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Livelife Livelife

I just want to help those feeling down

Newly diagnosed?

I really want to help people who are suffering maybe with symptoms or depression or anything or anyone that wants to talk to someone who can relate

I know what it feels like when you feel everything is against you but the depression goes away I know how it feels now but it gets better and I want to help people, so seriously if you are stuggligg with this 

type 1, type 2 

drop a comment and we can talk smile 

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  • samone43751 samone43751 Livelife

    I was diagnosed with hsv 1 genital , ever since i found out all ive been doing is stressing, its seems like my life has ended . Everything feels so different , i even feel different as a person , nobody deserves this , i know that stressing can cause outbreaks , i need to know how to stop stressing ? Any ideas on how to prevent outbreaks ? Or transmitting it... i have a boyfriend we havent had sex yet or anything , im scared i will give it to him , im scared to even tell him 😞I feel like he will leave me , i will never have anybody with them knowing , nobody will want to deal with this . How would i receive oral sex without transmitting it to him? After being diagnosed with hsv how soon did you have sex?

    • Livelife Livelife samone43751

      hey first thing with HSV1 you should not get another outbreak and if you do youll probably have 1 or 2

      honestly your mind is spiralling soon and as soon as you realise its just a skin condition you'll accept it!

      Zinc and L-lysine are great for preventing outbreaks along with a healthy diet.

      Condoms and antivirals like aciclovir will stop the risk of transmitting it loads apparently using both will make it like 1% chance, you can pass it on him genitally or orally

      you HAVE to tell him about it, try tell him to just perform oral on you to start because its better to have him catch it on his mouth as a cold sore!

      I had sex about a week after my sores cleared up which was about 3 weeks after being diagnosed basically x

  • Darana Darana Livelife

    Hi, I think this is a great idea! Although I'm new to this community and diagnosis (still waiting on my labs just was giving a diagnosis from what he saw).

    It's been a week and a half for me since the diagnosis. My first OB is almost completely gone. Still havingredients a number butt. And constipation. I'm hoping this goes away soon.

    • Livelife Livelife Darana

      Hey when you're going through the outbreak it's hard to forget it but when it's gone you actually feel back to normal

      Like your old self again

      I remember my first 'poop' after haha what a relief to me that was a sign that I was going back to normal

    • Darana Darana Livelife

      So I just got my results back. I'm positive for HSV 2, IGM. It was daunting reading the paper. I didn't get the call from my doctor. I just read it in my chart. I had told my boyfriend to get tested. I'm afraid he gave it to me and had no idea he had it. I'm not angry with him. Upset, a little, but mostly at myself. I work in healthcare and I should have known better.

      I'm definitely feeling almost back to my normal self again. My butt is somewhat numb still. It's crazy how I've taken going to the bathroom for granted. You don't realize how awful it is when you can't pee or take a crap. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

    • Livelife Livelife Darana

      Yeah I was in the same situation my boyfriend gave it me you will never know if he knew he had it or not so it's best not to dwell on it because you will really wind yourself up, what's done is done no turning back.

      You working in healthcare would not of protected you, nothing you could of done could of protected you unless you abstained from sex for life

      That's good when the OB is gone you do start to feel a whole lot better, I know it was weird though it never bothered me not going for a poop and it never really hurt that bad to wee it hurt when i bent down to pick something up not bad pain but a bit like a trapped hair if you get me

      mine just lasted aggggeeeeessssss

      How did your boyfriend react to telling him you have it? If he chooses to stay either way then i wouldn't even bother thinking about this

      how old are you and where are you from?

  • mimi201717 mimi201717 Livelife

    What a great idea. Since my diagnosis I cant tell u how often I wanted to just die, end my life

    I've been single for so long and met this guy thought lm finally in love again and 3 days later after we had unprotected sex l found out lm positive with both 1&2

    I never wanted to see him again

    Never want to date again

    My loneliness is been killing me alive

    It's been over a year since my diagnosis, I never had a breakout but l have a constant skin irritation around my vigana, this has been a constant reminder or my bad choices. I've done all other testing BV YEAST u name it all came negative

    I've been taking zinc lysine all types of vitimins. I've always eat Healthy

    I'm just done

    • Livelife Livelife mimi201717

      It's definitely not something to end your life over sweet, this will not effect you in anyway shape or form, and if 10 people come in this chat 8 would hav type 1 and 6 would have type 2, You probably actually caught type 1 as a child so don't worry!

