I have read many of your stories and thought I would add mine, as it seems to be a bit different

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I am 60 years old.  Starting in the fall of 2014 I started having major complications in my left eye.  A bit of background info though, if I may.  I had lazy eye in my left eye, since Childhood, which resulted in major near sightedness in my left eye.  When I was 18 my Doctor told me that my right eye had compensated, and at that point my left eye vision, I guess wasn't all that bad, so He didn't recommend glasses at that time.

Over the years my vision in the left eye got worse, where I eventually had to wear glasses.  Nearsighted in my left eye, farsighted in my right eye, and an astigmitism in my right eye, and no fine depth perception, With glasses though I was able to live with it, and do well.  Starting about 4 or 5 years ago, my vision in the left eye, was considerably worse, so I went to an optometrist, and he said that my vision hadn't changed that much since I got my glasses.  So in leaving that place that day, I told my husband, that I was going to be blind in that eye I guess, and I would just have to live with it.   I did until the fall of 2014,  when one day I saw bright flashes of light, in my left periferial vision, like lightening.  Then Large floaters and black tangled thread like floaters appeared, and it also looked like fine black pepper was sprinkling down the front of my eye, and then I had a snakey like floater that looked like blood. 

After a day or so I was really worried, so my Husband and I went to see an Optometrist that I had an appt. with, for an eye examination.  He examined my eye, and said I had an emergency situation, and I needed to get to an Opthamologist..  He believed my retina was detaching, and he also said it looked like I had a pretty good cataract going on too.  So off I go to University Hospital, to get the retina tear fixed.  In the follow up checkups, it was determined I had a bad cataract, but couldn't have taken out, until It was safe, after the retina tear surgery. About six months later I had the cataract surgery, that required a stitch in my eye, because the cataract removal didn't go as smooth, and I got a super duper temporary lense.  My vision hadn't never been so good.  I was seeing beautiful colors and detail.  It was like a whole new world. 

I told my Husband I bet the permanent one, won't be like that, as we couldn't afford one of those expensive upgraded lenses.  I was right the permanent wasn't like that, but at least I could see.  The Doctor said I would probably only need reading glasses.   Well it didn't turn out like that.  At one of my post operative checkups,  I told the Doctor my vision was slightly wavy, so they looked at that, and determined that scar tissue, had formed where I had the retina tear surgery, so it was pulling at the back of my eye.  She said as long as my vision was good, I could forstall future surgery. Well it has been a little over a year, and my vision is now just as blurry as it was before the cataract surgery, maybe a bit worse since I no longer have any near sightedness, in my left eye, which did make it possible to see up close.

So I was wondering if there were anyone here, that could possibly tell me what could be going on.  Is there some problem besides the lens, that replaced my natural lens?   My new glasses aren't even much good.

I am wondering if it is the scar tissue, that formed as the result of my retina tear surgery, that might be causing my vision, to deteriorate.

I know that an appt. will have to made I guess, with the eye Doctor.  We will be saving up, to pay for it.

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    Hi Deb I may have some information for you. My situation was somewhat the same. In my left eye. I had had floaters and flashes over the past couple years. I went to the optometrist he said it was just tears in the retina fluid and all was fine.

    I had had a retinal surgery in the right eye and that left me with mono vision. My left eye was for distance my right I had become now for reading since the buckle they put around the eye for the surgery created a different shape I'm told.

    This was all well and good as I was relying on my left Eye for distance and driving and shopping.

    The cataracts I had forming started to become difficult. So I decided to have the left eye done first so my distance vision would be good enough for me to function with.

    Oh that didn't go so well. My vision went from 20/40 before the cataract to 20/70 after. Needless to say this is a big problem.

    What I found out was that those floaters and flashes and tears in the retinal fluid create wrinkling or scarring on the retina or macula. I have seen the images that the doctors have taken and it's far worse after the cataract surgery. It's called an epiretinal membrane. Apparently the tears in the fluid create this wrinkling or scar tissue like situation. The cataract surgery and what's done during with it the removal of that fluid, sometimes exacerbates that situation and makes the scarring or wrinkling worse. Again the images I see from prior to cataract surgery and post cataract surgery it's very visible. I am going next week to have this epiretinal membrane removed. Supposedly they peel it off and put some gas bubble in the eyetooth keep the resulting membrane flat. You might want to Google epiretinal membrane after cataract surgery.

    Apparently it's not that uncommon situation. I am seeing a doctor in New York City. Named Stanley Chang. I looked him up and he's very renowned in this field. I'm not sure where you're located , but you might try looking up this situation and seeing who in your region has some knowledge of this.

    I'm hoping for a good result and will keep this discussion apprised of the situation and result.

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      Thanks so much, for your  reply, your information has given me something to research.  Thanks again.
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    Sorry to hear about all your troubles. You may have developed a secondary cataract (a common occurance) behind the implanted lens. If so, it's easily eliminated with YAG laser procedure. Good luck.
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      Thank you so much, for replying to my post, and offering an idea, of what might be going on.
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    Good luck. Honesly, it's amazing what surgeons can do these days, but in the end, it's not perfect and not everything can be fixed.
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      If they elect to do a capsulotomy (removal of part of the back capsule which holds the lens) then BE SURE, BE SURE they use do not CUT A FLAP OUT of the capsule. This just floats off into your vitreous fluid and can block your vision.

      Instead, ask them to make a cross (like  a PLUS sign) so that the central area opens to pass light, and the capsule just retracts around the PLUS incision.



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