falling apart!

      So glad I found this site .

      Found it difficult talking to friends about this xxxxxx hugs for u

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    Hi Charlene.

    Mirtazapine will not rid your anxiety straight away.

    It's one of the faster acting antidepressants but still takes two weeks to start working. However in small doses 7.5 or 15 mg it will help you sleep and this effect works within an hr or two of taking it.

    They will only prescribe valium for the short term relief of anxiety as it can become addictable and eventually you will have to increase the dose of valium for the same effect.

    I would try the mirtazapine tonight and maybe think about taking it for at least two weeks as it should help with your anxiety in the long term and will definitely help you sleep.

    I wouldn't combine sleeping tablets ie zopiclone with mirtazapine without talking to your gp first.

    I feel for you ,your not alone feeling like this. I'm on 45mg of mirtazapine for anxiety and panic attacks. I also take 10mg of valium now and again.

    Hopefully you will feel better soon .

    Best wishes xRichx

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      Oh thank u so much for replying

      I am in a state here now crying just a build up of feeling like this all day and now finding this site for help is overwhelming me

      Ok I will take it tonight then n just go to bed and hope for the best

      i can normally control my anxiety but really can't tonight but this is helping talking and hearing back from u for help

      Thanks so much. Hope ur ok too 😪💝

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      I took sertraline for 3 months and it made me suicidal 😠 . I had an emergency appointment with my gp who swapped me from 100mg of sertraline to 30 mg of mirtazapine that day.

      I do feel better, I still have bad days hence the valium but no where near the insanity that i had on sertraline .

      You may feel a bit strange in the morning after taking mirtazapine but it soon wears of. I actually liked the strange feeling to be honest 😉.

      Hope you sleep well


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      OMG that's terrible !!!!! I knew it was a bad tablet after my 2nd week I felt 100 times worse !

      God glad u have sorted the problem of that tablet!!!!

      I can't thank u enough for replying to me in my hour of need!

      Going to take it at half 9.

      Oh I will prob like that feeling in morning too to be honest ha ha better than feeling anxious ! Lol


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      So, I've just come off mirtazapine 15 mg to 200mg sertraline ad hated weight gain. So far so good. Was on it few years ago for a year for depression and worked great but somehow didn't start of this bout back in December. Crossing everything it works now. Good luck everyone in finding what works best for them.
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      I know a couple of people that are on sertraline that it has worked well for. Unfortunately it just didn't work for me 😕.

      Mirtazapine did make me eat more at first but that's calmed down now and it helps me sleep..

      Will see how it goes been on 45mg for 2 months 30mg b4 that....

      Hope sertraline works well for you..

      Wishing you the best

      Rich x

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      Thanks Rich. That's the thing. I was on it a year and great, then didn't work second time, so third time lucky I guess. Feel a bit flat and not motivated to do anything but do have heavy cold atm.

      Loved mirtazapine as had lost one stone due to depression so eating and sleeping greatly improved my overall wellbeing. Just when I added on second stone I asked to change.

      Keep well

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