I have had BV for nearly 2 years,does anyone have any luck curing it?

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I've been battling this for so long now,I'm really getting hopeless. None of the medication I've been prescribed works, it will put it at bay for a week or two but then it comes back 100x worse. Have any of you actually beat this? If so can you please help a gal out. Thank you so much

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    I would like to know too. I've had it for 8 years and 30 different treatments medically and homeopathic remedies. Still nothing . I'm almost 30 and still a virgin because I stink too much for sex or relationship

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    how did you get your BV? im 19 years old. i first noticed that there's an abnormalities on my discharge on at the last weeks of february. It's been 7 months that i still have those (white discharge with bad odor, watery, thin, kinda itchy in the surface of my vagina.) I tried to go in an OB, but the doctor did not entertained me. Coz when i say to him that im still a virgin and i didnt do anything...that doctor doesnt believe me. I know that it is a BV even though the doctor doesnt say that it is BV. I still dont have any pills that takes in...And i am worried about that it can get to worst.

    May i know on how did you get your BV? thank you!

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      I was forced into receiving oral from a guy I was dating. So like an idiot I dated him because I felt like he had taken part of my virginity so I may as well stay. Anyways month in this smell happens I guess. He also gave me strep throat which I got antibiotics . I really don't know what came first . Doctors don't entertain me either . Whether it's vagina issues or regular issues. So I've stop going

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      Don't stop going just ask to see a different Dr ,? If possible!

      Forced that's awfull sorry to hear that I don't know if that can be passed that way but he should never had forced you ??an ??he deffinatley isn't worth sticking round with run for the hills xx

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    I was battling BV from September 15 up untill I plucked courage to go drs in July 16, ?they prescribed me metronidazole which I read many ppl say it didn't cure do i didn't believe it would but it fixed it for me ?an i later had sex on couple occasions and still fresh, it worked for me I took them exactley how the leaflet said and I also threw away my Lycra underwear replacing with cotton I also gave up energy drinks and it's not come back I hope it's the end of it but it feels great to be able to sit down and not smell it coming threw my pants/leggings hope u get cured soon it's horrible I believe I got this wen I slept with someone new Id met , I have slept with them since ?an still not returned x good luck

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    Okay so I'm am going to do my darnedest to get rid of this thig

    First I will be drinking 2L of water with lemon for 2 weeks,nothing else,no soda,coffe ect.

    Next I will cut all meat and sugar from my diet.(veggies only!)

    I will be taking a $50 vitamin supplement that better work!(that's a lot of money for vitamins lol)

    Also I will be washing all my clothing,especially my undergarments with organic tea tree spoap. (I have a suspicion my detergent is messing with my flora)

    Along with is I will be gently using cotton swab with a small amount of peroxide to clean my area. I don't want to use a douche because once I did it,it worked for about a week and then it came back so much worse.

    Finally I will be soaking in a hot bath with sea salt 3x a week. (I saw a woman on YouTube who said it worked for her.)

    Also ladies if you are a smoker I suggest you quit(at least for sometime) to see if your symptoms clear up as smoking is a variable in bv.

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    I cut out energy drinks ,

    I quit smoking

    I didn't have sex for a while

    I took a course of metronidazole

    And I threw my old underwear away and bought cotton,

    Then one by one I started my bad habits again to see? What happened ?

    Here's what I did,

    I was cleared of bv, so fresh was unreal.

    I had sex still ok,??With and with out condom,

    I finished my tablets after a month I was still ok ??

    I wore my cotton under wear they felt lovely and stayed clean ??

    I started having regular ciggies when drinking , surprisingly still ok 😳??

    I had ?an energy drink yestaday around 2pm and today I kinda got a wiff of somethink a little fishy,

    😳😣im assuming it's the energy drink but I don't know if it would run through me that kwickly! I have cut them back out my diet I will shower later and see if the smell returns tomorrow , the smell is not strong at the moment but a little present and funky , im blaming ENERGY DRINKS,! ?Xx be intrested to hear how you get on

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      Wow I didn't even think energy drink could be a problem! I used to drink them like crazy,I'm talking 3 or 4 a day😱

      I'm definitely not touching those anymore! Anyway I'm currently waiting on my vitamins to arrive so in the mean time I'm just doing everything else I posted aside from the vitamins

      However yesterday morning I decided to try something

      I got some antibacterial hand soap and mixed it with very hot water in a clean cup

      I laid flat and poured it over my ladie parts and I'm not gonna lie it burned a small bit but not unbearable

      I did this for about a minute or so and then I rinsed it all out

      After that I used a my organic shampoo,after reading the ingredients I realized that it could really help!

      It has tea tree oil,peppermint oils,aloe,cedar wood oil,and lemon oil!

      I repeated the process with this soap.

      I wasn't expecting wby result but I has no smell or awful discharge for that entire day and even this morning everything looks okay!

      The weird thing was I did have discharge but it was clear and the way it used to be before I had bv!

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      You know what I used to drink about one a day never had problems but after I got pregnant because I couldn't drink them when I had baby I started drinking 2 a day and sometimes as many as 3 I got to a point where I needed them ?an I was having them a lot, this is when the BV thing started I blamed sex with another man but since stopping them I've been with him again ??an still smell free , soons I had just one the smell was back it was back a little this morning and I washed right away it's not there now tho I have had a lot of discharge to day tho an a bit of white cheesy type when I checked on my finger no other symptoms tho,? I don't even know what my discharge is memt to be like, mine sometimes is like slime ppl say that's normal but sometimes it's so stringy xx

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    Also just to mention it was the cheap energy drinks the 35-49p ones
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    Hi i had the same issues. Antibiotics over and over just to keep getting it back. Finally i called my Dr and she was off and i got thru to the dr that gave me the cure to this nightmare. BORIC ACID capsules. A LiFE SAVER. I bought them from amazon. Used them once a night for 4 weeks. Then the the first night my period stops i used one for the next four months. Also Used one each time a night or so after having sex for also about four months. He also suggested taking lacabillious probiotics to build back up my bacteria from all the antibiotics. Which i took for three months. I have been clear now for a year doing nothing at all.
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