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Months back I had my thyroid checked results were normal but I still had symptoms of hyperthyroid had levels checked again still normal but it seems my TSH went up from last time but my t4 dropped ten more points. I'm tired of suffering and just want to feel normal. And I'm still having hyperthyroid symptoms and they are just getting worse and more persistent.

November 2015 thyroid results

Tsh 1.130 range (0.450-4.500)

Free t4 0.99 range (0.82-1.77)

Parathyroid 2.2 reference all ages <2.0

May 2016

TSH 2.060 0.450-4.500 UIU/ML Final 01

T4,FREE(DIRECT) 0.89 - range0.82-1.77

T3 2.6 PG/ML Final 03


>=20Y: 2.0 - 4.4

Can anyone help me understand with these results if one can have hyperthyroid symptoms?

My symptoms has gotten worse heart races flip flops off and on for no reason I can't do things makes it race.my bp is up and down all the time and I'm on bp med. I have anxiety to the extreme as I've never had anything like this at all. I can't sleep at night I'm so fidgity I can't sit still. Everytime i doze off I'm woken with adrenaline upon my chest and zaps me awake. I can't tolerate no kind of weather now this year I'm very heat intolerant never have been before I go out I feel faint dizzy. That's another thing I stay woozy headed all the time,my cycles is all over the map I don't know how to keep going when nobody will help me. I have been to drs so many times to be told anxiety I know my body and something isn't right. I'm scared I'm gonna have a heart attack the way my heart acts up out of the blue. I get hot very easy I have dry skin hair falling out alot it's very thin now. I have air hungar like I can't get a breathe at times.bloating the list keeps going and going my main symptoms is the woozy head constantly and the heart racing flip flopping and the bp spikes does this sound like thyroid trouble it does run in my family but i keep getting told I'm fine I'm not fine. I had to quit smoking due to these symptoms getting so bad yes I needed to quit smoking and glad. I just want my life back I cry everyday and nobody believes me these things is very real and not in my head.

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    Also lately I'm having this burning hot sensation pain come across my chest and I panic.its been a year of non stop symptoms and my life has totally just been stopped in my tracks I'm in bed most days all day long.help me someone please what Dr do I need preferred to that takes a medical card?

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    Not sure about the thyroid. I do know T4 /T3 can fluctuate during day. So some test results are misleading. Other ideas.. Check your serum ferritin levels. This is iron storage in your body. This can also cause increased fatigue and feeling cold easily if levels get low.

    Supplementing magnesium has helped a lot with my anxiety. Investigate signs of low magnesium. This deficiency tends to be very common in the general population. A low level supplementation made a huge difference for me.

    I'd also find a physicians group interested in women's health issues. The one I found was much more thorough checking my hormone levels and much more understanding than the top endocrinologist office in my city. Best of luck!

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      My iron levels were checked in November o was slightly low took iron pill up until a few months rechecked those are all normal. I've had hormones checked as well im just getting no where and suffering.

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    Don't know if it helps but the endocrinologists I've seen would all consider TSH 2.06 higher than desired and would've adjusted my dose to get closer to 1.0. Do you have an endocrinologist? I'd hope some fine tuning would improve some of the symptoms you're experiencing.

    Also has your vitD been checked. Getting mine in range has helped my energy as well.it is often low in people that have hypothyroidism.

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      I keep beggin my Dr to listen to me and help me figure this all out but I'm not taken seriously they think it's high anxiety and I know that's not all that's going on.ive looked over the list if thyroid symptoms and I have quite a bit,vitamin d was low normal wasn't old to take anything for that I don't have a endocrinologist but I'm asking to be referred to one when I go to the Dr on the 3rd. I've ran to my dr office many times without an app over these symptoms in fear I'm gonna die to be told calm down I'm fine. I sometimes wish I had a voodoo doll seriously I'd love to make all feel what I feel so they will believe me .

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    Hi Pamela, are you taking any thyroid medication?

    1. It is typical with thyroid disease to go between hypo and hyper. I think of this like a dying engine, sputtering and surging as it tries to move and is too sluggish.

    2. Your T4 looks to be on the low side of normal.

    3. TSH is the measurement of thyroid stimulating hormone, produced by your pituitary. All this tells you is whether your pituitary thinks your thyroid is low. The pituitary doesn't always respond to hypothyroid conditions, may give up responding, etc. That said, your TSH is above 2. This indicates you are at least borderline hypothyroid. The fact that your T4 is on the low end combined with the TSH and your symptoms all together, would seem to strongly indicate hypothyroidism.

    4. There are some herbal, kelp and other nonprescription glandulars you can try that may be a first line of self treatment for you. Also, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary changes may offer some relief.

    i suggest these as a first line of treatment because, I will tell you after 7 years of severe struggle with thyroid disease and medications, NONE of the meds out there are bioidentical, none have a natural delivery system, so NONE of them work. AND! It's an absolute nightmare to get the dosing right. The side effects from these drugs because they aren't bioidentical are as bad as the disease. So, I understand your frustration completely, but, after 7 years of hell, it's only a partial fix, and it will likely take years to recover from the autoimmune disease caused by the thyroid medications.

    Use the Internet, buy some books. Do some research on thyroid disease so you know what you're dealing with. 

    Goid luck!


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      This page keeps crashing.

      hyper and hypo symptoms often appear the same.

      the lab is a lab. They base their ranges on the blood work averaged through each year, most of this blood comes from sick people.

      hypothyroidism is very common. Hyper is relatively rare.

      patients with hypothyroidism often toggle between hypo and hyperthyroidism as the body tries to regulate and compensate for low thyroid. Eventually, their thyroid poops out and they only show hypo symptoms.

      Your blood work is enough to be concerning to any doctor who is up on the latest trends in endocrinology. If your octor doesn't seem to be addressing your concerns, find one who will.


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    Hi Pamela. All of your symptoms dizziness and chest pain insomnia even thyroid dysfunction can be symptoms of auto immune disorder. This sometimes causes thyroid issues.

    Obviously I don't know if this is the cause of you still feeling unwell but I would recommend seeing an immunologist. Have you had blood tests and, in particular, had your inflammatory markers checked?

    I have an autoimmune disorder and heart palpitations dizziness and more are part of dosease profile.

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