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Hey, i've been going through ups and downs every couple weeks for a while now. Sometimes it has to do with life events and sometimes because i get the bright idea to quit taking my meds. Last time i did quit my meds i crashed hard, told all my friends that i wanted nothing to do with them, almost lost my job for no showing and fighting with my manager. I've gone back to my doctor and restarted my medication but as of right now i feel kind of lost.

I've taken a week off work for really no reason besides i'm too exhausted to work. It's the first day of my "vacation" and i'm starting to feel suicidal. I've been staring at my pill bottles from my bed for the last 5 hours thinking about taking them all. Usually when i feel this way i get out of the house but i don't have anywhere to go, anybody to see, and i've blown my savings so i couldn't even go out to eat if i wanted. There's no food in the house and i'm way to disgusted with the state of my house to get out and see how i'm living.

Honestly, i'm sort of freaking out. Ever since i asked for time off i've thought that maybe this wll be the week i take my life. Depression has single handily soiled any hope i have left to live. Really what's the point in living on? Yeah, i might feel better in a few days but i know i'm going to come back to this state. What's the point of repeating the pattern if things get worse and worse everytime my symptoms come full circle.

I really don't know what i should do, can i have some help, please?

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    Question by default: are you seeing a therapist?

    Maybe the medication you're on doesn't work and if you feel like it, perhaps see if there's another medication that could. Do you think you feel depressed because you feel lost? And going out doesn't have to be defined as spending money. Go out just to go out, talk a walk at a mall, at a park, a chance to get out of your head when you're at home. If you're disgusted by how you're living, do something about it to make it better.

    Yeah, depression can seem like an eternity but there's ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel. It's pretty cliche but it's true. And being depressed, it easy to get caught in the negativity of things but choose to stop that. Yeah, easier said than done but you have to try. Depression doesn't go away on its own, you need to do something about it. It may feel like a struggle at first but you got to.

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    Hi if they know u are on meds its probably not as bad as u think. But never just stop taking your meds cold Turkey you could really hurt yourself.

    And I'm the poster child for quoting with meds. Get back on your meds a.s.a.p. because most meds for depression anxiety and meds like that take 6 to 8 weeks to get in your system. And I've heard real friends never stop being your friend no matter what comes out your mouth.lol take care of yourself.

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    You need to have a visit to your doctor. You know in your heart that you don't want to do anything silly, and you've already taken a step  to getting better by joining this group.  Acknowledging your depression was your first step, looking for advice your second step, and seeing your doctor is the next step.  Good luck Jared
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    I'm so sorry you're struggling so much today.

    As someone who has suffered on and off for years with depression I can really relate to getting to the point where it feels like it's not worth trying.

    I felt like this for years until I found the right medication - now I realise that this sort of talk is the DEPRESSION. If we feel better, these thoughts go away.

    Please make an appointment to see your doctor.

    Please ring someone who has been a good friend in the past and tell them how you're feeling.

    If neither of these ring the samaritans ...

    Things will get better- you just need the right help .

    Depression is a terrible illness... But that's what it is - an illness - yoh can recover and the fact that it feels like you can't is because the illness distorts our thinking,

    Get help ASAP.

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      Well said Kayel Gee.....I've had a few bouts of depression, and I know that the nature of the beast provokes irrational thoughts.  In one episode, I thought the house was dowdy, that our friends were too old for us and not enough fun.....as soon as depression cleared, the house was bright and beautiful, and the friends were fun again.  At the moment a "well meaning friend" keeps telling me that I'm lonely living on my own, that I'm bored.  Well if I didn't have depression, I wouldn't be lonely......I'd go out more!  I wouldn't be bored, I'd be getting on with my hobbies.  It is all too easy to blame such things, but in reality it is the fault of that Black Dog
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    Hi well you can stop some of the lows by keep taking your meds!   Do not stop them any more.   You need to be ok for at least 6 months before you consider stopping but you need to do it very slowly.  If you come off suddenly then no wonder you have major crashes.  

    You might well not come back to this state if you keep on your meds.  Make some decisions  

    1.  You will not stop your meds without a doctors say so

    2.  You will give it at least 4-6 weeks to see if you are feeling better

    3.  Put your pills away if you haven't already

    4   Every day say to yourself - this will not be the day I commit suicide.   This then leaves you free of pressure for that day to see what develops

    The other thing to remember is that the pills won't necessarily kill you,  but you could end up maimed for life.  That would be much worse.  

    If you haven't already go to counselling and commit yourself to it.  x

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    Go back and get a meds review and whatever medication you are prescibed stick to it dont come off it you will only make matter worse.

    As mentioned in other posts consider therapy

    Stay Strongcry

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