I need help with difficult menopause symptoms

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Hi, I'm brand new to this group, so apologies if this/these subject(s) have been covered already.  I have been undergoing menopause for about 12 years, having started quite early at age 48.  My first six years were evil - really bad hot flushes, no sleep, night sweats, depression, so having tried every natural remedy I could find, including homeopathy and acupuncture, I caved in and went on HRT.  Brilliant!  It took away all my horrible symptoms and I returned to "normal", EXCEPT I began to have migraines - something I left behind in my twenties.  I know migraine can be connected with fluctuations in oestrogen levels, and in my case that is certainly true, but a migraine every few weeks seemed a small price to pay for the relief of all the other symptoms, until a few months ago I began having very frequent migraines, three or four a month.  I dropped my dose of oestrogen to the lowest possible, but it didn't have much effect and in the end, with the agreement of my GP I stopped HRT altogether.  Now I have the hot flushes, night sweats etc all over again.  I am writing this feeling hot, sweaty and dizzy.  I don't want to go back on HRT because of the migraines, but I don't think I can go through these menopause symptoms again. Oh, and I have been trying Folic Acid (I read an internet article) and Black Cohosh but nothing is helping so far.  Can anyone come up with some advice - I'm getting desperate! 

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    hi lesley

    dont know what HRT you took, was it estrogen only, pills, patch, cream, 

    long and short of it, your body will take months to adjust to its normal menopause state, HRT is just that, hormone replacement therapy so now your not taking the body has to re-adjust again.. it takes time.

    HRT only postpones menopause anyway, may help some, but when eventually the doctor says stop.. you go through all the peri menopause again.

    i had an early peri meno, age 40/41 i was in peri for approx 9 to 10 years, no HRT 

    i am now only age 50 and 18 months post menopause .

    Estriol ( ovestin) vaginal ovules i use on occassion simply for vaginal  dryness, just treats that only...

    what helped me in peri was rainforest food Maca capsules 5.1 ( 2500mg) 

    100mg B6 

    i take quite a few supplements and they helped alot 

    sorry cant be more helpful 

    wish you all the best 



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      Thanks for all the info - gratefully received.  i was on oestrogen only (Premique) tablets and I was taking HRT for about four years, finishing about 6 weeks ago.  I take your point about the body taking time to adjust, and I have also heard that HRT can just be a pause in menopause symptoms, which simply return once HRT is stopped.  Since taking HRT I have also been on Citalopram for depression and I understand this can also help with hot flushes, although that doesn't seem to be the case with me.  When you say the Maca capsules helped you in peri, what symptoms did they alleviate?  I have been post-menopausal for many years, if you count the last period as menopause itself - in fact I don't think I spent any time perimenopausal - at least not that I noticed!  Thanks for your good wishes. 
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    I  was going to say much the same as Jay! If you are not on it you could talk to your GP about Premarin, it's apparently a 'gentle' HRT
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      three estrogens ... useful info 

      When we speak of estrogen, it really is not accurate to assume that we are speaking of only one particular hormone.

      There are actually three major forms of estrogen within the male and female human body, estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3). 

      Of the three estrogens, estradiol is the most potent with a potency that is 12 times greater that of estrone and 80 times greater that of estriol.

      The bulk of estradiol pre-menopausally is made in the ovaries, so it is the most predominant estrogen during a woman's pre-menopausal years. Although estradiol remains the most potent estrogen among the three, the levels typically decline in menopause as the ovarian functions start to decline.

      Once a woman has reached menopause and the ovaries lose their function, estrone takes over as the predominant form of estrogen in the woman.

      Most of estrone's production depends first upon the production of androstenedione (an androgen, or male hormone) within the adrenal glands. Androstenedione is then converted to estrone, by a process known as aromatization which ocus in various peripheral tissues, but particularly within adipose, or fat tissue.

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    Hi, just Google it smile  http://www.drugs.com/premarin.html Like any drug an alarming set of potential side effects but couldn't see any mention of migraines. I joined this group becuase I had a cancer-related hsyterectomy in 1996 and was told I would have early menopause at that time (age 36 was op, age 38 told menopause). On it until I was 50 (54 now). Just had a raft of blood tests after some scary symptoms and the 'reader outer of results' as the lady described herself when I rang for the results siad 'oh yes, menopause' - can one have two? Taking 'till  Thursday week to even get an appointment with doc. Keep asking questions, Google everything Lesley until you understand what's happening, you deserve nothing less smile


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    if i were you i would visit a Gyno, who specialise in Gyno matters and HRT etc, they may have a much better HRT that suits you and they will monitor you.

    GP'S in my experience and opinion just shove it at you, dont even explain the type they are giving you..

    i suppose i am lucky where i live i have a wonderful Gyno and have throrough well woman checks (very thorough), trans vaginal scans, ovaries checked, uterine wall checked, colopscopy ( cells checked) pap smears, and 3D breast scans, and menopause advise.

    i pay private as have to here, and i get all the support i need ... Gyno is best if its possible for you, dont suffer hun, seek Gyno advise and get the support you need 


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      I really appreciate your help and support.  I live in a remote part of Scotland with no specialist gyno for miles (at least 130).  My GP, however, is a lovely woman who is really clued up, approachable and open to all sorts of treatments, including alternative therapies.  However, she is a GP, not a specialist.  She and I have spent a lot of time together discussing my HRT treatment and trying to find the best fit.  In the end we agreed to stop the treatment altogether because of the increased incidence of migraines.   This, as I said before, has resulted in a return of my menopause symptoms.  I get on well with my GP and would have no problem going to her with suggestions for treatment.  You seem to think I should avoid "horse related" hormones - what would you suggest as an alternative, if you would suggest HRT at all, of course. 
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