      You will definitely date again and the only thing stopping you is you!

      Of course people will reject us but these are the same people that reject a woman who has spots or who is overweight!

      I think that's because H causes nerve problems which might make you feel tingley down there and your stress and constant bothering about it will not help you!

      I'm telling you now I do not eat healthy or drink healthy at all I don't take any vitamins (I might start though purely because I want to try for a baby) and I'm doing just fine and as soon as you find yourself you will accept yourself

      How old are you and where are you from?

    • GGCC GGCC mimi201717

      What do you do fro your skin irritation?? I have constant throbbing pain, since january, so for 4 months strait, on a scale of 1-10 its like a 9!!! ITs awful, I get sick thinking about having to tell a guy I wanna date. Its dusgusting, I feel soo different!!!

    • Darana Darana GGCC

      I used aloe with lidocaine. It soothed my sores and irritation. I would spray it on before using the bathroom to produce a barrier.

      So, telling someone you date.... it's important to look at what herpes is in a different light. When I told my boyfriend that what I was experiencing was herpes, I told him, "It has been found I have the virus that has herpes." It is common, and many people have it and don't realize they do. He most likely gave it to me and had no idea he was a carrier.

      I feel different too. But it's vital to realize that although you may have herpes, it doesn't have you. We don't get outbreaks all the time. So it's not a constant thing.

    • Livelife Livelife Darana

      Lidocaine was my god hahaha

      That's a really good approach 

      from what I've figured out men literally get no symptoms i know some do but mostly don't 

      exactly you keep telling yourself that positive advice and you will soon forget about it all

  • GGCC GGCC Livelife


    I had my 1st outbreak in January 2017. Happy New Year 2me-Ritesad Anyways, sick with flu like symptoms all the time, sad, I cry all the time and it never leaves my mind 24/7. I think about having to tell the next guy in my life, I cant even imagine having sex, I feel dirty, my undies hurt soo bad, feel like I cant wear anything but skirts and I just have major pain on the left vaginal area and shooting pains and itching on both legs-back of the thighs. Super odd; so I assume im in outbreak mode 24/7. Pain is nonstop 24/7 for 4 months. My first outbreak was one pimple and nothing gross, no blister effect like most have. Can you email me to talk....

    • Livelife Livelife GGCC

      Hey lovely

      hahaha always the way I got mine valentines day lol

      I think your constant flu symptoms are not linked to this at all and you are run down from being depressed, Stop stressing about telling the next person because it's not coming up yet so why have it on your mind?

      You are not dirty you bath you shower your brush your teeth don't you

      I've had sex since and it's no difference, get that skirt out and be beautiful again stop thinking you've changed because you haven't 

      Well actually that is super common it's not in outbreak mode what so ever, it's actually nerves the virus lives on the nerves in the spine which is causing your pain and feelings you can actually get nerve tablets for that and it helps it go so speak to your doctor

      My outbreak was straight forward to i actually had little to none pain and a few sores nothing blister like 

      what type do you have, it sounds like hsv1 am i right?

      Yeah ill send you a message with my email adress!!

  • Newgirl31250 Newgirl31250 Livelife

    I was diagnosed a few years ago. My partner of 8 years had it and didn't know until he passed it to me. I've

    been lucky until now, but noticed bump yesterday I thought was an ingrown hair, I now think it's my first reccurance.

    How can I help keep it to a minimum, and what can I do to prevent this? Thanks so much for your help. This isn't easy to accept.

    • Livelife Livelife Newgirl31250

      Are you still with your partner? 

      Yeah my partner passed it to me no biggy accidents happen.

      I think the main thing with this is that people are so worried about every lump bump cut, before this I always got ingrown hairs and I would never worry but because this is always on your mind you think everything is it!

      So make sure it is that first

      If it is don't stress about it what so ever!!!

      I don't suggest the medication road because quite clearly you don't need it, Main goal keep that body healthy, for other reasons also!!

      I take L-lysine and Zinc and so many others do to and have great feedback!!

      I don't think you'll get many, If you've gone a year or so without one this might be the only one you'll get after this

      keep up with whatever you were doing before, live your life, have fun, laugh, drink that bottle of wine and eat that chocolate <3

      positive mind set is the key

      The second outbreak can bring many feelings back to you because its a reminder of before, but remember it passes and it will pass again x

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